Amanda Gorman

When Amanda Gorman recited her poetry “The Hill We Climb” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. “While the poet, writer, and dreamer had already achieved some notoriety before to this, she had never had a stage as large as this.

Everything you need to know about her is right here.

Inaugural Poem by Amanda Gorman

After Joe Biden was sworn in, Amanda presented a strong five-minute performance. She presented a poem she “had composed, in part,” on January 6, the day of the US Capitol rioting. She was about halfway through the poem when Trump protestors stormed the corridors of Congress.

As a result, she added a lyric on the end-of-the-world scenario, writing,

“…We’ve witnessed a power that would rather fracture our nation than share it, that would ruin our country if it meant postponing democracy.”
And this endeavor came close to succeeding.

She communicated the message of the possibilities of unity and healing by reading verses that reflected the inauguration’s theme, “America United.”

As the show came to a close, she closed the poem on a positive note for the future, which appealed to almost everyone who had been listening to her live or online.

Amanda got acclaim from former President Barack Obama, poet Jericho Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and others, as she deserved.

What is her age?

Amanda Gorman was born as a Pisces on March 8, 1998, sharing her mother’s womb with her twin. In 2021, she will turn 23 years old.

Amanda Gorman is a writer who lives in New York City Siblings, Mother, and Father

Gabrielle Gorman, Amanda’s twin sister, agreed that Amanda could not have asked for a better person to be her twin.

Both Gorman siblings are extraordinarily gifted. Amanda’s other half is a dancer and storyteller, as we already know.

Amanda Gorman’s Mother’s Day post (PIC: Amanda’s IG)

Joan Wicks, the kids’ single mother, reared them, and no one knew why their father was absent. “Amanda’s father had minimal formal education but made sure his children realized just how vital it was,” according to KCRA 3 News.

Amanda was born and raised in Los Angeles, where her mother works as a middle school teacher. As a child, she loved to write in journals on the playground.

Amanda revealed having three siblings in an interview with Study Breaks magazine. She was describing how her mother’s career as a teacher had influenced her.

“While having three children, my mother worked extremely hard to earn her doctorate and master’s degrees in education. She motivates me to pursue higher education on a daily basis, not just for myself but also for the students around me.”

Amanda is also the grandchild of a grandma who was not astonished to see her granddaughter flourish on the inauguration platform. She always felt Amanda “could accomplish this when the opportunity arose,” she said.

Amanda, like every other African-American individual in history, was subjected to racial profiling. She opened up about her incident, revealing that she was followed by a security guard on her way home. The security guard warned the poet that she appeared suspicious, according to the poet.

Amanda Gorman’s stature

Amanda Gorman, who stood 5′ 3′′ tall and wore a yellow double-breasted coat with a red satin headband set on top of her twisted haircut, stood out in the crowd. Everything she wore for the event was from high-end designers, including the jewelry, which was, of course, a gift from Oprah Winfrey herself.

Her social media accounts include Instagram and Facebook.

Amanda was still unable to post anything on Instagram 24 hours after the recital at Biden’s inauguration.  The page first reached a million followers. She never anticipated the figure to keep rising after it had already beyond her wildest expectations. It currently has 3.6 million followers as of this writing.

She was also active on Facebook, though with fewer followers (almost 677k).

Amanda Gorman’s net worth is unknown.

In 2020, Amanda Gorman, the first-ever national young poet laureate, will get her magna cum laude from Harvard University. She majored in Sociology at the university.

She has already been invited to sing for Lin-Manuel Miranda, Al Gore, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and Malala Yousafzai at the Obama White House in recent years.

Amanda Gorman had a $2 million-plus net worth before to 2021, as someone who has written for the New York Times, The Edit, and Nike.

Change Sings, her debut children’s book, was slated to be released in September of this year. And, just so you know, her official website stated at one point that she has three books coming out with Penguin Random House.

Amanda recited a strong original poem titled “Chorus of the Captains” before the Super Bowl game in February 2021. James Martin, Trimaine Davis, and Suzie Dorner were honored in the piece.

Boyfriend of Amanda Gorman

When it comes to her lover, Amanda Gorman has never been so open about this element of her life. At the time, even her social media didn’t provide any indications.

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