Brandon Gomes

The MTV network is well-known for its unscripted television dramas, and Rest Key holds a prominent position among them. Floribama Shore once set a trend by gathering eight adults in one place and staying there.

The love triangles and sentimental existence of all loaded with dramatizations are the main reasons for its fame. Brandon Gomes, one of the cast members, is currently dating Madison from another show. 

Who are the Parents of Brandon Gomes?

Brandon Gomes’ old neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida, is where he was born on April 27, 1995. He is of mixed nationality and holds American citizenship. The 22-year-old television personality also works as a model for a music video. Taurus is his zodiac sign. He began modeling when he was 16 years old and is now one of the most well-known models. He grew up in Sarasota and attended Riverview Secondary School.

Brandon adores his parents, siblings, and guardians. He, on the other hand, is averse to learning about his parents’ personalities. He uploaded an image of himself and his companions wearing extraordinary fabric to his Instagram account. Every single one of them was wearing a shirt with the letters M O M emblazoned across the front. Along these lines, we can conclude that he adores his mother. However, information about his father and relatives has yet to be revealed.

What is Brandon Gomes Net Worth?

His annual pay was estimated to be in the range of $50-$80 thousand, according to the report, after the primary season. Brandon’s total assets are also valued at $500 thousand as of 2018. He claims a Cadillac vehicle, the base model of which costs $38,000.

Who is Brandon Gomes Girlfriend Currently?

Brandon is approachable when it comes to making connections. He was single when he arrived at the gathering, but he quickly found a sweetheart, a lovely companion. Madisson Hausburg, Alex’s secondary school darling, is his current sweetheart.

Alex recently approached Madisson about continuing the connection, but she declined because Bradisson is so over the top. Regardless, something unexpected happened to them in the following season. Brandon’s current sweetheart went insane when the new cast Canvas approached him.

We now have the opportunity to investigate their touching romantic story, and we must determine whether or not they will remain in contact after the period ends!

What is Brandon Gomes Height?

Brandon is a tall man, standing 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing 67 kilograms. His eyes and hair are both earth tones. His suit size is 40R, and he wears a size 11 in shoes. His body measurements are 34-31-32 inches.

Brandon Gomes’s Career Line

  • Brandon is a model and performer in addition to being a reality star.
  • He started displaying when he was sixteen years old.
  • After he shared a few photos on Facebook, a slew of neighborhood demonstrating groups descended on him.
  • As a result, we can expect his pay to come from sources other than the Network program.
  • Brandon is a working reality star who is also working as a model and entertainer. Snap Model Management, based in New York, was the very first agency he signed with.
  • He was only 16 years old when his friend insisted on adding some photos and applying to modeling agencies.
  • Following the signing of the contract, he continued with his musical career and established a solid foundation in the entertainment industry.
  • The Sarasota Film Celebration marked a watershed moment in his life, with the premiere of his first film, ‘The First Run Through Club,’ as well as his own song, ‘Distinctive Persona.’