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Clive Cussler  Biography

Clive Eric Cussler is an American adventure novelist and underwater explorer. His novels, many featuring the character Dirk Pitt, have reached The New York Times fiction best-seller list more than 20 times.

Cussler is the founder and chairman of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), which has discovered more than 60 shipwreck sites and numerous other notable underwater wrecks. He is the sole author or lead author of more than 80 books. His novels have inspired various other works of fiction in the form of films, TV, other novels and even video games.

Clive Cussler Age

Cussler was born on July 15, 1931, in Aurora, Illinois, the U.S. Currently he is 88 years old.

Clive Cussler  Family

His mother Amy’s ancestors were from England and his father Eric was from Germany.

Clive Cussler  Education

He attended Pasadena City College for two years and then enlisted in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. During his service in the Air Force, he was promoted to sergeant and worked as an aircraft mechanic and flight engineer for the Military Air Transport Service (MATS).

Clive Cussler  Spouse

Clive married Barbara Knight in 1955, and they remained married for nearly fifty years until her death in 2003.

Clive Cussler  Children

He has three children namely Teri, Dirk, and Dayna who have given him four grandchildren. Cussler’s daughter Teri is the creator and manager of the Cussler Museum in Arvada, Colorado, where Cussler’s collection of classic automobiles is on display.

Clive Cussler  Career

After his release from the military, Cussler got down to business in the publicizing business, first as a marketing specialist and later as an inventive executive for two of the country’s best-promoting offices. As a feature of his obligations, Cussler created radio and TV ads, a considerable lot of which won universal honors including an honor at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Following the distribution in 1996 of Cussler’s first genuine work, The Sea Hunters, he was granted a Doctor of Letters degree in 1997 by the Board of Governors of the State University of New York Maritime College who acknowledged the work in lieu of a Ph.D. postulation. This was the first run through in the school’s 123-year history that such an extent had been granted.

In 2002 Cussler was granted the Naval Heritage Award from the US Navy Memorial Foundation for his endeavors in the zone of marine investigation. Cussler is an individual of the Explorers Club of New York, the Royal Geographical Society in London, and the American Society of Oceanographers.

Cussler started writing in 1965 when his significant other accepted a position filling in for late shifts for the nearby police office where they lived in California. In the wake of making supper for the youngsters and putting them to bed, he had nobody to converse with and nothing to do, so he chose to begin composing.

His most renowned creation is marine architect, government specialist, and globe-trotter, Dirk Pitt. The Dirk Pitt books regularly take on an elective history point of view, for example, “imagine a scenario in which Atlantis was genuine?” or “consider the possibility that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t killed, yet was grabbed?” The initial two Pitt books, The Mediterranean Caper and Iceberg, were generally customary sea spine chillers.

The third, Raise the Titanic!, made Cussler’s notoriety and built up the example that consequent Pitt books would pursue. This was a mix of high experience and high innovation, for the most part including megalomaniacal miscreants, lost boats, delightful ladies, and submerged fortune. Cussler’s books quite often start with a section occurring previously.

These contain none of the novel’s fundamental characters and regularly appear to be separated from the plot until the principal characters find a puzzle or mystery interfacing the occasions in the primary part to the remainder of the story.

This quite often comes as a missing ancient rarity which holds the way to the miscreant’s or saint’s goals. Regularly in the primary section, a ship or plane conveying a top-mystery, significant, or risky load is lost and never found, until it is recuperated by a cutting edge character later in the book.

Cussler’s books, similar to those of Michael Crichton, are instances of techno-spine chillers that don’t utilize military plots and settings. Where Crichton took a stab at conscientious authenticity, in any case, Cussler leans towards incredible exhibitions and extraordinary plot gadgets.

The Pitt books, specifically, have the anything-goes nature of the James Bond or Indiana Jones motion pictures, while additionally once in a while getting from Alistair MacLean’s books. Pitt himself is an overwhelming legend reminiscent of Doc Savage and different characters from mash magazines. Cussler has had in excess of seventeen back to back titles achieve The New York Times fiction smash hit rundown.

