Alx James

Alx James is a vlogger and YouTuber from the United States. Alx James is best known for his vines videos and compilations. So far, his self-titled YouTube channel has 935k subscribers. Furthermore, he reached a larger audience through television shows.


How old is Alx James?

Alx James is a striking personality who was born on March 5, 1992. Alx is 27 years old and was born in Wilson, North Carolina, in the United States of America. He was also born to Carlton and Sandra Draughan. We don’t know enough about his parents. As a result, we don’t know what his parents do for a living.

Alx was raised on a farm with his two siblings. He has an older brother, Adam, and a younger sister, Dana. Their identity, however, has not yet been revealed. He is an American by nationality and White- Caucasian by ethnicity. Alx is a successful entertainer who was born under the sign of Pisces and practices Christianity as his primary religion.

Alx James has kept his educational information private. It is also stated that he was a member of the ‘Junior Olympic Volleyball Team.’ He was also awarded a scholarship to attend a volleyball school. Later, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


Career line of Alx James

  • Alx got his break through ‘Vine,’ a social media platform geared toward aspiring musicians. Melody Willoughby, one of his friends, first introduced him to the app. For a few appearances, he has collaborated with other well-known Viners such as Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussars.
  • Alx James became a Youtuber on July 10, 2013. His first YouTube video was titled ‘Ghetto Story By Sheedra; A Parody of The Night Before Christmas | Sheedra.’ It was published on December 5, 2013. It has received 404k views so far. Some of his earliest videos include ‘Somewhat Refusing Christmas | Alx James,’ ‘My First Pedicure | Alx James,’ and ‘Going On An Adventure | Alx James.’
  • ‘EAT IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE! w/ Rosanna Pansino’ is his most popular to date. It has received 5 million views to date. His other videos with over a million views include ‘Stealing From Starbucks *REACTION*, ‘Reacting to Old Photos w/ The Gabbie Show,’ and ‘Gabbie Hanna…Girl Bye!’
  • Curtis Lepore’s ‘My Road Rage Gone Wrong (Storytime)’. THE TRUTH! and Criticizing Million Dollar Houses!! are two videos that were uploaded a few months ago. These videos have all received thousands of likes. Alx is a well-liked Viner. His Alx James VINES (ALL VINES) NEW HD 2016, Alx James vine compilation, and Alex James Vines Compilation On his YouTube channel, he has videos of his vines titled FUNNY VINE COMPILATION.
  • James has appeared on a few television shows as an actor. The Gender Confused and Joe Show is a comedy television series. He was cast as ‘That Ratchet Hoe Darcy.’ From 2015 to 2016, he appeared in four episodes.
  • The episodes of Alx in 2015 were titled ‘The Case of the Stolen Master, Not Your Boyfriend, and Dress for Darcy.’
  • Similarly, the tenth episode of season one of ‘The Very Last Show’ in 2016 was the tenth episode of season one. In this episode, Genderly confused and Joe struggled to put an end to their web show. However, with the help of their friends, they are able to overcome their difficulties.
  • ‘Internet Challenge’ is a comedy mini-series. In 2012, he portrayed Alx in three episodes of ‘Internet Challenges.’ In 2012, he was cast in three episodes: Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge, Hot Pepper Challenge, and Cinnamon Challenge.
  • Alx has also worked on David Dobrick’s vlog. David Dobrick is a former Vine Star who created vlogs with other Vine stars such as Alx James. In total, Alx James appeared in seven episodes of this mini-series.
  • ‘Kissing My Friends Mom!, Caught Again, and Viners Take New York are just a few of the episodes.
  • Another project on which he has worked is ‘Lab Coats: Life After The Zombie Apocalypse.’


How much is Alx James net worth?

Alx has amassed a sizable fortune through his YouTube channel. According to, he earned $68k in February. His salary is still being determined, but it is estimated that he has a net worth of $69,000 as of March 2020.


Is Alx James dating someone?

James is gay. James is currently involved with Justin Edward. Justin is also a social media sensation. They first met in the gym. Justin, according to Alx, makes him very happy. Alx hasn’t revealed anything about his previous relationship. As a result, determining whether he was in a relationship is difficult.


How tall is Alx James?

Alx, there is no doubt that he has an athletic body. With a height of 6 feet and 5 inches, he is a towering figure. Similarly, he weighs 76 kg. Alx’s other body measurements have yet to be revealed. He has black hair and brown eyes.