CeyNoLimit is a well-known American social media celebrity who is best known for his YouTube channel. CeyNoLimit primarily posts comedic and dating-related videos.

How old is CeyNoLimit?

CeyNoLimit was born on June 26, 1996, in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. His real name is unknown. He will be 24 years old in 2020 and was born under the Cancer horoscope sign. There is almost no information available about his early years and family. In addition, he played basketball at Southern Crescent Technical College during his college years.

What is the Net Worth of CeyNoLimit?

Cey will almost certainly make a lot of money for himself. As a YouTube star, he earns a decent living. He does, however, have a net worth of around $160K. As a result, he leads a very luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

Is CeyNoLimit dating someone?

Cey frequently features a large number of models and hot girls in his challenge videos. He enjoys adding a little spice to his videos every now and then. He has, however, made a special place in his heart for her girlfriend. He is currently dating a lovely lady named Jailyn. They’re having a great time together. They both post a lot of photos of themselves on their Instagram accounts.

Furthermore, as shown in one of his YouTube videos, he has not always been single. He tries and succeeds in pranking his ex-girlfriend. Likewise, he has never been involved in any major rumors or controversies in his life.

How tall is CeyNoLimit?

Cey has kept a slim and athletic body figure at the same time. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs an unknown amount. He also has numerous tattoos on his body and a sexy body physique. He has dark brown eyes and curly black hair.

Career line of CeyNoLimit

  • During his college years, CeyNoLimit decided to start a YouTube channel where he could further discuss his interest in the sport and post reactions to NBA games. His YouTube channel is a full-fledged entertainment package. He combines pranks, challenges, and stories to make his videos entertaining and engaging to watch. He has gotten a lot of attention in a short period of time, and part of that is due to his calm, funny, and forthright personality.
  • Cey has been interested in basketball since he was a child. However, he later changed his career path to the entertainment and YouTube industries.
  • As a result, he grew in popularity on his channel. On October 23, 2014, he started his YouTube channel. However, he began his vlogging career only in April 2018 with the video ‘NBA YOUNGBOY – My Happiness Took Away for Life | Audio REACTION.’
  • This set the tone for his channel in its early days, and he began posting more videos in a similar style. He quickly mastered the social medium and began posting on a regular basis. His sense of humour and passion aided him in finding his feet, and many people began subscribing to his channel.
  • Cey decided to explore more topics of interest to millennials, his target demographic, after his fan base grew. He recognized a lack of humorous content about dating and began focusing on the tricky subject in a humorous manner.
  • Furthermore, it enabled him to collaborate with a number of other social media celebrities who would join him in his practical pranks to share tips with his viewers.
  • With the addition of dating videos, his channel completely took off, as it struck a chord with many young people looking for fresh yet relatable content, and Cey’s humorous take on dating scenarios and real-life situations became a huge hit.
  • His videos are mostly comprised of practical pranks, real-life adventure scenarios, and live situations that are filmed without a script. These outlandish themes helped him gain a more diverse and unique set of followers who eagerly await his videos each week.
  • His channel is currently growing by the day, with over 797K people following his video content. He also uploads videos on a regular basis, once or twice a week. Cey is also active on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, in addition to YouTube.
  • He has thousands of Instagram followers and thousands of likes on his photos. He hopes to grow his YouTube channel in the future. And also work with big names in the entertainment industry. He does, however, constantly thank his fans for assisting him in becoming a social media celebrity in such a short period of time.