Christopher Scarver

Quick Facts

Real Name Christopher J. Scarver Sr.
Aka Christopher Scarver.
Profession Used to be Carpenter.
Age 53.
Birth Date July 6, 1969.
Birth Place Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Currently At Centennial Correctional Facility, Cañon City, Colorado, U.S.
Gender Male.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Cancer.
Ethnicities African-American.
Parents Father: —
Mother: —
Love Life
Ex-Partner Patricia Bufford.
Kids Christopher Scarver Jr.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 93.2.
Pounds: lbs.
Height feet: 6′ 3″.
centimeters: 190.5 cm.
meters: 1.9 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
School James Madison High School.

53-year-old prisoner Christopher Scarver, who was born on July 6, 1969, is currently incarcerated at the Centennial Correctional Facility in Caon City, Colorado, serving a triple life sentence. After he killed Milwaukee’s famed serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, he made headlines.

Where is Christopher Scarver? The Man Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer

After “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” on Netflix was released in 2022, Scarver once more gained notoriety. The show’s last episode shows how Scarver used a barbell rod to execute Dahmer, and it leaves viewers with a lot of unanswered issues.

The audience is interested in learning what happened to Chris after he murdered the lunatic and how the general population reacted to Jeffrey’s murder. If you are wondering the same things, be sure to read this article all the way through.

How Was the early life of Christopher Scarver?

Christopher Scarver was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the United States on July 6, 1969. Sources claimed that Scarver had a difficult childhood. He attended James Madison High School up until the eleventh grade before dropping out as a result of his bad behaviors. We also learnt that his mother had expelled him from the family because he had eventually developed a drinking problem.

Christopher Scarver with his son Christopher Scarver Jr(Source: Google)

Chris started looking for a work after being evicted from his parents’ house, joined the Wisconsin Conservation Corps job program, and started learning how to be a carpenter. But regrettably, he did accept the employment that was provided to him prior to beginning the program. His condition deteriorated as a result of his disappointment, which drove him farther down the road of drinking.

murder of Steve Lohman

Following a denial, Scarver went to the WCC office one day and, while holding Steve Lohman at gunpoint, made him pay him money. Christopher became upset because Lohman only gave him $15, and he shot Steve twice in the torso and once in the head.

Christopher Scarver during court hearing(Source: Google)

I Need More Cash, Chris said to John Feyen after continuing without stopping. Feyen, who was terrified, managed to flee while escaping Scarver’s gunfire and gave him a $3000 check. The Milwaukee native was detained by police and then sent to Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, where he will serve a mandatory life sentence.

murdering Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer

Christopher J. Scarver, who was charged with murdering job trainer Stephen Lowman, 27, in 1990, was detained in a Wisconsin jail as he awaited trial. In the meantime, news of Dahmer’s arrest, a 31-year-old Milwaukee resident, was released.

Image of Jeffrey-Dahmer(Source: Google)

Both men received life sentences in the Columbia Correctional Institution south of Madison after being found guilty of murder. Despite the fact that Scarver had also been found guilty of murder, he was unable to stomach what Dahmer had allegedly done.

Additionally, he detested Jeff’s practice of placing food items that looked like severed body parts for people to locate as a way of poking fun of the convicts. He acknowledged in an interview that he avoided Dahmer until 1994 and also killed Jeffrey with a metal rod one day when the two were left alone in the prison gym. He also murdered Jesse Anderson, another prisoner, at the same time.

Does Christopher Scarver have a mental illness?

Scarver killed Dahmer while suffering from schizophrenia, according to  Prison Legal News. Christopher has a Messiah Complex, a mental condition in which a person believes that they are a special human being called to bring justice to others. This is another startling revelation we made.

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Who is the Son of Christopher Scarver?

Picture of Christopher Scarver’s son(Source: Google)

We discovered that Christopher J. Scarver Sr. has a son named Christopher Scarver Jr. who attended Boscobel before graduating from Bethany Lutheran College through an old interview. After doing some research, we discovered that Junior’s mother is Patricia Bufford from the official Bethany Lutheran College website. The young man, who shares his father’s height, has long supported the Bethany Vikings basketball team at his institution.


Ques: Where is Christopher Scarver now?

Ans: At Centennial Correctional Facility, Cañon City, Colorado, U.S.

Ques: When was Christopher Scarver born?

Ans: On July 6, 1969.

Ques: How old is Christopher Scarver?

Ans: 53 (as of 2022).

Ques: Is Christopher Scarver alive?

Ans: Yes.

Ques: How Christopher Scarver killed Jeff Dahmer?

Ans: With a steel rod.

Ques: Who did Christopher Scarver kill before Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer?

Ans: Steve Lohman.