Chelcie Lynn

A joke artist’s job is to act like an awful individual character in front of a large group of people and try to make them laugh.

Chelcie Lynn, an Oklahoma City young lady, has done this on a daily basis by uploading short jokester plant videos to the internet. To engage the audience, she has adopted the persona of Trailer Trash Tammy, who exaggerates stereotypes of trailer park residents. Not only has her character gathered a monstrous crowd, but it has also propelled her into the acting business.

Also, at 31 years old, she has successfully married a strong spouse who truly understands her. But, how long have these two been together, and how long have they loved the children in their lives?

Who is Chelcie Lynn married to?

The web-based media personality star is enjoying her married life. She is married to Greg Melton, her significant other. Chelcie Lynn and her spouse, Greg Melton, made their vows on July 14, 2000. On their wedding day, the bride wore a lovely white wedding gown, while the groom wore a dark suit with a sparkling marron west-coast and a maroon tie.

On their tenth anniversary, Chelcie took to Instagram to express how grateful she is to have a spouse and life partner like Greg. She even described him as a steadfast spouse who cherishes her fantasies and inspires her to overcome any obstacle in her manners. She also exemplifies love in that there is no limit to what you would do for another.

Chelsie’s spouse frequently appears in her satire shorts as well as other recordings on her YouTube account. She also doesn’t miss an opportunity to show her affection in her social media account. As a result, you’ll see them on her Instagram more frequently. When it comes to their kids, she has remained silent on the subject. Their children’s news does not include gossipy tidbits from the internet or her YouTube channel.

What is Chelcie Lynn’s Net Worth?

When the 31-year-old web star discovered her comedic abilities, she began her journey into entertainment. In this vein, she created Vine, a video administration application, and posted her first unique short video in July 2013. She portrays Trailer Trash Tammy, a character who exhibits stereotypes of trailer park residents.

She gradually began to pick up standing in the web stage for her diverting 6-second short video. Later on in her career, she amassed over 250,000 fan bases, propelling Chelcie to the status of Vine whiz. Tragically, as it rose to fame, the site was shut down in 2016 for a variety of reasons.

To continue with her heritage, she moved to Instagram and quickly amassed more than a large number of followers. Her Instagram account now has over 556k followers. She’s even started her own YouTube channel, which has over 634k subscribers. She earns $5,231 from her YouTube channel, and she may have earned a total of $737,600 to date. Similarly, she earns between $1,611 and $2,768 per advertisement post on her Instagram.

Chelcie was cast in her first introduction role in the film Tangerine in 2015, thanks to her success on the web stage. Her appearance in the first film, with a budget of $100,000, had a significant impact on her career. She has assigned over 30 selections and received over 20 honors from her job.

Toal Assets of Chelcie Lynn

Chelcie Lynn’s total assets could be valued in the thousands or millions of dollars due to her work as an entertainer and an online media character. As a result, beginning in 2019, her total assets are being audited, but she may unquestionably have a fortune of at least $1 million.

Chelcie makes money from her satire shows as well as her merchandise sales. She is currently selling her Holiday 2020 Collection through the Eat My Whip website. R appraised schedules, treats stick koozie, pg schedule, lip lube, Tammy Christmas card, and other items are among her possessions.

Most hoodies in her store cost more than $29.99, and tights cost more than $35.99. Furthermore, her banners range in price from $19.99 to $21.99, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Chelcie Lynn has effectively sold out her Comedy Show passes, one on January 26, 2020, at 6 p.m. in Fort Worth and the other a day later at 8 p.m. in Dallas. The tickets were completely sold out by October 31, 2019.

Chelcie Lynn took to Instagram on November 25 to share about her new clever or bite the dust arrangement on Facebook. Coach Von Pigeon is the name of the arrangement. She has also revealed some details about the show on her Instagram stories.

When is Chelcie Lynn’s Birthday?

Chelcie Lynn celebrates her birthday on August 9th, 1987, in Oklahoma City, USA. She is an entertainer and web character who identifies as American and lives in a White neighborhood.

She currently resides in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood with her family. Despite the fact that she appears impolite on-screen, the 31-year-old actress is concerned about her family off-screen. As a result, she has not included information about her early life and guardians in her profile.