Alex Erin

Alex Erin is a transgender male social media star from the United States. Alex Erin’s Instagram handles @lex.erin, where he has over 63k followers, feature a variety of pictures from his life, often with friends or family.

How old is Alex Erin?

In the year 2021, Alex Erin will be 21 years old. On March 2, 2000, under the birth sign Pisces, he was born to American parents in California. He hasn’t, however, mentioned the names of his parents. He has three sisters and one brother, as well. Taylor and Jade, her older sisters’ names. He has a twin sister named Ashley Potter, whom he frequently mentions on social media. He appears to have a special relationship with his grandparents. Similarly, in his first YouTube video, he mentioned his parents, saying that they are very supportive.

Similarly, despite the fact that he is of American nationality, he has not disclosed his ethnicity. Moving on to his educational background, he could be a university student or a high school graduate who hasn’t mentioned anything.


Career line of Alex Erin

  • Alex has never accepted the fact that he is a girl, nor has he acted like one since he was a child. Despite the fact that he was born as a girl, he believes he was born on the incorrect body.
  • Growing up with a confused mind was extremely difficult for him. He knew he was different while he was in elementary school, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
  • Similarly, when he was in first grade, he had a crush on a girl in her late twenties. To impress her, he considered jumping off a cliff. He didn’t realize he was gay until he started middle school.
  • When he began to develop a sense of fashion, he realized that he had a natural attraction to boy’s outfits and even disliked wearing makeup and other activities that a teenage girl would enjoy.
  • Initially, he mistook himself for a bisexual and even attempted to dress up as a girl with the assistance of his sister. Unfortunately, it did not help him and only added to his confusion about his sexual orientation.
  • As his boobs grew larger during puberty, he began to have body image problems. He despised that period of his life and was deeply distressed by it, which led to anxiety and a separation from the outside world.
  • Things began to improve for him during his freshman year of high school. It took him until the age of 14 to realize that he was not comfortable with the girly look and began to dress as a tomboy.
  • He feels great after that, showcasing on his own skin. In order to learn more about himself, he began dating people of both sexes.
  • He cut his long hair in the summer of 2015 because he liked the way he looked. He also began to dress like a boy, which had a significant impact on his social life.
  • He began to make and spend time with friends. During his sophomore year, his mother’s friends advised him to get himself a chest binder, and following their advice changed his life forever.
  • After the chest binder, he looks more like a boy, which increased his self-esteem. Then he revealed that he was transgender and was relieved to have discovered his sexual orientation.
  • He will have surgery at the age of eighteen, as her parents had told him. As previously stated, he began receiving testosterone in conjunction with surgery, which made a significant difference, and he also sounds good due to the change in his voice caused by testosterone intake.
  • He has sex reassignment surgery (SRS), which includes breast tissue removal. Throughout his journey, his parents, grandparents, and twin sister have all been extremely supportive.
  • Social media has been his primary motivation throughout his journey from confused child to transgender. He posted dancing videos on TikTok, which helped him establish his identity among the public, and he also shared his stories on YouTube, which inspired many people who are in similar situations.
  • When it comes to Alex Erin’s professional life, he established his account on TikTok, formerly known as the app On June 28, 2016, he uploaded his first video, titled “You’re in love with me.”
  • He amassed a large number of fan followers on his Tiktok account by showcasing his acting abilities alongside lip-sync videos. Similarly, in 2017, he was very active on Tiktok, posting multiple videos per day.
  • On TikTok, however, he is currently inactive. He has, however, amassed 559.7k followers and 42.1 million hearts.
  • He also took part in The Revolution Tour in 2017 alongside several other fellow musers. Furthermore, he created his own YouTube channel and posted his first debut video, titled “MEET ALEX THE LITTLE TRANS BOY!” on 20 February 2017, which has received 87k views.
  • On the channel, he usually uploads a variety of vlogs about his life. In addition, he created an Instagram account and posted his first post, Protect Trans Kid, about a photo.


How much is Alex Erin worth?

In terms of Alex Erin’s earnings, he is a rising social media star who has amassed a sizable fortune through his efforts. He has not, however, revealed his exact net worth.


Alex Erin’s marital status?

Looking up Alex Erin’s Instagram post with a guy kissing but not revealing his name, he appears to be in a relationship right now. He has beautifully captioned that picture, thanking his partner for sweet love on this Valentine’s Day rather than eating big fat chips while watching his favorite TV show. He also provided the hashtags #KindaGayButNotGay and #ButGay4u. The couple, on the other hand, appears to be in love.

Furthermore, he has experienced difficulties with his sexuality due to misgendering by his high school teachers and some of his friends. However, for the time being, he is content and unaffected by criticism. Similarly, he has not been involved in any controversial acts up to this point, and he has maintained a clean image.


How tall is Alex Erin?

Alex Erin is a trans-male with a good-looking face. He stands at a reasonable height and weighs a healthy weight. As a result, he has kept his exact height, weight, and body stats a secret. He has blonde hair and honey eyes, too.