Adam Lockwood

Quick Facts

Birth Name Adam Lockwood
Nickname Adam, Daredevil
Date of Birth 7th June 2001
Age (as of 2022) 21 years
Language English
Net worth $650k USD
Place of Birth Manchester, United Kingdom.
Nationality British
Profession Stuntman, Youtuber
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Ethnicity British
Popular for Climbing the tallest building in the UK
School Byrchall High School.
Alma Mater State university
Education Graduate
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 85 kg
Social Media Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Adam Lockwood is a stuntman, climber, YouTuber, and social media figure from the United Kingdom. He was born on June 7th, 2001, and is currently 21 years old. He is renowned for performing risky exploits and also frequently performs tricks like scaling tall structures in urban areas.

By scaling some of the tallest structures in the UK and other nations, Adam Lockwood has established numerous records. He had several challenges before pulling off his climbing stunt. It is reported that Adam typically carried out his stunts without using any tools or assistance from others.

Who is Climber Adam Lockwood?

TheLittleNuisance and Nuisance are two of his names that are well-known online. Adam Lockwood is a daredevil who climbs to the top floors of buildings to take pictures. To get popularity, he records climbing and uploads the videos to YouTube. Nevertheless, he is now well-known due to the millions of views his YouTube videos have received.

What led to Adam Lockwood’s arrest?

After his astonishing stunt, Adam Lockwood was taken into police custody. He performed his trick by climbing the tallest structure in the UK. Daredevil Adam ascended nearly 40 storeys of “The Shard,” one of the UK’s tallest structures. On the morning of September 4, 2022, around 6 a.m., he waved to the couple inside their flat on the 40th floor.

The couple phoned the police after his successful climb. After climbing the skyscraper without taking any safety precautions, Lockwood and two other companions were later detained by authorities. He offered updates about the incident in a YouTube video that he made on September 5th, following his arrest.

Age & Birth Information

Adam Lockwood, a young man of 21 years old, is a native of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He was raised in Manchester, where he was born. His 21st birthday was on June 7th, 2022. He battled mental illness for more than 8 years in his early years before coming out as a brave and inspiring man recently. He now encourages individuals by discussing mental health problems and treatments with them.

Childhood Image of Adam Lockwood(Source: Instagram)

He encourages people to communicate with their friends and relatives.

“Ladies, you should never ever be ashamed or embarrassed about the emotions you experience. It’s alright to be worried or anxious, and it’s good to cry and have a breakdown. Your feelings are real, and your emotions are normal.

You’re not any less of a man for any of these things, and you shouldn’t feel like you are just because you show your emotions; you matter, and so does your mental health; speak up, push through, you can do this. I forced myself to not cry for years, and the first time I had a breakdown I felt like a bitch.

He began a new chapter in his life as he became involved in performing stunts and also may have just received his diploma, in our opinion. He had previously graduated from Byrchall High School with a diploma.

Family & Parents

When Adam Lockwood had mental health problems and was depressed for a long time. His parents made a lot of effort to help him overcome his health problems. But no one or anything had any impact on him, not even therapists or medical professionals.

His interest in performing stunts and scaling skyscrapers was the only thing that altered his way of life. He hasn’t mentioned his siblings in any of his statements since he rose to fame on YouTube and other social media sites. He seems to be the only child of his parents who is a single parent.

Relationship Status

Adam Lockwood is currently single(Source: Instagram)

We like to let Adam Lockwood’s admirers know that he is not dating anyone right now. Only 21 years old, he. He’ll soon start dating a female who will be impressed by his ability to scale tall structures. He might tell his admirers something about his relationship in the years to come. He is currently single and concentrating on his work as a Daredevil stuntman, nevertheless.

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Professional life

Daredevil To relieve the burden on his mental health, Adam started performing stunts. When he was 15 years old, he started doing it. He developed his climbing and jumping skills by pulling off a variety of acrobatics. Then, he started uploading videos of his prank on his social media accounts. And at the moment, Adam has a sizable fan base on YouTube who enjoy his films of him performing feats like scaling buildings.

Adam Lockwood is currently single(Source: Instagram)

Adam Lockwood frequently posted videos and selfies while perched on the top edge of skyscrapers. He has scaled countless urban structures. When he performed pull-ups at the end of a 1115-foot-tall beam at a Croatian power plant, he previously caught the audience’s attention. For his stunt, he has been to locations including Milan, Venice, Dubai, and more.

He has scaled “The II Primo,” a structure right close to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Adam has admitted to his admirers that he prefers to perform his exploits without the use of any safety gear. He solely climbs by using his upper body strength and grip technique. He was forbidden by the court from climbing big buildings in his line of work as a daredevil stuntman, but he disregarded the ruling.

A complaint against him was also made by Manchester City Council. In July 2019, the council issues him a three-year ultimatum for his antisocial behavior. This order prevented him from climbing up buildings and cranes, as well as riding on the outside of buses, trams, and trains.

Net worth & Source of Income

His YouTube videos are Mr. Adam Lockwood’s primary source of revenue. He receives an average of 5000 views every day for a single video. He travels to many cities and lives the life of a traveler, climber, and stuntman thanks to his substantial income from YouTube. Fans noticed that his net worth had surpassed $650k USD in 2022.

Some Interesting Facts

  • On June 7, 2018, he published his debut YouTube video.
  • His Instagram debut was on March 7, 2018.
  • He previously posted photos taken with a selfie stick while standing atop a towering building.
  • Adam first used to wear a mask to cover his face.
  • He currently has 26.8k Instagram followers.
  • YouTube user Adam has 1.4k subscribers on his channel.


Who is climber Adam Lockwood?

Adam is a reckless stuntman who enjoys scaling the world’s biggest structures and uploading movies from there.

What is Adam Lockwood’s zodiac sign?

Cancer is Adam’s sign in the zodiac.

Adam Lockwood’s age is how old?

Only 21 years old, Adam.

Adam Lockwood was born when?

Mr. Adam was conceived on June 7, 2001.