Charlie Coleman

Charlie Coleman has tragically lost yet another of his younger siblings. His younger sister, Daisy Coleman died by suicide on Tuesday at the age of 23. She is one of the two rape victims who have been portrayed in the Netflix documentary, Audrie & Daisy.

Coleman’s baby sister, Daisy after surviving all her years of hardship following her rape, ended her life. This news has sent shocks over the internet. And, we can hardly imagine how her family must be coping with this unfortunate passing of her.

Name Charlie Coleman
Age The 30s
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Family Member
Parents Melinda Coleman
Siblings Daisy Coleman, Logan Coleman & Tristan Coleman
Married/Single N/A
Education Baker University
Instagram charliecoleman4
Twitter @charliecoleman8


10 Facts on Charlie Coleman

  1. Charlie Coleman is the elder brother of Daisy Coleman, a rape victim whose story has been shown by Netflix documentary, Audrie & Daisy.
  2. He had lost his youngest brother, Tristan Coleman at a really young age of 19 years old. In western Kansas, he met a car crash and died in the year 2018.
  3. His only sister was Daisy Coleman whose death by suicide has shaken him to the core.
  4. Moving on to his age, it has not been revealed how old he is. But since he is older than Daisy, he might be over 23 years old for sure.
  5. He does not have his bio on Wiki. Nonetheless, a couple of online articles reveal a few pieces of information about his life.
  6. The details of his wife have not been disclosed yet. In fact, his marital life has pretty much been under the radar for some time now.
  7. Regarding his family, he has a mother, Melinda Coleman. And, he had also lost his father to a car accident. He had two brothers and a sister but two of them are no more in this world.
  8. His estimated net worth as of 2020 has not been reviewed.
  9. Talking about his job, he is a public speaker, personal trainer, and a co-founder of SafeBAE.
  10. He is a graduate of Baker University.