Andrew Terraciano Wiki, Bio, Parents, Age, Twin Sister, Salary, Net Worth

Andrew Terraciano

You may recognize American actor Andrew Terraciano if you’ve watched the CBS drama Blue Bloods. The two real-life Terraciano brothers, who are credited with the series’ success, star in the same crime drama.

Since 2010, Andrew Terraciano and his brother Tony Terraciano have been shining on CBS’s Blue Bloods. Andrew made an appearance in the film Rogue Assistant as well.

Bio, Wiki (Age)

Andrew is a Westchester, New York-based actor and model. In the television show Blue Bloods, he played the Reagan family’s youngest son. He’s also Tony Terraciano’s younger brother.

Andrew began his acting career in 2010 with Blue Bloods, when he was just six years old. His physical features include a modest height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m), a somewhat pudgy weight, and a fair and adorable skin.


Many viewers mistake Andrew’s onscreen family for his real family because he is the son of Daniel and Linda in the series. Furthermore, the appearance of his real-life sibling in the series may have prompted him to consider his off-screen parents as his biological parents.

His real family, on the other hand, is not the same as the one depicted in the show. Linda is killed in a helicopter crash in the series, however this isn’t the case in real life.

Andrew and his brother Tony, as well as their twin sister Molly, continue to live with their mother and father, both named Anthony.

Molly (Andrew’s twin sister)

Molly, Andrew’s twin sister, is not as well-known as her brothers since she avoids the spotlight. Those who follow Tony and Andrew on social media, on the other hand, may already be aware of her existence.

Through their social media posts, the two brothers never fail to show affection for their only sister. They have a lot of Instagram photos with their sister Molly.

Andrew posted a photo with his sister on February 5, 2019, wishing her a happy 16th birthday and telling the world how proud he is to be Molly’s brother.


Despite his youth, Andrew is a rising star with the potential for two massive hits. He has a lot of time to give and show what he can accomplish to Holywood because he is still under the age of a teenager. However, it is still commendable for the work he has accomplished so far.

Andrew began earning money at the age of six, unlike many others. He is thought to make a good living as an actor. Unfortunately, no information about his net worth is available to the general public.

Actors make an estimated $49,988 per year on average. Andrew’s earnings are likely to be above average.