Balthazar Getty

Facts of Paul Balthazar Getty

Full Name Paul Balthazar Getty
Height 183cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1975/1/22
Birth Country USA
Birth Place Tarzana, California
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Name John Paul Getty III
Mother Name Gisela Getty

Paul Balthazar Getty is an American actor and musician who is Popularly known for his role as Tommy Walker in the American Family drama Brother & Sister.

He is also popular as a ringside band member and is known as the producer of the rap duo The Wow. He is a multitalented person who has achieved so much in his career so far.

Education And Family

Getty was born on January 22, 1975, making him an Aquarius by astrological sign. He was reared in San Francisco after being born in Tarzana, California. He comes from a very wealthy family. His mother Gisela Getty is a German photographer and filmmaker, while his father is a businessman named John Paul Getty III.

His great-grandfather, J. Paul Getty, who founded Getty Oil and formerly held the title of richest man on earth, shares the same name as his grandpa, Sir John Paul Getty. He has a sister named Anna Getty who was adopted into the family and was born from his mother’s previous marriage.

He has had the best education possible since he was a young adult and is well educated. And he completed his high school education at Scotland’s Grodonatoun School. He had received his higher education at Central Missouri State University.

Career and Professional Life

Getty made his his debut in the 1990 film Lord of the Flies as Ralph, which served as the launchpad for his acting career. After that, he continued his career by acting in films like Big City Blues, Mr. Holland’s Opus, The Pope Must Die, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Young Guns, and many more.

Balthazar Getty as a child actor and co-star in the film Lord of the Flies. Source: Balt Getty on Instagram.

He has also appeared in television programs, with Tommy Walker—his most well-known role—appearing in the ABC Family drama series Brother & Sisters from 2006 to 2011. He was a member of the show’s main cast for four seasons before appearing as a guest in season five. Also, he had appeared in 72 of the show’s episodes. He also appeared in numerous more television programs, including Alias, Pasadena, and Nightmare Classic, which served as his acting debut.

Since his teenage years, he has been interested about music, and at the age of 15, he began to create electronic music. He has produced music for the rap duo The Wow in addition to being a member of the indie rock/electronic band Ringside. In 2013, he also launched Purplehaus Records, a record label with production in the Fairfax and Melrose neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Award and Achievements

A great actor who gained fame and acclaim from both fans and critics is Tommy Walker from Brother & Sister. He has received favorable reviews and accolades for the majority of the roles he has played in films and television shows.

He has received a nomination for the 2008 Gold Derby Tv Award for Ensemble. At the 2005 Golden Satellite Awards, he was also nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series. For his performance as Ralph in Lord of Flies, he received two nominations for the Young Artist Award in 1991 and 1992.

What is Gitty Relationships Status?

Getty has been married for more than 20 years and is content with his spouse. Rosetta Millington, a fashion designer, is his wife. Despite having their share of issues, the couple has been married since 2000.

Including Balthazar Getty’s relatives. Source: Balt Getty on Instagram.

Grace Getty, Violet Getty, June Catherine, and Cassius Paul are their four children. Paul’s infidelity brought their relationship to an end in 2008, but they were able to get back together in 2010 and are still together today.

Is Getty active on Social Media?

Currently, Getty is active on Twitter and Instagram, two of the most widely used social media sites in the world. He has a verified Instagram account and regularly posts under the moniker @baltgetty. As of June 2022, he had 74.5k followers. He primarily shares work-related articles, vintage images of his work, and photos of his own and his personal life on this site.

He has a verified Twitter account with the username @BaltGetty and as of June 2022, it had 12.9k followers. Like Instagram, he primarily posts stuff linked to his job on this website.

Volunteering and social work

Balthazar is a compassionate individual who enjoys participating in many forms of social work. He has volunteered for numerous charitable causes and given those in need a lot-needed helping hand.

He is also quite charitable and has donated to numerous causes throughout his life. Also, he serves on the board of The Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit that offers free meals to kids enrolled in the schools of the South African community of Soweto.

What is Getty net worth?

Getty has a good appearance and keeps himself in good condition. He has a fair height, standing at 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) tall and weighing 75 kg. He has Hebrew letters tattooed across his chest and musical notes on his front shoulder.

Theodore Getty Posing for the camera. Source: Balt Getty on Instagram.

Although his specific body measurements are not made public, he boasts an athletic physique. He also has brown eyes and hair, which are both brown in tone.

What are Getty Interest and Hobbies?

With his wife and kids, Tommy Walker from Brother & Sister leads an opulent and opulent life in the United States. Particularly his wife and children, who are rarely depicted in the media, they prefer to maintain their privacy.

He enjoys trying new things and is an active individual. He usually rides an adventurous motorcycle because he enjoys it. Additionally, he enjoys playing hockey, watching basketball, and painting.

How much is Getty Net worth?

Being from a wealthy family, Paul Getty is an incredibly wealthy individual. He has received a portion of his great grandfather’s business, which has been passed down through the generations. He has also earned a respectable sum of money for himself through his career endeavors, which include include acting, music, and other businesses.

His estimated net worth, which he amassed through his business and acting career, is said to be approximately $200 million, according to a number of web resources. His family business and his own new ventures in other businesses provide the majority of his income.


There will always be discussions on Paul Balthazar Getty from diverse perspectives because he has been the focus of media attention for a variety of reasons. The majority of the time, there have been rumors about him.

But one of the most well-known allegations about him that surfaced in 2008 was that he was seeing British actress Sienna Miller. It turned out to be true, and his marriage to Rossetta came to an end. However, they later reconnected after he split from Miller in 2010.


Balthazar has a reputation for being contentious and has been involved in numerous issues throughout his career. Having been married at the time, the media’s discovery of him kissing British actress Sienna Miller while they were on vacation caused him to become the subject of intense controversy.

When he was found in possession of drugs at the height of his drug addiction, he was also the subject of another controversy. Later, he overcame his addiction and has maintained his sobriety ever since.

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