Claims of Rapper Yuk Jidam Dating Kang Daniel; Her Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Now

Yuk Jidam became popular after being part of the Hip Hop TV competitions “Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar”. Also, she is a Korean rapper who returned to Unpretty Rapstar 3 as a contestant.

Yuk Jidam’s Parents

Yuk Jidam is the daughter of parents Yuk In-gyu born in Daegu, South Korea. Her birth of date is March 10, 1997. Yuk has Koran nationality and is of Asian ethnicity.

However, she hasn’t mentioned info about siblings and early life. Likewise, this rapper surely grew up in loving and friendly environment with parents.

Bullied in High School & Education of Yuk Jidam

Reportedly, Yuk was bullied and made fun of because of her dark skin in the years she attended school. However, she got inspired by Yoon Mi-rae’s song “Black Happiness”.

The songs about growing half-black in an Asian conservative country. Then Yuk led her interest in hip hop music. However, Yuk has completed her high school education.

Is Rapper Yuk Jidam Boyfriend Kang Daniel?

Well, Yuk Jidam claimed Kang Daniel was her boyfriend back then. Jidam continues to defend her claims that, she dated Wanna One’s Kang Daniel. Also, she has added the reason behind why they only dated for a month.

She and Daniel dated before he filmed for the second season of Produce 101 according to her. Also, she claimed that Kasper was not lying in her own statement after claiming that Yook Ji Dam and Kang Daniel did date in the past.

How Did Yuk Jidam and Kang Daniel Meet?

Yuk Jidam and Kang Daniel met on Kasper party. Back then Daniel was still a trainee. Then Jidam and Daniel became interested in each other after their first meeting. Both of them go to the same extracurricular academy in Busan when we were younger.

The duo were also around the same age having same interest in music and started getting along really well. Similarly, they met a couple more times with mutual friends and were beginning to contact each other with interest.” That how their relationship started.

Relationship Controversy of Rapper Yuk Jidam

Yuk Jidam posted multiple photos on her Instagram about a popular fanfiction blog then controversy started.  The rapper claimed that the fanfic author must’ve been a sasaeng fan as it detailed moments of her relationship with Kang Daniel.

Then her agency stated that they will be strong acting on the rumors and false facts about their artists in response.

Plastic Surgery of Yuk Jidam

Yuk Jidam has done plastic surgery and changed her appearance. After surgery she posted picture of herself and fans were unable to recognize Yuk on Instagram.

According to reports, she has double eyelid surgery on Mnet‘s “6JIDAM TV.” This rapper transformation pictures all over her Instagram account.

What’s Yuk Jidam Net Worth?

Working in the Korean music industry, Yuk must have collected a decent net worth out of her work. According to reports, Yuk Jidam has an estimated net worth around $1 Million. Out of her professional career, she makes good sum of money.

Also, her prime source of earning only as rapper. Surely, Jidam lives a lavish life out of her money. Her net worth and annual salary will surely rise up in the coming days due to Yuk popularity.

What Happened to Rapper Yuk Jidam?

Rapper Yuk Jidam has admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Then she diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Jidam has been living in South Korea with her family.

Height & Body Measurement of Yuk Jidam

Following are the body measurement of Yuk Jidam

  • Yuk Jidam Height: 5 feet 6 inches, 66 inches or 1.6m tall
  • Yuk Jidam Weighs: 49kg or 108 pound
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eye: Dark Brown

Career & Fact About Yuk Jidam

  • Yuk Jidam started her  professional career in the musical field as a rapper.
  • However, her popularity came after she became part of the Hip Hop TV competition Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar.
  • Again, Yuk became part of show Unpretty Rapstar 3 as a contestant.
  • Jidam debuted album called “Ulleri” then released a song “Show me the money 3” in the yera 2014.
  • In the year 2015, she went on releasing her second song called “Stay up all night”.
  • Then her song reached the elevation of success was “On and on”.
  • The rapper hit songs such as “Bbam Bbam hae,” “No thx,”  “The Heart” and many more.
  • Also, she has worked in collaboration with famous artists like Jubi, Jessi, Shannon and many more.
  • Rapper, Yuk Jidam Instagram account has over 16.5K followers.