Blake Benjamin

Quick Facts

Full Name Blake Benjamin
First Name Blake
Last Name Benjamin
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality Australian
Birth Country Australia
Father Name Casey Dellacqua
Father Profession Tennis player
Mother Name Amanda Judd
Mother Profession Recreation Officer
Gender Identity Male
Sibilings Andie, Jesse James Judd
Date of Birth August 2013
Age 9 years

Blake Benjamin is the name of Casey Dellacqua’s new son. Casey is an Australian who used to play tennis and now gives tips about tennis. She was born in Perth, Australia, to Nita Dellacqua and Kim Dellacqua.


Blake is not Casey’s only child, even though he has two siblings around him. Blake is the one who is older. He has a little brother and a little sister. After Blake, her sister Andie was born on April 27, 2016. Andie is 6 years old now. His younger brother came next. His name was Jesse James Judd. He came to this planet on March 12, 2019.

He just turned three. Since they are all too young to use social media, we can see three of them on their mother’s Instagram. We see them give Casey big hugs, enjoy Christmas together with all three of them in pajamas, spend quality time with their mom at the park, celebrate each other’s birthdays, and do many other things.

Learn about Blake parents

Casey and his mother, Amanda Judd, are both lesbians. Because they work well together, two of them have been on trending sites for a long time. Casey is a very strong and independent woman to start with. Casey gets hurt a lot during the game, but he keeps playing and even wins the championship. She has come in second place seven times and come in first place once. She also won the 2008 French Open, the 2013 Australian Open, the 2013 US Open, and the 2015 French Open. In 2011, Casey won the French Open. Casey is also known as a sports fan who likes to play football and tennis.

Amanda Judd, on the other hand, works for the City of Sydney as a Recreation Officer. She is in charge of and plans for a wide range of groups, events, services, activities, and buildings. Amanda was born and raised in the U.S. Casey and Amanda also don’t live seven years apart. Instead, they live seven months apart. Casey was born on February 11th, while Amanda was born on September 14th.

Casey and Amanda, are they married?

The sweet couple has been married for more than ten years. Two of them showed the rest of the world how much they loved each other and how close they were. They are often seen helping each other and having fun together. Amanda also helps herself by watching how her partner plays. At the time, Casey was an experienced player who didn’t have a regular partner.

So, Ash Barty sent her an email and asked if she wanted to be her partner. They have both put a lot of time and effort into the game and are both great partners. Many people in the crowd might have thought that they knew each other, which is not true at all. Ash and Casey only know each other through their jobs. On the other hand, Ash has been seeing another guy in a serious way for a long time.

Casey Dellacqua told what was on her mind

When asked if leaving the game felt like death to her, Casey said that she felt like she was coming back to life. She talked about how excited she was for the next step in her life. Casey already had two kids when she stopped working. So, the woman felt more awake and like she had something to do. When asked what she felt most when she told everyone she was leaving, Casey said she felt relieved.

She said that having relationships and spending time with her family are the most important things to her. She also said that she couldn’t spend time with her family. Blake Benjamin¬† went more places in a year. She also knew that after tennis, she would have other great times, like spending every day with her kids, making them breakfast, putting them to bed every night, and many other things.

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Blake Benjamin Net worth

Due to Blake’s youth, his mother has a total net worth of $2.5 million as of 2022.

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