Clive Cussler  Nationality

His nationality is American.

Clive Cussler  Net Worth

Cussler has an estimated net worth of $120 million.

Clive Cussler  Measurement

His measurement result is under review.

Clive Cussler  Numa Files

As a submerged wayfarer, Cussler has found in excess of sixty wreck sites and has composed true to life books about his discoveries. He is additionally the author of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), a non-benefit association with a similar name as the anecdotal government office that utilizes Dirk Pitt.

Significant finds by Cussler’s N.U.M.A. incorporate The Carpathia. The ship is renowned for being the first to go to the guide of Titanic survivors, The Manassas. The primary ironclad of the common war, in the past the icebreaker Enoch Train and H. L. Hunley. The main submarine to effectively sink a foe vessel – during the American Civil War.

A visual and intuitive portrayal of Cussler’s NUMA Foundation Expeditions has been made accessible as an expansion of NUMA’s unique site.

Observes in the past accepted to be significant include: The Mary Celeste. The celebrated apparition dispatch that was discovered relinquished with load unblemished. (The distinguishing proof of this disaster area as the Mary Celeste has since been put into a condition of inquiry after one analyst contested the case’s genuineness.)

Clive Cussler  Media Appearance

In what began as a joke in the novel Dragon that Cussler anticipated that his editorial manager should expel, he currently regularly keeps in touch with himself into his books. From the outset he kept in touch with himself basic appearances, yet later as something of a deus ex machina, giving the novel’s heroes a basic piece of help or data.

Frequently, the character is given a nom de plume and not uncovered as Cussler until his exit with the characters commenting on his odd name. The appearances incorporate the Pitt undertakings, just as the Fargo Files books Lost Empire, Spartan Gold, Kingdom, and The Tombs. The Tombs additionally incorporates his better half, Janet.

There are in any event two different sorts of repeating in-jokes that are more subtle to an easygoing peruser. One is the successive reuse of the name Leigh Hunt for various characters in various books.

Seventeen books have had a character with this name, habitually in the opening preambles, every now and again a mariner, typically biting the dust; an eminent exemption is the first (in sequential request) Dirk Pitt experience, Pacific Vortex, in which Admiral Leigh Hunter is a noteworthy character, officer of the 101st Recovery Fleet in Hawaii.

In the prologue to Arctic Drift, Cussler says there was a genuine Leigh Hunt who passed on in 2007 and the novel is devoted to him. Another is that critical occasions in a few books happen on July 15 (Cussler’s birthday). He additionally utilizes the name “Periwinkle” in his works.

In The Adventures of Vin Fiz (and in different fills in too) there shows up a jackass named Periwinkle. In Valhalla Rising, Periwinkle is the name of a sailboat wherein Pitt, Giordino, and Misty Graham are protected by none other than Cussler himself. Cussler’s companion Craig Dirgo is referenced in a few books.

Clive Cussler  Adaptations

The first film of a Clive Cussler novel was Raise the Titanic! (1980), starring Richard Jordan as Dirk Pitt, Jason Robards as Admiral James Sandecker, David Selby as Dr. Gene Seagram, Anne Archer as Dana Seagram.

Paramount Pictures released Sahara on April 8, 2005, starring Matthew McConaughey as Dirk Pitt, Steve Zahn as Al Giordino, William H. Macy as Admiral Sandecker, and Penélope Cruz as Eva Rojas. It grossed $122 million with $241 million in production and distribution expenses.

Clive Cussler   Review

In 2014 McFarland Publishing released The Clive Cussler Adventures: A Critical Review by Steven Philip Jones, the first critical review textbook of Cussler’s novels.

