Aparri is a well-known American Animal Jam gamer of all time. Aparri amassed a respectable number of YouTube subscribers in a matter of months.

How old is Aparri?

Aparri was born on March 11, 2000 in Massachusetts, USA. In 2020, he will turn 20 years old. Pisces is his zodiac sign. He also has a sister named Sarah, who is also known as Bepper. She is his collaborator and supporter. As siblings, they are very close and frequently hang out together and have the same friends. He also has brothers named Joe and Tom.

He attends regular school and juggles completing school assignments and uploading videos. Furthermore, he enjoys snacking; his favorite all-time snack is ‘Purple Doritos,’ and his favorite color is red. Aparri has not revealed his parents’ names. His other nicknames include Kawaii Boi, Apar Parr, Apart I, Jim, and Ferrari.

Personal Life of Aparri

Aparri isn’t dating anyone, though rumors circulated that he was dating his best friend Wisteriamoon until it was revealed that she was dating their mutual friend Julian2. As a result, he is single, but he is so preoccupied with having fun on Animal Jam and keeping his YouTube channel up to date that he does not appear to be interested in dating anyone right now.

Furthermore, his fans send him mail and gifts through his PO Box, and he is grateful for the love he receives from his fans. On the other hand, he is disliked by other jammers who try to bring him down, but he does not let their petty remarks bother him.

How much is Aparri Net Worth?

In terms of earnings and net worth, there is no doubt that he will make a lot of money. His main source of income could be his gaming YouTube videos. His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

WHat is the Height of Aparri?

He hasn’t revealed his exact height, but he weighs around 65 kg. His other body measurements, such as chest-waist-hip shoe size, dress size, and so on, are also unavailable. He does, however, have brown hair and eyes.

Career line of Aparri

  • On February 18, 2015, he launched his YouTube channel ‘Aparri’ with a video titled ‘Welcome to my channel.’ Prior to this, he had uploaded videos to the channel ‘7AJ’ in 2014, which he removed from YouTube and re-launched under the new name ‘Aparri.’ The second channel helped him gain popularity, and within a month he had over 50K subscribers.
  • His ‘Animal Jams’ are one-of-a-kind and imaginative. Furthermore, because the game is very educational, the ‘National Geographic’ has partnered with it. It allows children to play the animal of their choice while learning about the ecosystem and animals.
  • There, he collaborates with other players such as Bruizer, Wisteriamoon, Julian2, and Bepper. Furthermore, he has been playing Animal Jam since its beta days in 2012 and has mastered jamming. Aparri jams frequently and regularly keeps his viewers and fans updated by uploading more than two videos per week.
  • Furthermore, in March 2016, his channel surpassed Animaljammer330, who had held the record for nearly two years, to become the most subscribed-to Animal Jam channel on YouTube. On December 3rd, 2018, he announced his resignation from Animal Jam.
  • Despite this, he makes videos unrelated to Animal Jam on his new channel, which was recently deleted. He also gave his Animal Jam channel to his girlfriend, so none of his videos are on there anymore.
  • Before anyone knew who Aparri was, all of his fans recognized him solely by his voice. In July 2016, he also posted a video on YouTube titled “PO Box Opening” in which he opened mail from his fans. Aparri, sixteen, is a heartthrob, as his fans predicted! He is strong, tall, and adorable, with a sweet smile.
  • Since then, he has appeared in a number of videos. Aparri is energetic and lively, and so are his animal jams. He is one of the most well-liked Animal Jammers among the AJ community.
  • Unlike other jammers, he also creates animal ‘Vines.’ The content is absolutely hilarious, and his comic timing is flawless.
  • He has a great rapport with his fellow gamers; he does not compete with them, but rather strives to improve himself. Furthermore, he encourages new jammers and gives them advice on how to improve.
  • Aparri spends the majority of his time with fellow Animal jammers such as Wisteriamoon and Julian2. However, because the three of them are best friends, they end up having a great time together.
  • He has a lot of talent for transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary and versatile, so he has a bright future ahead of him! Aparri has become a Soundcloud rapper since resigning. His music, however, is not appropriate for kids.
  • Aparri made another video explaining why he actually left on August 1, 2019. Victory Vineivy, his main animal, is a dark and light red arctic wolf. The cold wolf is dressed in a red Worn Blanket, red Elf Bracelets, a red Top Hat, and a brown beard. Aparri is frequently observed playing with his pig as a non-member.
  • The pig, like the arctic wolf, is known as Victory Vineivy. The pig is also dark grey and turquoise. It employs blue Hypno-Glasses, a glitched Ring, and a neon (glitched) Bow and Arrow. When Aparri plays as his pig, some people mistake him for someone else.