Bianca Spender Age And Everything To Know About The Australian Fashion Designer

The young aged fashion designer Bianca Spender is being searched a lot over the internet after the death of her mother, fashion designer Carla Zampatti. 

Bianca Spender is a fashion designer who runs a clothing band named to her own name ‘BIANCA SPENDER‘. She was the daughter of a really famous fashion designer.

Being a daughter of a renowned fashion designer led her to easy inspiration and motivation while she was a child. She started working with her mother when she was 12.

Quick Facts:

Name Bianca Spender
Age 25 to 30
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Designer
Parents Carla Zampatti, John Spender
Married/Single Married
Instagram @biancaspender

Bianca Spender Age

Bianca Spender’s age appears to be somewhere around 25 to 30 years old. She is the youngest of her 2 other siblings.

However, her exact date of birth and age is not mentioned anywhere. She probably has decided to keep her personal details private.

She was born in Australia to her mother Carla And father John Spender.

Bianca Spender Wikipedia

Bianca spender is not yet on Wikipedia, despite being a renowned fashion designer. She has her own clothing brand named after herself.

She sells a variety of high-quality clothes which is based on female dress-ups. She studied in East Sydney Fashion Design Schooland learnt designing from Italy and Paris.

She, in the beginning, ran her mother’s company Carla ZAmpatti Pty Ltd. LAter, she started her own branch connected to the company and started designing her materials.

Bianca spender – Carla Zampatti Daughter

Bianca spender is the youngest child of late fashion designer Carla Zampatti. She was born to Carla and her second husband John Spender.

Carla has 2 other children, Alexander Schuman from her first husband and Allegra Spender from her second husband.

Bianca was really devasted by her mother’s death and she said that she lost a mother and a mentor. She also posted about it on her social media.

Bianca Spender Net Worth

Bianca Spender’s exact net worth is not revealed yet. She has not mentioned her net worth on any platforms.

However, she is a fashion designer with her own clothing brand, so she is expected to have an impressive net worth.