Brooke Houts

Facts of Brooke Houts
Full Name: Brooke Houts
Age: 22 years
Birthday: 24 Nov
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Marital status: In-relation
Net Worth: $280K dollars
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Profession: Youtuber, Instagram star, Social media personality
Dating: Teale
Hair Color: Brown
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia

Brooke Houts is a young American social media personality. Brooke Houts is best known as a YouTube content creator who was involved in an animal abuse scandal, which caused her to delete all of her videos from her channel.

How old is Brooke Houts?

Brooke Houts was born on November 24, 1998, and she is now 22 years old. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She hasn’t revealed much about her parents, family, and other family members. Brooke has also yet to share information about her educational journey.

How much is the Net Worth of Brooke Houts?

Brooke’s net worth is estimated to be around $280K.

Who is Brooke Houts dating?

Brooke Houts is in a romantic relationship with Teale. The couple has a YouTube channel called “Brooke & Teale,” which they started sharing videos on in March 2020. Brooke refers to Teale as her rock in one of her Instagram posts. Furthermore, in the same post, she thanked her lover for his kindness, compassion, love for God, drive, and so much more.

Brooke adopted Sphinx, a Doberman, in December 2018. She also made an account for her dog, @sphinxthedobe. Brook moved to Idaho in early 2020 to live with her boyfriend and collaborate on videos for their vlog channel.

The controversy of Brooke Houts

Animal Abuse

Brooke Houts accidentally uploaded a video pranking her pet Doberman named Sphinx on August 6, 2019. In addition to the prank, Sphinx has always jumped around her to be playful. Brooke, on the other hand, advanced to a different level. She is seen choke-holding, spitting and hitting, kicking and shoving her Doberman.

Brooke’s channel later removed the video. But, before that, people had already downloaded the video. Brooke did re-upload it, but it was edited to look like a normal video on her channel. However, she proceeded to take it down as well, despite the fact that a large number of re-uploads were still in play.

In response of Animal Abuse

Regarding the abusive video, Brooke Houts did make a statement on Twitter claiming that she did overthink, had been less exceptional, and overall claims she is not an animal abuser. She also claimed that she did not spit on her dog, but the video clearly showed the opposite. She also admitted that she should not have yelled at her pet in the video.

Over 100,000 Twitter users responded to her Tweet, claiming that she shouldn’t own a 70-pound Doberman if she doesn’t know how to train it. Some Twitter users also provided constructive feedback. Some of these comments/replies stated that “other pet-owners never attempted physical conflicts with their pet,” that she should have her Doberman taken away, and that she should be banned from YouTube.

The Controversy is Growing of Brooke Houts

The controversy did not become as public until the next day, on August 7th. She lost over 4,000 YouTube subscribers in one day, and another 2,000 the next. Brooke was trending on Twitter in the United States.

Many people had contacted the Animal Cruelty Task Force, and they were looking into what had happened during the film. Following the investigation, the police decided not to charge her with animal abuse. However, Brooke’s YouTube channel and career have come to an end.

In just 24 hours, she received over 100,000 dislikes on her latest video. Brooke’s other recent videos also received a large number of dislikes. Furthermore, her Instagram account was deleted as a result of the controversy on August 7th.

How tall is Brooke Houts?

Brooke Houts is 5’6″ tall and weighs around 55 kg. Similarly, her chest-waist-hip measurements are 35-27-36 inches. Similarly, she has hazel green eyes and brown hair.

Career Lines of Brooke Houts

  • Brooke Houts works as a social media influencer. She is best known for her work as a YouTube vlogger. She is well-known for her self-titled YouTube channel. Similarly, Brooke has gained popularity on the video-sharing app for her frequently personal and often humorous vlog entries about her own life.
  • Brooke started her YouTube channel on February 2, 2014. On November 23, 2015, she uploaded her first video to her channel. Brooke’s YouTube channel has over 290,000 subscribers.
  • She also gained attention in August 2019 after appearing in a contentious video with her dog. However, the Animal Task Force did not charge her in connection with this controversy.
  • The YouTuber is also friends with fellow YouTuber Ally Hardesty. Brooke and Ally have collaborated on a special Friday the 13th video.
  • Brooke is a YouTuber known for her vlogs, lifestyle, story-time, and fitness videos. Her meteoric rise to fame began in October 2016. At the time, she was gaining a couple of thousand subscribers in a single day.
  • This growth rate began to rise after a few months. Brooke Houts’ channel experienced no growth between November 2017 and September 2018. She has, however, begun to regain some minor exposure.
  • Brooke received a lot of flak after a controversial video surfaced showing her abusing her dog. Brooke eventually deleted all of her videos as a result. She has since started a new vlog channel with her boyfriend Teale. They continue to produce content on this channel to this day.
  • Brooke began her career as a Story-time YouTuber. Throughout her life, she has shared her one-of-a-kind experiences. Brooke began making prank and make-up videos in early 2016.
  • Then, in 2017, she began doing more in-person video vlogs while continuing her story-time series. She had also been participating in fitness and viral challenges to help with channel growth.