Casey Starsiak

Casey Starsiak is currently incredibly well-liked on social media and the internet despite not being an actor or a model. The truth is that Casey is a well-known American physician and the famous father of Mina Starsiak. The woman featured in the Good Bones television program.

Casey is well-known for being Mina Starsiak’s father. In Indiana, he is renowned for his outstanding skills as an orthopedic surgeon. The man has more than twenty years of orthopedic experience. There are plenty further fascinating details regarding Casey Starsiak, the father of Mina Starsiak. Therefore, be sure not to miss any.

How old is Casey Starsiak?

Casimir Starsiak gave birth to Casey Starsiak in 1949, and as of 2022, he will be 73 years old. In the USA, Mr. Starkias was raised in Indiana. Regarding his parents, siblings, or other family members, he has remained silent. He doesn’t appear to want his personal information made public.

American Orthopedic Surgeon and Celebrity Father Casey Starsiak

What nation does Casey Starsiak represent?

Casey Starsiak is a citizen of the United States. He had a wonderful, cherished childhood growing up in the protective arms of his parents. The celebrity father is descended from Eastern European ancestors. Additionally, he is Caucasian in ethnicity. Starsiak was raised by his parents as a practicing Catholic because he was born into one.

Casey received his education where?

A successful and well-educated man, Casey Starsiak. He had a clear vision of his destiny when he was a young adolescent. He had a strong desire to work in medicine, but he was unsure of which specialty. However, the man enrolled in Northwestern University after high school and obtained a bachelor’s degree there.

The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine was where Casey later relocated to further her education. Thus, Starsiak earned his M.D. in 1977 and his doctorate in osteopathic medicine. He then began working as an orthopedic surgeon at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

What Makes Casey Famous?

Casey’s daughter is the reason he is well-known. She is a well-known television actress who is most recognized for her work on Rock the Block, Home & Family, and Battle on the Beach. Famous for her part in the television series Good Bones, Mina Starsiak. Nevertheless, Casey has gained considerable respect and notoriety for his doctoral work. In Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Community Hospital East and South, the famous father is currently employed.

Casey Starsiak is dancing with his daughter Mina Starsiak at her wedding Via.

Casey Starsiak continues to add to his twenty years of knowledge in his industry. The surgeon’s primary areas of expertise, however, include orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, hip and knee surgery, orthopedic surgery, and trauma surgery. But Casey only treats adults and teenagers while performing plastic surgery.

Who is the current wife of Casey Starsiak?

Married man Casey Starsiak has a wife. The surgeon marries Missy, his third wife, after two failed unions. Casey has kept his wedding and how they met secrets. However, there are no signs of a divorce or extramarital affairs, and the couple is living a fairly fulfilling married life. Sadly, the couple has not yet had any children together.

When it comes to his prior unions, the orthopedic surgeon has been married twice. He first wed Karen Laine, an American actress. When they both drew nearer, they were both in their 30s. When it comes to her line of work, Casey’s ex-wife Karen is a retired lawyer who attended the Indiana University School of Law.

For more over ten years, Casey and Karen maintained their loving marriage. William, CR, and Mina, three children, were also welcomed by the couple. The former couple’s connection remained cordial even after their divorce and separation. Initially, Mina was introduced to the Good Bones television program by Karen.


Casey Starsiak with his ex-wife Karen and children Via.

Casey also moved on with Cheryl, another stunning woman. A long time ago, they also incorporated a marriage relationship. According to reports, Casey and Cheryl dated for several months before to participating in the wedding ceremony. However, Tad Starsiak and Jess Starsiak, a son and a daughter, respectively, were born to Starsiak and Cheryl.

Cheryl sadly passed away, leaving him and his kids behind. The surgeon enjoys close relationships with all five of his boys, but following Cheryl’s passing, Tad grows estranged from his father. However, he gets along well with all five of his siblings and eventually starts a business with his sister Mina.

How much money does Casey Starsiak make?

The wealthy surgeon father has amassed wealth over his illustrious career. After all, Casey has a profession that is among the highest paying in the country. As a result, Starsiak’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $3 million. But in addition, the man’s annual pay as an orthopaedic physician in the United States ranges from $400K to $600K on average.

How tall is Casey Starsiak?

The height and weight of Casey Starsiak are 5 feet 9 inches and 70 kg, respectively. The orthopedic surgeon has dark brown hair and blue glowy eyes. We were unable to locate any details regarding Starsiak’s sizes or body measurements.