Alec Puro

Facts of Alec Puro

Full Name Alec Puro
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1975/4/25
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Santa Monica California
Horoscope Taurus
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation straight

Alec Puro is an American music composer who has a lot of music in different television shows and Movies.


Alec Puro is a composer from the United States who has composed music for a number of television shows and films. As a drummer, he is well-known in the neighborhood. He’d even formed his own band, Deadsy. He was also recognized as a well-known celebrity in the United States.

Puro was born in Santa Monica, California, on April 25, 1975. According to astrology, he is born under the sign of Taurus. His musical career was a big success, and he has been an inspiration to many people. To learn more about Alec Puro, keep reading.

How was Puro Early Years?

Since he was a child, Alec has had a fascination for music. He was born and raised in a regular American family. His objectives were well-supported by his family. He was a lifetime music aficionado who got his start in the business at a young age.
He didn’t have to deal with many problems in his early years. And he began to experiment with various musical instruments. He was interested in many various sorts of art, and he was able to pursue his dreams thanks to his determination.

Height, Weight and Measurments

Alec has a good physique; he is slim and of average height. The exact dimensions of his body remain unknown. His height and weight are still unknown. He does appear to be tall and in good form, though.

His dark hair and fair skin complement each other nicely. The color of his eye is a faint green. When he was younger, he had a lot of fans and followers since he was pretty charming.

Career and Professional Life

Alec has carved out a successful musical career for himself. Not just as a drummer, but also as a composer of music, he is well-known. Deadsy, a musical ensemble in which he was the drummer, was created by him. He was considered one of the most famous people in the world.

He’s released a number of albums and gone on a number of tours. He has worked as a composer on a number of well-known films and television shows. He has also composed additional music for a number of video production companies. He’s also a songwriter who has contributed to a number of films.

How much is Puro Net Worth?

Alec Puro, an award-winning television and film composer, has had a lot of good luck in his musical career. He was able to amass such wealth via hard work and dedication to his profession. As a lyricist, music composer, and drummer, he was able to make a good living.

There is no precise information on how much fortune he has amassed throughout the course of his life. He has, however, reportedly been able to collect $5 million. It contains all of his assets and royalties earned up to this point. As long as he continues to work as a musician, he will be able to add to his money.

Family Background

Alec has kept a low profile when it comes to his personal life. There isn’t much information about his parents or siblings. He has also withheld information about his grandparents. He does, however, live with his family at the moment. His family consists of his wife and children.

Picture of Marla Skoloff with her daughter’s picture source Instagram: @alecpuro

Marla Sokoloff is his wife’s name; her birth name is Marla Lynne Sokoloff. Olive Mae Puro is one of their daughters, and Elliotte Anne Puro is the other. They have three children together. They recently had their third child, whose name has yet to be announced.

History Of Relationships And Dating Rumors

We hear a lot of rumors about celebrity relationships, but not all of them are real. Alec prefers to keep his personal life quiet, therefore there were few speculations regarding his dating history. Prior to his marriage, he was not seen with anyone.

He had never previously identified anyone as his girlfriend. He was unmarried before his marriage, according to his assertion, and afterwards he was in a relationship with his current wife Marla Skoloff, which eventually led to marriage.

Who is Puro Wife?

In 2009, Alec Puro married Marla Skoloff, an actress who is also his wife. Before they married, they were in a relationship.

After their marriage, they haven’t looked back and are spending their time together. They’ve been together for almost a decade and appear to have a pleasant and healthy relationship. They’ve even got three kids together.

Picture of Alec Puro and his wife Marla Skoloff in their wedding dress picture source Instagram: @alecpuro

Marla Skoloff, Alec’s wife, is a well-known American actress who rose to notoriety after playing Lucy Hatcher in the courtroom drama The Practice. She’s also starred in a number of other films and television shows, all of which she’s done really well in.

She began her career in the entertainment world as a child entertainer. She’s also a member of the cast of the hit television sitcom Full House. She is still active as an actor and has yet to retire.

What is Alec total number of children?

Alec and his wife are the parents of three children. Olive Mae Puro and Elliotte Anne Puro are their daughters’ names. In February 2022, they had just given birth to a baby girl.

Picture of Alec Puro and his wife Marla Skoloff with their daughter’s picture source Instagram: @alecpuro

They appear to be overjoyed and glad to be able to bring their third child into the world. He appears to be quite close to his girls, and he even posts about them on his social media pages while respecting their privacy. Alec devotes the most of his time to his two girls.

The Internet and Social Media

Alec appears to be very active on social media. He is largely active on Instagram, and his social media accounts have a high level of engagement. He usually talks about his family, friends, and workplace on his blog. And he has roughly 2,000 followers, and his account has not yet been validated. He spends the most of his time on Instagram.

You can keep up with him on his Instagram account for further information and updates. @alecpuro is the name of his Instagram account.

What are Puro Interests and Hobbies?

Despite his passion for and interest in music, Alec is also interested in a wide range of other pursuits. With his friends and families, he enjoys going on outings and tours.

He enjoys traveling and discovering new locations. Also he enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He also enjoys reading books. He enjoys trying new things and learning new things. Also, he is extremely eager to master new talents. He enjoys playing various musical instruments.

Is he a pet owner?

Alec does own a pet dog, which he has called Coco. Puro appears to be an excellent pet parent. He enjoys spending his free time with his pet dog.

On his social media accounts, she has posted numerous images of his dog. He treats his beloved dog as if it were one of his children, and he appears to be very connected to him.


Alec Puro has a reputation for being a rumor-free individual. He has never been involved in any sort of controversy. He is well-known for all the right reasons.

Similarly, he has a humble and kind demeanor that keeps him out of squabbles. And he also prefers to keep his personal life private and away from the media, which keeps him out of trouble.

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