Barbara Stanwyck Bio, Age, Husband, Acting, Net Worth and Death

Barbara Stanwyck Biography

Barbara Stanwyck, who was born Ruby Catherine Stevens, was an American actress, a model and also a dancer. Stanwyck’s profession was explained to be a strong, realistic screen presence and also a favorite of directors.

Barbara Stanwyck Age

Ruby Catherine Stevens was born on 16th July 1907 in Brooklyn, New York City the U.S.A. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 82 years. She died in Santa Monica California in 1920.

Barbara Stanwyck Husband

Stanwyck has been married twice and also divorced. In 1928, she was married to Frank Fay but later divorced after 7 years in 1935. Later in 1939 married Robert Taylor and divorced in1952.

Out of the two marriages, Barbara had one child, Anthony Dion Fay. His father was Frank Fay. Anthony Dion Fay was born on 5 February 1932. He faced his death on 17 May 2006. Also, he was an adopted son.

Barbara Stanwyck Net Worth

At the time of her death, she was worth $1 million. Her primary source of income was from acting. She worked under contract from different roles.

Barbara Stanwyck Young

Firstly, she did a job at wrapping packages at a department store at age 14 when she dropped out of school. Later she was filling cards at a telephone booth but she never liked the job and earning 14 US dollars a week.

Also, she worked for Vogue magazine to cut dress patterns but she was fired from the customer’s complaints.
Then she got attached to Jerome H. Remick Music Company as a typist and this is where her sister gave her permission to participate in show businesses.


Barbara Stanwyck Music

She took auditions for a place in the chorus at Strand Roof on her 16th birthday in 1923. However, she got a job as a dancer in the seasons of Ziegfeld Follies to dance at the New Amsterdam Theater. Working as a chorus girl she has performed from midnight till 7 a.m. in Texas Guinan’s clubs and also served as a dance instructor.

Billy Latif introduced her to Impresario Willard Mack, where Mack appointed her to play a chorus girl in the film. The film did not hit at first but later in 1926 October 20th, it was the most successful play in the season. After the play, Stanwyck became a star when she featured in Burlesque in 1927. Pat O’Brien mentioned in a talk show,” the greatest show was in the Burlesque in his biography.

Barbara Stanwyck Acting

In 1929, Ruby released her first-ever sound film “The Locked Door”, “Mexicall Rose” following in the same year. She has performed in movies in different roles like children’s nurse, small-town teacher, Midwest farm woman, ambitious woman, self-sacrificing title and a night club performer among many others.

An American Critic, Pauline Kael describes Stanwycks act like someone with an intuitive understanding of the moves that work best in camera. She has acted the cruel nature in the film “Noir genre” making her the most notorious one in the act. For the backstage crew, all describe her as the kindest and most accessible.

By 1950, her career in film was declining and so she moved to the television side. Her very first one on television was as a guest-starring in “Trail to Nowhere” an episode of the series. It was on television she earned an Emmy award in the Barbara Stanwyck Show.

She has guest-starred in other movies like Untouchables, Big Valley broadcasting on ABC from 1965 to 1969 making her so popular.

Barbara Stanwyck Retirement

After her retirement, she was active in charity works. Later, in 1981, in her deep sleep, she was awakened by an intruder in Beverly Hills. Also, the intruder hit her head forced her inside the closet and stole 40,000 Us dollars.

Barbara Stanwyck Death

Later in the “Thorn Bird” filming inhaling the smokes caused bronchitis and also her cigarette habit beginning at age 9 until 4 years before she died. She died from heart failure and COPD at Saint John’s Health Centre, Santa Monica. Barbara Stanwyck died in 1920, January 20 at age 82 years.