Begoña Gómez

Begoa Gómez is the current Prime Minister of Spain’s wife. Begoa Gómez rose to prominence as a result of her husband to Carlos Gómez. In March 2020, Begoa Gómez made headlines after testing positive for the coronavirus COVID-9, which is causing a global pandemic.

How old is Begoña Gómez?

Maria Begoa Gómez Fernandez is the full name of Begoa Gómez. Her exact birth date is unknown, but she was born in 1975. Begoa Gómez’s parents and other family members are unknown. Similarly, she is a Christian, but her educational background is unknown. Similarly, she was born in Bilbao, Spain, and is of Spanish nationality.

Is Begoña Gómez married?

Begoa Gómez is a woman who has been married. Her husband is Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister. The lovers have two daughters, Ainhoa and Carlota, and live a happy life together. Furthermore, the lovers married in a civil wedding officiated by Trinidad Jiménez in 2006.

How tall is Begoña Gómez?

Begoa Gómez has a slim frame. She is also very attractive and charming, which draws many people to her. Her exact height, weight, and other body measurements, however, are currently unavailable. Begona’s hair is blonde, and her eyes are brown.

Career line of Begoña Gómez

  • Begoa Gómez’s professional life and career are unknown. She is best known as the wife of Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister. She also made headlines recently when she tested positive for the novel coronavirus that is causing the COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • Concerning her husband’s professional career, he is a Spanish politician who has been Prime Minister of Spain since June 2018. Her husband is also the Secretary-General of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), a position he has held since June 2017.
  • On June 2, 2018, her husband, Sánchez, was sworn in. In the presence of former Prime Minister Rajoy, Congress President Ana Pastor, and King Felipe VI, he made the announcement. The media noted that there was no Bible or crucifix on display while Sánchez took his oath of office on the Spanish Constitution. Because of Sánchez’s atheism, this was the first time such a case occurred in modern Spanish history.
  • Her husband declared a constitutional state of emergency in the country for 15 days on March 13, 2020. Following approval by the Council of Ministers, the decision would take effect the following day. It was only the second time in democratic history that something of this magnitude had occurred.
  • The government imposed a nationwide lockdown the next day, prohibiting all non-force majeure trips and threatening to intervene in companies to ensure supplies.
  • Her husband, Sánchez, speaks English and French fluently in addition to Spanish. He is also the country’s first openly atheistic prime minister.