22Q: Who Is Justin G? #StayStrongJustin On Twitter Meaning Explained

Justin G is a popular influencer who is suffering from 22Q syndrome and is raising awareness for 22Q. Here are some details about #StayStrongJustin meaning. 

Justin G is a social media influencer.

People all over social media have been following Justin, and are showing so much affection towards the person.

Justin has all over his life suffered from the 22Q syndrome.

22Q: Who Is Justin G?

Many people on Twitter know Justin by his name Justin G.

Justin G. is up on the latest trends, he likes music, and he likes hashtags. He also has a syndrome known as 22Q, which he has had since birth.

2 Deletion Syndrome or 22q is a disorder caused by a small missing piece of the 22nd chromosome, according to 22qfamilyfoundation.

This tiny chromosome 22 deletion can have an impact on every system in the human body.

According to his Twitter bio, he is an influencer raising awareness for 22q and has been featured in the media a few times for his work.

Many influential people shared his tweet, including Ellen (wow!) and Mariah Carey (awesome! ), resulting in 3 million views.

He was also featured in Newsweek, CBS, and other publications.

People like Justin like to help everybody who is suffering from the same syndrome.

He even has his website goes by the name JustinG.org.

#StayStrongJustin On Twitter Meaning Explained

The hashtag #staystrongjustin was started by Justin himself, and it was because o him getting admitted to the hospital.

Justin revealed that he was admitted to the hospital due to some possible seizure.

He took it to Twitter asking for his followers to start the hashtag and was also asking for their prayers.

Many people have used the hashtag to help Justing, and have shown love and affection towards Justin.

And for now, there are possibilities that Justin might have been released from the hospital, as no serious issues were detected.

Justin G Age And Wikipedia-Where Is He From?

Justin G’s age is expected to be around 30-40 years old.

Justin has become popular all over the internet with his 28.6k followers only on Twitter.

Though he has not yet received a very good amount of followers like in millions, he still has good enough to spread the awareness about 22q.

Talking about Justin’s hometown, he is from Boston, MA.

He has always been working to make people aware of the disease 22q.

And not only 22q, but he has also been engaged with other people who have autism and other diseases that might cause syndrome disabilities.