Ben Taylor

Quick Facts

Full Name Ben Taylor
First Name Ben
Last Name Taylor
Profession Celebrity husband
Birth City Saint Kitts and Nevis
Father Name Bobcat
Mother Name Terrie Jean
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Melanie Liburd

Ben Taylor is the husband of Melanie Liburd. He’s from Saint Kitts & Nevis initially. Blond hair, a manly jawline, and brown eyes are among Ben’s attributes. He has a passion for cars and frequently shares pictures of them on social media. With his wife and a pet dog, Ben now makes his home in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Melanie is an actress who is most recognized for her roles in movies like Dark Matter and The Grinder.

The marriage of Ben Taylor

Melanie and Ben had been wed for a long time. It was rumored that Melanie and Ben dated for a long period. They are still going strong and are not at odds. The charming couple can also be spotted in many popular tourist spots. They are currently childless. Ben has also consistently been his wife’s strongest ally. The two had been close friends before they began dating. The pair does, however, desire to maintain their privacy. While Melanie uploads more pictures of her professional life, Ben is seen posting adorable pictures of them on social media.

Shot of Ben’s wife up close

His wife Melanie was raised in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, where she was born. Considering that she was born under the sign of the Scorpio, she is undoubtedly passionate and ambitious. Her small yet lovely family is lovely. Georgina Liburd is her mother, and Michael Liburd is her father. Her father is a master martial artist, while her mother is a realtor.

She has two brothers named Leon and Marc; she is not an only child. However, it’s unclear what her siblings do for a living. Her parents enrolled her at the Identity School of Acting after learning of their daughter’s interest in acting. Several agencies soon became aware of her talent. In addition, she uses social media extensively. Her Twitter handle is @melanieliburd. Her social media profiles are marked with a blue check mark to show that they have been verified.

Interesting Facts about Melanie Liburd

We already know about her professional life, but the actress has some interesting trivia. Melanie asserted that she was half English and half Kittitian. She also admitted to riding a snowboard with incredible speed. Ben Taylor recalled her childhood, saying she had grown up in a house full of rescued animals and that her mother was the real-life Dr. Doolittle. She claimed to have a fashion BA with honors. Melanie also acknowledged her obsession with Pilates, sword fighting, and bo-staff training.

In addition, the actress is enthralled by live storytelling performances similar to her portrayal of Alexis in Netflix’s Gypsy. She is related to Jason Priestley. Finally, she says that so far, she has only performed one role with a real British accent.

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Ben Taylor Net worth

We will rely on Ben’s wife’s net worth because Ben’s financial information is not available. Her net worth is currently estimated to be $4.5 million, making her salary $440,000 per year, $36,666,67 per month, $8,461.54 per week, $1,205.48 per day, $50.23 per hour, $0.84 per minute, and $0.01 per second.

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