Anjali Bhimani

Quick Facts

Birth Date August 30,1974
Full Name Anjali Bhimani
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Birth City Cleveland, Ohio
Birth Country America
Father Name Bharat Bhimani
Mother Name Dr. Ela
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Virgo
Height 150 cm
Weight 46 kg
Net worth 18000000
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Twitter Link Twitter Link
Instagram Link Insta Link

Anjali Bhimani is a skilled American actor best known for playing Mira in the television series Rival Peak.

The American actress Bhimani was born on August 30, 1974, in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born under the Virgo zodiac sign and is a well-known American model.

Early life and Childhood Developments

Anjali, a stunning woman, has always put a lot of effort into her profession and has taken her vocation extremely seriously since a young age. She is an American who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

Childhood picture of Anjali with her parents(Source: Instagram)

Anjali was born in America, where her parents, who are both from India, relocated after getting married. She also rose to fame as an actress at a young age.

Educational Background

Anjali, the actress from We Baby Bears, is a very diligent, intelligent, and skilled individual. She frequently takes part in numerous events and performances put on by his college.

Speaking of her high school education, she finished it in a local school in the United States, while she has not made any disclosures about her lower education.

She also enrolled in Northwestern University, a private research university founded in 1851 in Evanston, Illinois, after finishing high school. Anjali obtained a musical theatre certificate. She started working toward her professional career after completing her schooling and training.

Body Measurements

With wonderful black eyes and light golden hair, Anjali Bhimani looks stunning. She has a fair skin and a round face. She also has a height of 4 feet, 11 inches (150 cm), and a weight of 46 kg (102 lbs). Anjali is concerned with her appearance, outlook, and looks because she is an actress.

Family and Parents

Since she was a little child, Anjali has resided in Cleveland, Ohio, with her parents, Dr. Ela and Bharat Bhimani. She was raised by her parents, who watched after her with a lot of love and care. Her family appears to be quite close to her.

Additionally, both of her parents are well-known figures in both India and America. Anjali is her parents’ only child.

Gross Value and Source of Income

Anjali Bhimani’s main source of income is acting because she is a well-known, popular actor and singer. Her professional experience has brought in a sizable sum of money for her.

Finding Anjali’s monthly pay or the contracts she signed with several film production firms can be a little challenging. Anjali’s entire net worth, however, is thought to be around $18 million. She appears to reside with her parents in a mansion given her estimated net worth.

Father of Anjali

Bharat Bhimani, Anjali’s father, serves as President of Bhimani Medical Corp. He was born on April 26, 1940, to parents Kishore Bhimani (father) and Rita Bhimani in Calcutta, India (mother).

Sadly, his parents passed away while he was very young; as a result, he was reared in Bombay by her uncle and aunt. He and his wife, Dr. Ela, emigrated to America after getting married.

Relationship Status

Anjali Bhimani is a cheerful single person who lives with her parents. She has never been married or engaged before, and she is currently concentrating on her job.

Anjali allegedly had a connection with a good-looking man in the past, but she has not made his identity public on any of her social media accounts. Like other famous people, actress Anjali prefers to keep her private affairs private.

Professional Life

After completing her further education, actress Anjali from The Legend of Vox Machina returned to her hometown to begin her acting career. She began her acting career in 1998, but she rose to fame after playing Dr. Farouq in the television drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

She went on to portray numerous roles in numerous TV series, short films, and movies, becoming a well-known TV series actress in the process. Furthermore, she participated in numerous theater productions in order to advance her acting profession.

She hasn’t worked in the medical field, despite the fact that the majority of her television shows and films deal with the medical industry.

TV shows and movies

Anjali, the actress from I’m in the Band, has starred in numerous short films. The Casagrandes, Pruning, Brown Elephant, The Loud House, It’s Pony, It’s Pony, Discover Indie Film, IV-effing, and Miss India America are a few examples.

She also played numerous roles in numerous TV shows, including Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rival Speak, Rival Peak, Blindspot, Little Voice, Runways, Arranged, UnDeadwood, and Grace and Frankie.

In TV movies like Brown Girls, Dark Intentions, The Medicine Show, The Sopranos, and All My Children, she also had a significant role. In addition to acting, Cavalli also produced a few short films and TV shows.

Social Media Activity

There are social media accounts for Anjali Bhimani on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She enjoys showing her dog pics.

Bhimani is active on Instagram, where she has amassed more than 1.3 million followers under the handle @sweeetanj. Her personal life and film settings are where she spends the most of her posts. Through her Instagram posts and stories, she enjoys sharing the images and videos taken by her team.

Additionally, she has published more than 1.9K times on Instagram and has more than 1.7K followers. This makes it clear that she is quite popular and active on Instagram.

active on Twitter and Facebook

Anjali, an actress from The Medicine Show, has a confirmed official Twitter account with the handle @sweeetanj. On Twitter, she has over 86.9K follows, over 1.3K followings, and over 16.3K tweets.

She also has a verified official Facebook account, which has more than 32k followers on her profile. @Anjali Bhimani is her username on social media. She has published more than 3000 times on Facebook and has more than 200 followers at the moment.

Voice Artist

Anjali, a Hollywood Heights actress, excels at singing and voice acting in addition to acting. Throughout her career, she sung numerous songs and lent her endearing voice to a number of cartoon and video game characters.

Some well-known video games in which she provided voice acting include Fallout 4, Indivisible, Apex Legends, Fallout 76, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Overwatch, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Additionally, she provided the character’s voice in a number of TV shows, including Level Up Norge, Big City Greens, Glitch Techs, Seal Team, The Legend of Vox Machina, and We Baby Bears.

Animal lover

Actress Anjali from Exandria Unlimited is one of the many people who adore and care deeply for pet animals. She consistently conveys affectionate feelings and emotions for animals.

She is also caring for a male Chihuahua of the Chihuahua breed. It has a chocolate body that makes it look extremely adorable. Anjali used to play with her puppy in her spare time since she is not married and has no children. Charley is the name of her dog.

Anjali, a voice actor for Indivisible, has also set up an Instagram account for her dog. On the second account she set up in the name of her dog, @charleythebestdog, she routinely posts pictures and videos of herself having fun with Charly. There are more than 120 posts, more than 50 followers, and more than 1.4K followers.

IMDb Profile

Anjali, who plays Suraya in The Neighborhood, has 91 acting credits listed on her IMDb  website. She also has four writing credits and eighteen credits for herself.

Her profile also includes a brief biography, a list of accolades, nominations, and other personal information. She is credited as a producer, with gratitude and with using archived video.

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