Aleks Paunovic

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 29,1969
Full Name Aleks Paunovic
Profession Actor
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White

Aleks Paunovic is a famous Canadian actor and a well-known Hollywood personality. He has risen his fame for appearing on The CW’s drama shows The 100 (2014) and iZombie (2015). He belongs to a family where there are three-generation fighters.

Aleks was born on 29 June 1969 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently, he became popular for his roles on Disney Plus’s smash hit miniseries Hawkeye.

Wiki and Age

Early Years Popular movie star Aleks had a typical childhood, just like other kids. Together with his parents, he was born and reared in Canada. He grew up in a safe and tranquil atmosphere. He attended school in his own community.

Aleks Paunovic photographed posing for a picture shoot (Instagram, the image’s source)

His siblings aren’t mentioned on any social media platforms, though. If any new details regarding his siblings surface, we’ll keep you informed.

Parents Information

There is currently no information available on any social media platforms about Aleks’s parents. Aleks clearly comes from a very respectable family based on his polite and well-mannered demeanor.

But while his mother is Croatian, his father is Serbian. It is unknown when his parents got married or how long they were dating before getting married.

What is Aleks Education Level?

Actor from Numb Aleks has demonstrated great talent since a young age. He was one of the smarter pupils and always had a great desire for learning. Aleks has finished his coursework and is now concentrating more on his acting profession.

Aside from his studies, acting has always piqued his interest. Since a young age, he has always taken care of famous performers and actresses and has aspired to be just as successful as them. Furthermore, details about his high school or the institution from where he graduated have not been made public.

What is Aleks  Height and Weight?

The demeanor of Aleks Paunovic is highly endearing and seductive. He weighs 77 kg and stands at a respectable height of 6 feet 5 inches (195 cm).

Aleks Paunovic photographed posing for a picture shoot (Photo courtesy of FanBolt)

He has a decent appearance with gray hair and black eyes, which only adds to his allure. His waist is 33 inches, chest is 24 inches, and hips are 36 inches, according to his physique measurements.

Is Aleks active on social media?

On his social media pages, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Aleks Paunovic is frequently active. He has more than 48.5k followers on his verified Instagram account, @alekspaun.

Additionally, he is active on Facebook and Twitter. His Twitter and Facebook profiles are both verified, and he frequently updates both with information and images regarding his day-to-day activities. His Facebook page @Aleks Paunovic has 4.6k fans and his Twitter account @alekspaun has 17.8k followers.

What is Aleks Relationships Status?

With his longtime, stunning girlfriend Aliyah O’Brien, Aleks Paunovic is now legally wed. Unknown is the exact year they started dating.

(Image source: Twitter)

Right now, they are continuing their relationship and living a fulfilling life together.

Relationship with Aleks Paunovic

Aliyah is a stunning Canadian actor, author, and director who was born in Victoria, British Columbia, on May 7, 1981. Aliyah has been working in the acting industry for almost fifteen years, and she has played a variety of parts.

She was a 2017 Breakout Action Star candidate for her performance in the film Stealth&Silence. And she has made significant contributions to the Hollywood entertainment sector. Recently, she and her long-term partner Aleks have been enjoying a luxury lifestyle.

Snowpiercer’s Alek

TV show Snowpiecer is a suspenseful drama that was created by Kelly Masterson and directed by Bong Joon-ho. It was a joint South Korean-Czech production with an English dub. In Snowpiercer, Aleks portrayed the role of Bojan Boscovic, which was well-liked by the audience.

The series was well-liked and received numerous honors. The series has received numerous accolades, including the “APFF Award” for Best Art Direction, the “Baek Sang Film Award” for Best Director, and a nomination for the 2014 “Asian Film Award.” Some of the main characters in Snowpiercer are Asha, Pike, Miles, and Alexander Cavill.

How much is Aleks Net Worth?

With his acting career, Aleks Paunovic is making a respectable living. His estimated net worth is something in the neighborhood of $1 million. He always has a great deal of passion for his job, and because to his devotion and hard work, he was able to make such a substantial salary.

In addition, he does not promote any brands or engage in any business ventures outside of acting. He is currently enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in his hometown with his boyfriend.

In the 100

The 100 is a science fiction television program produced and directed by Jason Rothenberg. The show has seven seasons in all, with a maximum of twelve episodes per season.

After its debut, the television series was able to win a number of prizes. The “IGN Summer Movie Awards” for the Best TV Sci-Fi Series in 2015, the “Best Youth-Oriented Series on Television award,” and a few others are among the top list honors given to The 100. Some of the film’s main protagonists include Octavia Blake, Bellamy Blake, and Clarke Griffin.

What are Aleks Achievements And Awards?

Throughout his entire career, Aleks Paunovic has received numerous honors. The public praised his performance in numerous films and television shows. On the list of actors, he has already written his name. His movies were largely based on fact.

2019’s “Platinum Hattie Award” for “Best Ensemble Cast” went to his film Puppet Killer. In addition, his film Chained won the Best Actor prize at the 2021 New York International Film Awards, one of the most prestigious honors.

Hawkeye Aleks

A short-lived television series called Hawkeye is based on Marvel Comics. Jonathan Igla, a well-known filmmaker and producer, was the one who came up with it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fifth series, Hawkeye created by Marvel Studios.

On November 24, 2021, Hawkey’s first season with two episodes debuted. The six-episode run of the show came to an end on December 22, 2021. The $150 million total budget for the production of the series allowed it to be released on the Disney Platform.

The series’ primary characters include Kate Bishop, Kingpin, Yelena Belova, Echo, and Clint Barton.


Aleks has always been a reserved person who avoids revealing too much about himself online. He avoids conflicts, nonetheless, because of his nice and courteous demeanor. He is the kind of person who loves and respects his younger sibling.

Additionally, he is more concerned with his job than with all the pointless controversy-related items. Furthermore, he has never engaged in contentious activity that would get him into trouble.

What are Aleks Hobbies and Interest?

Aleks Paunovic like traveling. He enjoys meeting new people and discovering new places. When he had free time from his acting job, he frequently traveled with his partner to discover new areas.

He has a great interest in singing in addition to traveling. He first intended to be a singer, but life had different plans for him, and he eventually found success as an actor.

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