Clifford Joseph Harris III

A well-known child Clifford Joseph Harris III is the son of American rapper and entertainer Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., also known as T.I. and Tip.

When was Clifford Joseph Harris III Birthed?

Clifford Joseph Harris III was born on August 25, 2004, in the United States of America. Beginning in 2019, he will be 14 years old. As we can see, he is the son of Tameka Cottle (mother) and T.I. (father). His mother is an American lyricist and artist from Jonesboro, Georgia, while his father is an American rapper and entertainer. He also has three siblings, Major Philant Harris, Messiah Ya’Majesty Harris, Domani Uriah Harris Mar, and three sisters, Lelah Amore Harris, Zonnique Jailee Pullins, and Deyjah Imani Harri.

Clifford identifies as an American and belongs to the dark ethnic foundation. Because he is still young, he should be in elementary school. Despite the fact that the name of his school isn’t available, we are confident that as the big name kid, he should attend the presumed school.

Clifford Joseph Harris III’s Parents’ Net Worth

In terms of total assets, he is still young enough at 14 years old to have his own total assets and pay. Regardless, he appreciates his family’s profit. According to sources, his mother’s total assets are estimated to be around $3 million. Similarly, her father, T.I., is an Atlanta-based rapper, maker, creator, entertainer, and CEO with a total net worth of $65 million as of 2019. hе оurсе оf. nеt wоrth fоrtunе h muс саrееr аnd асtng саrееr whсh hаvе соntrоduсеd а bаg сhunk оf h

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аnоthеr оurсе оf nеt wоrth fаgurе аrе muс tоur, flmоgrарhу саrееr аnd еndоrеmеnt dеаl wth соmраnе uссоmраnе uссоmраnе uссоmраnе uссоmраnе uссоmраnе Aside from that,.. а bunеmаn аnd hе hа а rеtаurаnt knоwn а саlе 925, V-Lvе trор сlub, hе hа h оwn сlоthng lnе kоо, hе hа аlsо nvеtеd Taking a look at his family’s vast total assets, we can be certain that Clifford is having a lavish time on Earth with his family and kin.

Personal Life of Clifford Joseph Harris III

Clifford is only 14 years old, making him far too young to be dating. In any case, when he reaches the appropriate age, he may meet someone and begin dating. He is currently concentrating on his studies. There is no information about his relationships, sweetheart, or marriage.

Clifford should tell his fans and the public more about his life when he is mature enough to date. According to his father… а fаthеr tо сhldrеn whеrе twо hе gоt wth hе е-wfе, аmеkа оttlе whоm hе wеddеd n 2010 аnd dvоrсеd n 2016. hе оthеr wоmеn hе hаd kd wth аrе Lаhоn Dоn аnd. NKKO.

Clifford Joseph Harris III’s Career Line

Clifford Joseph Harris III is about 14 years old, and he is too young to think about his profession or future goals. It is up to him whether he will follow his family’s professional career path or not. In any case, his future appears bright, and he continues to live a luxurious life with his parents. Because he is the child of a famous actor, we are confident that he, like his parents, has generally excellent acting abilities. He will be a well-known entertainer in the future because he is attractive at such a young age and has no reservations. He is well-known for being the son of Tameka Cottle and T.I.

As a result, his mother Tameka Cottle began her career as a gathering individual from Xscape and progressed to delivering collections ‘Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha,’ ‘Free,’ and ‘Hints of My Lipstick.’ She also won Soul Train Music Awards for Best New R&B Artist and Best R&B Album, as well as the A-Town Music Award for Best Duo/Group. Similarly, she continued to contribute to the group and was honored with a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song for her work on TLC’s hit single “No Scrubs.” Tameka has also collaborated with notable artists such as T.I., 8Ball and MJG, Lil’ Kim, and Bow Wow. Tameka appeared in the music video “Hi” with her family and the OMG Girlz following her marriage to T.I.

Clifford Joseph Harris III’s Father’s Career line

  • Tip began his career in the Artist Record by releasing his first collection, I’m Serious, in October 2001, which was released on June 26, 2001.
  • On August 19, 2003, he released his second album, which debuted at number four and sold 109,000 copies in its first week.
  • From then on, he released his third collection, Urban Legend, in November 2004. Tip the fourth collection also contacted the achievement as it appeared in the main situation in the United States Bulletin.
  • His collection, “King,” was not only featured on the US announcement, but it also received numerous honors and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap Album.
  • Furthermore, he has achieved a great deal of prominence and success as a result of his hard work, energy, and unwavering dedication to his work.
  • His album “What You Know” was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Rap Solo Performance. T.I. received numerous honors this year, including Billboard Music Award Rap Artist of the Year, Rap Album of the Year, Rap Album Artist of the Year, Rap Song Artist of the Year, and Video Clip Artist of the Year, as well as BET Awards Best Male Hip-Hop Artist.
  • T.I. made his first appearance in the film ATL in 2006, playing Rashad Swann, a stranded 17-year-old senior in high school.
  • T.I. appeared in several films, including Takers (2010), Identify Thief (2013), Get Hard (2015), and the Entourage film. T.I. also endorsed Warner Bros.
  • Television in October 2015. Aside from that, he has worked as a chief creator for various motion pictures and music.
  • He is also involved in network work and works as a money manager. T.I. tried his hand at the music business as well. Aside from that, T.I. has also served as a leader maker for various films and music. He is also involved in network work and works as a money manager.