Charlie Jagow Wiki Reveals Age, Bio, Salary, Net Worth, Family & Education Info

Charlie Jagow

Charlie Jagow is best known for his role in the fourth season of The Last Alaskans, a reality television series. He is the series’ youngest cast member, and he is best known for his failed attempt to hoist a 900-pound ridgepole into place.

Charlie is the youngest ANWR permit holder, having grown up in his parents’ rustic cabin on the eastern edge of the refuge.

Biographical Details, Age, and Education of Charlie Jagow

In the year 1998, Charlie was born. He attended Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he grew up.

Charlie has been following in the footsteps of the late Bob Harte, and has been interested in traplines since a young age.

Details about the family

Dawn is Charlie’s mother’s name, and Paul is his father’s name. He has an older sister named Joanna, with whom he spent his childhood hunting martins and lynx in the Porcupine River region.

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New York City is where the family hails from. Paul and Dawn are both from New York, but Paul moved to Porcupine in 1983 after visiting the area. Paul met Dawn in Alaska ten years later, and they both moved to Porcupine.

Last of the Alaskans

The Discovery Channel’s documentary series The Last Alaskans is about the last people who lived in Alaska. Charlie Jagow was seen making the Alaskan life look simple in the fourth season of the series (2019), which is not the case in fact.

Charlie went on a hot hunt of bulls grazing for sloughs and willow in mid-September. In the winter, he battled Alaska’s harsh snows and frigid rivers.

Facts about Charlie Jagow that you should know

Joanna, Charlie’s niece, works at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital as a pediatric nurse. She graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2016.

In 2012, Charlie’s father, Paul, was diagnosed with cancer. Charlie revealed on September 14, 2012, that his father’s surgery went well and that he was cancer-free.

He is one of the few residents of the Refuge who owns a helicopter.

Aside from The Last Alaskans, Charlie is the owner of Double Shovel Outfitters, a high-end big game hunting business that specializes in moose, grizzly bear, and caribou hunting in Alaska’s arctic. Since June 2018, he has been employed by Double Shovel Outfitters.

In 2017, he received his Outfitters license. He had previously worked as a tour guide in the industry.