BigBStatz is a social media star from the United States who is well-known among ‘Minecraft’ fans. BigBStatz rose to prominence through his live streams and game-related videos, which he posts on his YouTube channel, ‘Bigbst4tz2.’

How old is BigBStatz?

BigBStatz was born on February 28, 1990, in North Carolina, United States of America. Anthony Viviano is his given name. He then relocated to Germany, where he now resides. BigBStatz’s parents and other family members live in the United States. He is 30 years old and born under the sign of Pisces. He is of African-American ethnicity and of American nationality. In addition, he has not shared any information about his educational journey.

Who is BigBStatz’s Wife?

BigBStatz is a married man who is young and talented. Sarah is his wife, and she is known on social media as ‘cookie mawnster.’ In terms of his previous relationships, it is believed that there is no information about BigBStatz’s previous love affairs in which he was actively involved. He has kept a good public image up to this point.

How much is BigBStatz Net Worth?

Moving on to his social media, he is active on a variety of platforms. He is active on Instagram, where he has over 81.9K followers. He is also on Twitter, where he has over 104.5K followers. Similarly, his main YouTube channel, ‘Bigbst4tz2,’ has over 2.55 million subscribers.

His YouTube channel, titled ‘BigB – Pixel Gun 3D,’ has over 268K subscribers. His other YouTube channel, ‘BigBst4tz22,’ has over 51.2K subscribers, and his other YouTube channel, ‘MyNamesAnthony,’ has over 523 subscribers.

Similarly, in terms of earnings and net worth, he would undoubtedly earn a large sum of money through his profession. His main source of income could be his YouTube videos. He has not disclosed specific earnings figures, but according to Idolwiki, his net worth is estimated to be around $0.6 million.

How tall is BigBStatz?

BigBStatz is a wise man with a wonderful personality. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 83 kilograms. He has dark brown eyes and black hair. Furthermore, no additional information about his body measurements is available. He has, however, maintained a good body physique.

Career line of BigBStatz

  • He creates Minecraft content for children for his YouTube channel. BigBStatz has made a name for himself as a professional gamer, but he did not begin his career in the gaming industry. Despite his enthusiasm for video games, BigBStatz began his career in a traditional office setting.
  • He began his career as a customer service representative at a pharmaceutical company in Germany. He mentioned the job to help support his finances because he was still in school at the time.
  • Despite his desire to pursue a career in social media, his financial situation prevented him from doing so.
  • Nonetheless, his job was extremely beneficial in terms of improving his social interaction skills. After a few years of working at the company, BigBStatz began to pursue his dream of becoming a gamer. He then became a game commentator in the ‘Minecraft’ community.
  • It took him a few months, however, to become acquainted with the gaming community. BigBStatz gained popularity as a gamer after becoming acquainted with how things worked in the gaming community. Following that, he decided to start posting his own game-related content.
  • Bigbst4tz2 is the name he gave to his YouTube channel. They added his name to the list of ‘In-Game YouTubers,’ which includes names like TheDiamondMinecart, Stampy Cat, and LDShadowLady, in a very short period of time. BigBStatz made a significant breakthrough when he appeared in the second season of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode,’ the sequel to the first season of ‘Adventure Pass.’ He earned the opportunity to appear in ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ by defeating the main antagonist and a supporting character in ‘Minecraft: Story Mode.’
  • In addition, the second season of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ was a success. They made it available on a variety of platforms, including Android, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, and MacBook Air.
  • At the same time, BigBStatz was introduced as the new associate. The term ‘associate’ is used in gaming to refer to the guards and other characters of the ‘Sunshine Institute,’ a location found in the second season of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode.’
  • He owns a variety of ‘Minecraft’ items such as Bowls, Shears, Cocoa Beans, and Cookies.
  • He did, however, rename Cookie to ‘Easter Egg.’ BigBStatz is the only ‘Minecraft’ YouTuber who did not appear in the sixth episode of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode.’ ‘A Portal to Mystery,’ is the title of the sixth episode.
  • Furthermore, BigBStatz has participated in a number of events that are specifically designed for gamers. He attended the ‘Digital Kids Show’ in Manchester in 2017. He attended the ‘Minecraft Creator Summit’ in Sweden as well as the ‘Minefaire’ in Houston the same year.
  • BigBStatz has also organized a number of meet-and-greet events. The responses he received for his meet and greet events were astounding.
  • Although BigBStatz’s YouTube channel is mostly filled with game-related content, he has also posted a few challenges and question-and-answer videos. His wife appears in several of the channel’s challenge videos.
  • Some of his most well-known challenge videos include ‘Halloween Makeup Challenge,’ ‘Flip the Bottle Challenge,’ and ‘YouTuber Impressions Challenge,’ as well as ‘Minecraft Xbox – StampyLongNose Trivia Map,’ and he features StampyLongNose on his channel.
  • On his channel, he occasionally plays Roblox and Pixel Gun 3D, with Murder Mystery 2 and Flees the Facility being the most common games he plays on Roblox, sometimes with challenges.
  • He also enjoys playing video games with his friends, such as Fortnite.