Chuck Parker

Chuck Parker Bio

Full Name Chuck Parker
Alternate Names Charles Parker
Birth Place Tanaina, California, United States
State California
Country United States
Nationality American
Horoscope NA
Profession Production Designer, Art Director, Producer
Birth Day Month 17-Oct
Birth Day Monday
Year Of Birth 1994
Spouse NA
Children NA
Parents NA
Last update 2022-06-10

Chuck Parker didn’t require anything else. He was already a successful drag racer, regarded as one of Oklahoma’s best. But, whether he wanted it or not, he ended up with a lot more: a name, a lot of fame, and a lot of money.

Read on to learn more about Chuck 55’s life and career, as well as his elevation thanks to Street Outlaws (continue reading to know what it is).

Chuck Parker birthday, zodiac sign and age

According to, Chuck Parker was born on May 9, 1969. As a result, we can estimate that Chuck was 51 years old in March 2021.

His zodiac sign is Taurus, as he was born on the 9th of May.

Chuck Parker bio includes information on his family, hometown, and education.

While many information about his family remained unknown, some of his extended family members’ names were known. Aleasha Parker Pueppke, Travis Parker, Steve Parker, and Kenny Parker were among his relatives.

We don’t know if any of them are related to Chuck.

Chuck Parker was born and raised in Yukon, Oklahoma. He was currently residing in the town of Hydro, Oklahoma. Chuck had kept his educational background

Height, Weight, and Distinctive Characteristics

Chuck Parker is a man with imposing proportions. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed more than 90 kilograms. Chuck was known for his short hair, thin smile, and a cap that he constantly wore on his head.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Chuck Parker

As of March 2021, Chuck had a tiny social media following. He wasn’t on all of the main social media platforms, but he had a sizable following on the ones he was on. He had over 29.3k Instagram followers, for example. Chuck 55, on the other hand, had 36k followers on Facebook.

Chuck Parker Net Worth, Job, and Street Outlaws

Net worth is believed to be approximately $2 million at this time.

Let’s talk about Street Outlaws before we discuss about Chuck Parker.

The Discovery Channel’s reality show Street Outlaws was a hit. Big Chief and his list of Oklahoma’s top racers were the focus of the show.

The show follows Big Chief and the racers on his top ten list as they attempt to climb the ranks or simply make money by racing. Chuck Parker was one of eleven racers that appeared on the list every year for the past seven years.

The show began on Discovery Channel in 2013 and has shown for ten seasons as of 2021. Chuck has spent almost the entire ten-season career on Big Chief’s list. He had even climbed to #2 and was vying for first place at one point. He was now ranked #8.

Chuck’s success had a lot to do with his popularity, but it also had a lot to do with his magnificent car. Chuck used to drive a red 1955 Chevrolet Camaro, a hefty racer that was both attractive and strong. Because of his automobile, Chuck was also known as Chuck 55.

Chuck had worked as a director, producer, and production designer for multiple films in addition to being a drag racer. For his film career, he had received a few nominations and awards.

For Teleios (2017), he received a Maverick Movie Award nomination for art direction, and for Fort McCoy, he received a mention for production design (2012). Chuck even received the Jury Award and Best Short Film at the Garden State Film Festival for The Shift (2006).

He also has his own line of items, such as T-shirts and tank tops, which he sells in his own retail store.

Amelia Tyree, Chuck Parker’s daughter

There were several contradictory reports about Chuck’s love life. On the one hand, according to some reports, Chuck Parker had a wife and two daughters, Lottie and Gabbi Parker. Chuck, on the other hand, appeared to be dating Amelia Tyree, according to some evidence.

Chuck was formerly married and had two daughters with his wife, which is a plausible reason. But now that he and his wife were divorced, he began dating Amelia. Both of his daughters had reached adulthood. That, too, confirms the previous explanation.

Amelia is a model who works for Chuck’s racing team, Team ’55. Amelia was from Vici, Oklahoma, and now worked as a model for Brink Model Management and Diane Dick International Modeling and Talent Agency.

Of course, there were some fan theories that Amelia was Chuck’s daughter, but this was false, as Amelia herself had clarified to the fans.

There were also rumors about whether Amelia was Chuck’s wife or simply a girlfriend. It was difficult to tell if they were married or not. Regarding their marital status, there were no substantiated reports.

Chuck Parker with his brand model cum girlfriend Amelia Tyree circa June 2020 (PC: Amelie’s IG)

For the time being (2021), we must deal with the reality that they were dating.

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