Facts of Chole Chrisley

Full Name: Chole Chrisley
Birth Date: November 10, 2012
Age: 9 years
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Horoscope: Scorpio
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birth Place South Carolina
Status Single
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Father Kyle Chrisley
Mother Angela Victoria Johnson

Career of Chloe Chrisley

  • Chloe is a 7-year-old girl who is just starting out in her career. There isn’t much information on her career right now because she is too young to achieve anything on her own.
  • However, as we speculate about Chloe’s future, she may follow in the footsteps of her father and mother and pursue a career in the entertainment sector.
  • Chole may develop an interest in acting, singing, modeling, or something similar because she is the daughter of notable figures in the entertainment world. 
    Chole Chrisley, celebrity kid
  • It’s tough to forecast Chloe’s future unless she can achieve something on her own and establish herself.
  • Her father, Kyle, is a well-known American actor, while her mother is a well-known American writer.
  • Both of her parents had accomplished great things in their lives and had made a lot of money.
  • Her parents were both successful personalities, even though they didn’t stay long.

Kyle, were ejected from the show for various reasons. Nonetheless, we’ll concentrate on Chloe. Chrisley Knows Best is back for its eighth season on USA Network. The latest episodes of the show, like the Kardashians, have plenty of family conflict. Furthermore, with the entrance of new characters such as Chloe Chrisley, the family is merged and expanded. Some, like Lindsie, left of their own accord.

About Chloe Chrisley:

Todd Chrisley, the series’ creator and real estate billionaire, is well-known. Chloe, or Coco, is his estranged son Kyle’s sweet little granddaughter.

When she was about six months old, Todd and his wife Julie met her for the first time. When she had no one else to turn to, her mother, Angela Johnson, and Kyle’s ex-girlfriend contacted them. Chloe Chrisley, who was born on November 10th, 2012, is eight years old. This also implies she’ll be nine years old soon.

As a result, they welcomed her into their family with open arms. Angela would leave her for the weekend and return to pick her up at the beginning of the week. After spending enough time with the family, Chloe decided to join them on their reality program.

Chloe’s Parents:

Todd’s tense relationship with his son Kyle spilled over into his granddaughter’s life. Kyle was born with bipolar disorder and has struggled with drugs for the most of his life.

Chloe Chrisley with her mother, Angela Johnson

As a result, he became unstable and violent, even threatening Angela on several occasions. Kyle was arrested as a result, and Chloe’s custody was split between her mother and her newfound grandparents.

Angela was later arrested for attempting to avoid Medicaid and food handouts. In 2016, she registered the child as a dependent after Todd and his wife were given sole custody. Kyle refused to allow her go back to her birth parents, even after she became sober.

After her arrest, Angela maintains a modest profile on social media. She maintains contact with her daughter and would go to great lengths to help her. Her relationship with Kyle, on the other hand, is non-existent. When he became abusive towards her during their relationship, that ship sailed a long time ago.

What happened to Chloe’s parents?

Chloe’s father has moved on. In the year 2014, he remarried a woman named Alexus Whilby. They collaborate on music and have a number of country songs to their credit. Their accomplishment is enough to pay the bills, even if they haven’t yet reached Nashville’s heights.

Kyle Chrisley with his wife, Alexus Whilby

The country artist no longer communicates with his family, but he wishes them all the best. He had lately moved in with his wife, but his drug problems had surfaced. As a result, he threatened Alexus with murder and was arrested in May for drug possession.

Furthermore, they both accused Todd of exploiting Chloe’s multiracial status in order to improve ratings for her show. Alexus is also accused of attempting to extort $20K from Todd by claiming racism. Despite this, the charges were never brought to court. Chloe Chrisley is still a vital element of the program, and we can see her progress.

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