Anaheed Alani: 10 Fast Facts You Should Know About Ira Glass Wife

Anaheed Alani is a writer who has the capability to hit people with facts and truths of society. But, mostly she is famous as the wife of the American public radio personality, Ira Glass. The couple remained in the marriage for over 10 years and divorced in 2018. While they were together, they even came together for podcasts. After divorcing Ira, Anaheed is busy with her life and has moved on already. Likewise, even Ira Glass has continued his life. Even after a few years of divorce, people still seem to be curious about the ex-couple. While Ira Glass has a Wikipedia page on his name, Anaheed is rather private in her life. So, the following are the 10 facts about Anaheed Alani to get to know her better:

Alani’s Net Worth Details

As a matter of fact, Anaheed Alani has not yet disclosed her net worth and income details. Her net worth is still under review.

Alani Belongs To Multi-Cultural Family

Anaheed Alani was born in a family where her mother was a Christian and her father was a Muslim from Iraq. But, the difference in culture never brought problems for her in her life.

Wiki and Age Facts of Ira Glass’s Wife, Anaheed Alani

Anaheed Alani’s age and Wiki data are unavailable on the internet. In fact, she is actually famous because of her ex-husband. Following the divorce, Anaheed does not appear in the spotlight that much. She is a writer and author by profession. She had even worked as editorial director and story editor for Rookie Magazine in 2013.  Anaheed Alani and her ex-husband, Ira Glass long before their Divorce

10 Facts About Ira Glass’s Ex-Wife, Anaheed Alani

    • Anaheed Alani is Ira Jeffrey Glass’s Ex-Wife: Alani and Ira Glass-60 were together for many years. However, their 13-year-long marriage ended legally after Ira filed a divorce in April 2017.
    • Anaheed’s tied the knot with Ira Glass in 2005: Anaheed and Ira finally decided to tie the knot in 2005 after dating for some time. However, the marriage did not last forever. The couple’s divorce finalized in 2018.
    • Alani met Ira for the first time in 1997: Alani and Ira first encountered in 1997 in Chicago. They moved to New York in 2007 after their marriage.
    • She and her ex-husband used to pet a dog: Alani and her ex-husband, Ira Glass had a pitbull called, Piney.
    • Anaheed grew up in a mixed household and familyAnaheed’s mother was a Christian but her father was a Muslim. However, the difference in religion did not bring any difference in her upbringing and her marriage with Ira as well.
    • Alani’s Actual Age is off the record: As a matter of fact, the internet has no record of Anaheed’s age and birth details.
    • Her Net Worth is still under review: Since Anaheed is famous for her ex-husband, her net worth and income details are missing.
  • She has moved on in her love life: According to Anaheed’s Instagram, she seems to have moved on with someone else. However, the facts about the new man in her life are missing.
  • She is an author by profession: Alani has done various writing jobs in her life. She worked as a fact-checker at The New York Times Magazine. Also, she worked as an editor for Chicago Reader.
  • Alani is on Instagram and Twitter: She is on Instagram as well as on Twitter. The username for both of her social media is @Chemicalalani.