Alain Moussi

A native of Libreville, Gabon, Alain is 41 years old. His mother Rita Moussi and Lebanese father Jean Moussi welcomed him into the world on March 29, 1981. He also has a good, solid brotherly relationship with his brother and sister. Alain learnt and perfected his martial arts skills from a Japanese coach as a child. He later entered the entertainment industry as a stuntman, filling in for other actors.

Pic: Canadian-Gabonese Black Belt Champ, Alain Moussi Via. Instagram

What Height Has Alain?

When it comes to working hard and going above and beyond his comfort zone, Alain Moussi has a natural aptitude. His respectable physique, six-pack abs, and gentlemanly demeanor have made him a favorite among everyone he has ever worked with. He is a Black Belt in martial arts and a recognized brand name for many fitness businesses.

Pic: Alain Moussi Surfing and Exploring Adventure Via. Instagram

Alain Moussi is 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches) tall. With a weight of 92 kg, he is an ectomorph. His daily, rigorous workout regimen is what keeps him strong and healthy. Alain, a 41-year-old Macho, follows a set diet and exercise regimen. The actor frequently goes a gym close to his house in Orleans, Ontario, Canada, with his wife Janie Moussi.

Alain Moussi’s Body Is Muscular!

Alain Moussi has a wonderful body that is well-muscled. He has a 34-inch waist, a 44-inch chest, and 17-inch biceps. Alain’s body unmistakably identifies him as a man. The actor is a dark-haired black man with blue eyes. Because of his appealing personality and social skills, he frequently made friends with anyone. His exact body measurement is also unknown at this time, however it will be updated as soon as feasible.

Pic: Alain Moussi Loves Spending Time with his Daughter Annabelle Moussi Via. Instagram

The martial arts black belt champion, though, considers himself to be more thrill-seeking and daring. He spends the most of his time competing in martial arts matches, boxing, and stunts. In addition, Alain has been teaching his daughter Annabelle martial arts because he wants her to be able to defend herself.