Biffa is a well-known British gamer who plays a variety of strategy, survival, and indie games on his ‘Biffa’ YouTube channel. Biffa has a second YouTube channel called ‘Biffa Plays,’ which is solely dedicated to Minecraft.

How old is Biffa?

Biffa was born on February 29, 1976, in England. He is 44 years old and of British nationality. According to Far Lands or Bust Wiki, Biffa’s real name is Paul. He has not revealed any information about his family or friends. There are also no details about his educational background. His preferred beverage is tea, with English Breakfast Tea being the best.

Similarly, he once tweeted that he used to be a goalkeeper in football games and that he loves a good save, and even more so, a good penalty save. Following up on his tweets, he also has fond memories of seeing Coldplay live several years ago, and he is a huge football fan.

Personal Life of Biffa

He has been happily married for over 15 years. Biffa is a husband and father of two sons. His second son was born on January 1, 2012. He has stated that his wife is already blown away by the support from everyone on Patreon and how it has enabled him to go into Full-Time Content Creation.

She has seen how much happier he has been making content for his fans, as well as the extra time he has to spend with their two boys. However, he has not revealed the names of his wife or children. Similarly, he has not engaged in any controversial acts. To date, he has kept a positive public image.

How much is Biffa Net Worth?

Biffa, a social media and net worth YouTube star is the most active on his YouTube channel. He can be found on Twitter as ‘@Biffa2001,’ where he has over 37.3K followers. He is also available on Twitch and Patreon. His YouTube channels ‘Biffa Plays Indie Games’ has over 437K subscribers, ‘Biffa Plays Minecraft’ has over 30.6K subscribers, and ‘Biffa Plays Strategy’ has over 7.84K subscribers. Likewise, Biffa has shared his Gmail address, [email protected], for business inquiries.

Moving on to his earnings and net worth, he may earn a small sum of money through his profession. He and his family may live an opulent lifestyle. His net worth is estimated to be around $557K.

How tall is Biffa?

Biffa has not revealed any information about his body measurements, such as height, weight, chest-waist-hip, shoe size, dress size, and so on. We don’t know his eye or hair color because he hasn’t revealed his face. However, it appears that he prefers to keep himself hidden from the public.

Career line of Biffa

  • He watched other people’s YouTube videos about 5 years ago and thought, “I can do that,” so he bought a $10 headset and just did it!
  • Biffa was one of the first people to join HermitCraft. Generikb invited him because of his work on Let’s Plays. Biffa’s first home after the map was reset was a large wooden home open to the air in the main town.
  • He established a remote base at a witch hut, but abandoned it after discovering that the majority of the hut is outside the swamp. Biffa discovered another witch hut and established a base there.
  • Biffa had cleared a large perimeter centered on the witch hut to improve the efficiency of the witch farm, which is based on King Happy’s witch farm design.
  • In season 2, he constructed a massive base in the sky above the witch hunt that was larger than his Bowl but would require less effort to construct because he is not removing an ocean.
  • He intended to build a darkroom mob farm above the witch farm. The Ender Pearl elevators will take you to the sky base. He also intended to have automated machines and several farms for crops, animals, and villagers.
  • In terms of season 3, Biffa is incorporating some sporadic amplified terrain. In which he has decided to construct a museum showcasing Minecraft items. So far, he has caged a Guardian, and he is horrified.
  • Furthermore, in order to obtain player heads for the museum, Biffa launches #THG, in which he plans to kill everyone who plays on the server in order to obtain their heads, terrifying some hermits.
  • Fast forward four years, and he was diagnosed with an illness that forced Biffa to close my Self-Employed business of nearly ten years. This was a huge shock for him, and it changed his life forever.
  • His YouTube hobby had to take a back seat for a while. However, as time passed, his illness improved to the point where he could return to doing what he loved.
  • In addition, he has three YouTube channels.
  • His ‘Biffa Plays Indie Games’ is a verified YouTube channel where he enjoys playing Sandbox, Survival, City/Base Builders, and Strategy style games such as Surviving Mars, Cities Skylines, Oxygen Not Included, Planet Coaster, and others.
  • Furthermore, his ‘Biffa Plays Minecraft’ YouTube channel is his Minecraft channel for all things HermitCraft and Minecraft, as well as Livestream uploads and highlights.
  • It unwinds with a cup of tea as he builds, survives, and creates together. Similarly, he has a YouTube channel called ‘Biffa Plays Strategy,’ where he uploads strategy videos.
  • Furthermore, the videos on his main channel have been viewed over 87 million times. Both Biffa and Bria Leigh are well-known for their roles in Stardew Valley.
  • Biffa is now a full-time content creator, thanks to the patronage of Patreon fans and viewers. Fans and viewers encouraged him to join!