Àlex Monner

Quick Facts

Real Name Alejandro Monner Zubizarreta.
Agent Paper Street Actors Co.
In Limelight Centaur.
Profession Actor.
Age 27 years old.
Birth Date January 27, 1995.
Birth Place Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
Lives in Spain.
Gender Male.
Nationality Spanish.
Zodiac Aquarius.
Ethnicities Hispanic.
Parents Father: —

Mother: —

Siblings Sister: Nerea Monner.
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Love Life
Marital Status Unmarried.
Girlfriend –/
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 69.2.

Pounds: 152.5 lbs.

Height feet: 5’8″.

centimeters: 152.5 cm.

meters: 152.5 m.

Eyes Light Brown.
Hair Black.
Television The Red Band Society (2011–2013).

Via llibre (2014).

El cas dels catalans (2014).

Cites (2015).

Ebre, del bressol a la batalla (2016).

I Know Who You Are (2017).

Mira lo que has hecho (2018).

Heavies tendres (2018).

Desayuna conmigo (2018).

La dona del segle (2018).

Unauthorized Living (2018–2020).

La Línea Invisible (2020).

Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe (2021).

Elite (2022).

La Ruta (2022).

Movies Forever Young (2010).

[REC] 3: Genesis (2012).

The Wild Ones (2012).

Barcelona Summer Night (2013).

Marsella (2014).

Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades (2014).

La fossa (2014).

Just a Little Chemistry (2015).

The Invisible Artery (2015).

Summer Camp (2015).

The Next Skin (2016).

Life Itself (2018).

A Thief’s Daughter (2019).

The Silence of the Marsh (2019).

Below Zero (2021).

Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea (2021).

Centaur (2022).

Net worth $828k.
Instruments Guitar.
Languages English.


Alex Monner, a 27-year-old Spanish actor from Barcelona, Catalonia, was born on January 27, 1995. When he was just 15 years old, he made his film debut in Spain in 2010. His debut endeavor was a short film called “Te Odio.” He was cast in “La Ruta,” a notable movie, that same year.

In addition to movies, Monner is well-known for her work on numerous TV shows, beginning in 2010 with the comedy-drama “The Red Band Society.” Alex performed the recurring role of a character named Lleó in the drama that was directed by Oriol Ferrer.

Monner’s celebrity soared in 2022 after he played the title character Rafa in the action-crime thriller “Centaur,” which debuted on Netflix on June 15. Monner is now acting in the lead part of a brand-new TV series called “La Ruta.”

Age & Childhood Developments

Alex Monner (age 27) was born to his parents in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on January 27, 1995. Mooner has a younger sister named Nerea Monner, who is active on Instagram under the handle “nareamonner12,” according to a search of his family members. Although there is little known about Alex’s mother and father, they are searching for hints.

Although the young actor is fluent in English and Spanish, he spoke Catalan as a child. He has had the desire to become an actor since he was 6 years old. Alex’s mother sought out a reputable acting school in their hometown because she was aware that her son had acting potential.

Monner joined a theater and enrolled in acting school at the same time, which provided him the opportunity to appear on stage.

Height and Weight

Alex Monner is approximately 69.2 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He has a gifted physique and attractive appearance. His eyes are light brown and also hair is black.

Professional Life

While simultaneously attempting to perfect the craft of drama, Alex started to test his luck by going on auditions. Following multiple tryouts, Monner showcased his talents in a short film before moving on to bigger roles. He first obtained cinematic parts before beginning to work in the industry.

This Spanish actor appeared in “Via llibre,” “El cas dels Catalans,” “Cites,” “Ebre, del bressol a la Batalla,” “I Know Who You Are,” “The Wild Ones,” “Barcelona Summer Night,” “Marsella,” and other films between 2011 and the time of his graduation. He won the Málaga Spanish Film Award, the Turia Award, and the Gaud Award for his outstanding performance in 2012’s “The Wild Ones”

Monner’s endearing voice allowed her to emcee events and TV specials as the 2012 “Das de cine” and the 2017 TV special “61 premis Sant Jordi de cinematografia.” The role of Carlos Bandeira in the Netflix series “Unauthorized Living” marked Alex’s professional apex. It was an Oskar Santos-directed project with performers like Pilar Castro, Jose Coronado, Lex González, Luis Zahera, and others.

This Catalan actor unquestionably possesses remarkable acting talent, and there is no doubt that he is in for a wonderful adventure. Alex enjoys his life in Barcelona and occasionally takes vacations abroad thanks to all the cash he has amassed. In terms of Zubizarreta’s net worth, we learned that he has assets totaling $828,000.

It was rumored that Alex Monner is gay is it true?

Many people believe Monner is gay, and this belief was fostered by one of his television shows. The Sevenstar crew conducted investigation to determine whether there was any truth to this impression and learned that the actor never discussed his sexuality.

We also discovered that he enjoys spending time with a stunning girl. They might be dating even though we could find no indication of their relationship.

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Source of Income and net worth

Alex Monner is now thought to have a net worth of about $828k as of 2022. The majority of this money is the result of his successful acting career.

As of yet, Monner has not disclosed anything about his yearly compensation. Sadly, the internet does not contain any trustworthy estimations for these numbers.


What is Alex Monner’s whole name?

Alejandro Monner Zubizarreta.

Which country is Alex Monner from?


How much money is Alex Monner worth?


How old is Alex Monner?

An actor from Catalonia will turn 27 in 2022.

What is the Instagram username for Alex Monner?


How tall is Alex Monner?

172.7 centimeters.

Who is Alex Monner’s sibling?

Nerea Monner.