Chris Makepeace

Facts of Chris Makepeace
Date of Birth: April 22, 1964
Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
Nationality: Canadian
Net Worth: $1 million to $12 million
Parents: Harry Makepeace, Doreen Makepeace
Place of Birth: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Profession: Actor, Assistant Director, Producer
Siblings: Tony Makepeace

He is a former actor and assistant director, perhaps best known for playing Clifford Peache in 1980 at the comedy film “My Bodyguard,” that starring Adam Baldwin and Matt Dillon, and about a new schoolboy who, after being bullied by a school bodyguard who is the most feared child in that school – a National Boar won the film.

When was Chris Makepeace Birthed?

Chris Makepeace was born on 22 April 1964 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His zodiac sign is Taurus and he is the nation of Canada. Chris grew up in Montreal, with his elder brother Ton, a famous photographer today, his father, Harry Makepeace, an attorney, and his mother, Doreen, a housewife. Chris became interested in performing at a very young age and a few months after ten, a scout who invited him to appear in his first commercial was noticed.

Chris became interested in playing, and when he enrolled at a local high school, he immediately joined his drama club and began playing. In 1982 Chris enrolled at high school and then focused on his acting career rather than his college, He worked at the Second City Special Workshop in Chicago.

Is Chris Makepeace SIngle or has a Wife?

Chris prefers to keep his own personally concerned and did not talk about any girls he dated, but it is known that in 1985 he was in contact with Grace Jones. Grace is a Jamaican model, singer, and actress 16 years older than Chris, dating from less than a year before dividing up for unfamiliar reasons.

There are some rumors on the Internet that Chris exchanged vows with his other half in the early 2000s and several of his fans claimed that he had been walking hand in hand in the streets of Los Angeles on several occasions with his alleged wife, but no evidence was provided to support those claims and Chris did not comment.

Chris Makepeace is an animal lover (his Dog)

Chris has been interested in music since his early childhood and was invited to record a spoken dialog for the KISS album “Music From The Elder” in 1981, but the dialog was not found in the final mix. One of his main hobbies is a travel and the acting career Chris took him to the several US States while preferring to travel abroad – he was for pleasure in several European nations, such as Italy, France, and Great Britain.

Chris has his favorite actors and actresses for himself. Some of them include “The Terminal,” “I, Robot” and “Harry Potter” franchise, Tom Hanks, Vol Smith, and Emma Watson, and some of his favorite films.

Who is Actor-Chris Makepeace Net Worth?

Chris Makepeace’s height and weight are 1.75 meters and 72 kilograms, respectively. Her height and weight are 43 inches. His hair is darkly shaded, and his eyes are dark black.

Chris Makepeace’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $12 million. Chris Makepeace is a well-known and well-known Canadian Actor. The actor is her main and primary source of income.

career Line of Chris Makepeace

  • Chris made his debut film in 1974 as he appears (not credited) in the short film “The Ottawa Valley,” featuring Karen Austin, Kay Hawtrey, and Karen Pearson, and five years later his next role was to portray Rudy as the supporter in the “Meatballs” comedy performed by Bill Murray, Harvey Atkin, and Kate Lynch; and Chris was nominated for his performance.
  • In 1981, he plays Ring, one of the leading characters of “The Last Chase,” an action-adventure science fiction movie directed by Christopher Crowe by Martyn Burke, and starring also Lee Majors and Burgess Meredith.
  • In the following years, he watched films like “The Mysterious Stranger” as a family fantasy, “Mazes & Monsters” adventure drama, and “The Terry Fox Story,” a biological sports drama film in 1983.
  • The following year Chris saw as a star Matt in the “Oasis,” which also featured Scott Hylands and Richard Cox, and was written and directed by Sparky Greene.
  • In 1985 he appeared in two movies: “The Falcon and the Snowman” biographical crime play, starring Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton, and “The Undergrads,” dramatic comedy in which he played the role of Dennis “Jody” Adler.
  • In 1986, he played Keith’s lead character in the comedy-fantasy horror of “Vamp,” which received mixed reviews but was nominated for two awards. In 1987, Chris portrayed Robert as the Captive Hearts romantic war drama.
  • In 1988, in the comedy “Aloha Summer” and in science fiction “Why on Earth” he played leading characters. ”
  • Three of his final film roles prior to retirement were in the romantic play ‘A Holiday for Love’ in 1996, the drama ‘Short for Nothing’ in 1998 by Siona Ankrah Cameron, and the thriller ‘Full Disclosure’ published in 2001.

TV Series Roles

  • Chris appeared in just four TV series, he had his first appearance in 1981 as a guest in the episode “East Side Angel” of the London, Harvey Atkin and Allan Royal Adventure Drama “The Littlest Hobo,” following a German shepherd’s hunting dog.
  • In 1989 Chris played Zeb Norman with “Aquatic Life” and the “Science Fiction” episodes of the “The Jim Henson Hour” series, and in 1989 he guested as Jeremy with the “power play” episode of the “Deadly Nightmares” dramatic horror mystery.
  • His final role in the TV series before he retired from the performances was in the “Miracle Worker” episode in the 1991 “Beyond Reality” drama horror mystery.
  • In 2000, Chris made his directing debut when he worked on several episodes of the comedy-drama “Drop the Beat” and in 2001 he assisted the film “Full Disclosure.”