Clive Cussler  Bibliography: Dirk Pitt Adventures

-Pacific Vortex!1 1983
-The Mediterranean Caper2 1973
-Iceberg 1975
-Raise the Titanic! 1976
-Vixen 03 1978
-Night Probe! 1981
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-Celtic Empire3, 4 2019, Mar 19

Clive Cussler  Numa Files

This series of books focuses on Kurt Austin, Team Leader of NUMA’s Special Assignments division and his adventures. Some characters from the Pitt novels appear such as Sandecker, Al Giordino, Rudi Gunn, Hiram Yaeger, and St. Julien Perlmutter.

Pitt makes brief appearances in the books Serpent, White Death, Polar Shift, Devil’s Gate, The Storm, Zero Hour, and Ghost Ship and is mentioned in Lost City. Juan Cabrillo, the captain of the ship Oregon, also made a brief appearance in The Pharaoh’s Secret. This include:

-Serpent 1999, Jun. 01
-Blue Gold 2000, Aug. 01
-Fire Ice 2002, Jun. 03
-White Death 2003, Jun. 23
-Lost City 2004, Jul. 22
-Polar Shift 2005, Aug. 30
-The Navigator 2007, Jun. 05
-Medusa 2009, Jul. 02
-Devil’s Gate 2011, Nov. 14
-The Storm 2012, May. 29
-Zero Hour 2013, May. 28
-Ghost Ship 2014, May. 27
-The Pharaoh’s Secret 2015, Nov. 17
-Nighthawk 2017, Jun. 19
-The Rising Sea 2018, Mar. 13
-Sea of Greed 2018, Nov. 06

Clive Cussler  The Oregon Files

The Oregon Files features a ship named the Oregon which Cussler introduced in the Dirk Pitt Adventure Flood Tide (1997). While appearing to be a decrepit freighter, it is actually a high-tech advanced ship used by an unnamed and mysterious “Corporation” under the leadership of Juan Cabrillo.

The ship is run like a business, with its crew being shareholders, taking jobs for the CIA and other agencies to help stop crime and terrorism. The crew is adept at disguises, combat, computer hacking, and more, to aid their missions.

Kurt Austin, Joe Zavala, and Dirk Pitt all make cameo appearances in the fourth volume, Skeleton Coast (Cabrillo speaks to Pitt on the telephone, and Austin and Zavala appear at the end).
-Golden Buddha 2003
-Sacred Stone 2004Dark Watch 2005
-Skeleton Coast 2006
-Plague Ship 2008
-Corsair 2009
-The Silent Sea 2010
-The Jungle 2011
-Mirage 2013
-Piranha 2015
-The Emperor’s Revenge 2016
-Typhoon Fury 2017
-Shadow Tyrants 2018
-Final Option 2019

Clive Cussler  Isaac Bell Adventures

These books are set generally in the U.S. in the early piece of the twentieth century. They base on Isaac Bell, a splendid examiner for the Van Dorn Detective organization, which has all the earmarks of being designed according to the genuine Pinkerton Agency. Like Pitt, Bell has a fondness for autos and is a split shot. The main book uncovers that Bell makes due to 1950 with a spouse and developed youngsters.

Despite the fact that the setting is a century back, the books still qualify as techno-spine chillers, since they highlight the trend-setting innovation of that time, for example, private express trains, transmits, phones, gunboat ships, and early planes. Isaac Bell additionally is a chief character of the foundation story in the Sam and Remi Fargo Adventure, “The Gray Ghost.”
-The Chase 2007
-The Wrecker 2009
-The Spy 2010
-The Race ‖ 2011
-The Thief ‖ 2012
-The Striker ‖2013
-The Bootlegger ‖2014
-The Assassin ‖2015[11]
-The Gangster ‖2016
-The Cutthroat ‖2017
-The Titanic Secret 2019

Clive Cussler  Fargo Adventures

The series focuses on Sam and Remi Fargo, a couple who are professional treasure hunters.
-Spartan Gold 2009
-Lost Empire 2010
-The Kingdom 2011
-The Tombs 2012
-The Mayan Secrets 2013
-The Eye of Heaven 2014
-The Solomon Curse 2015
-Pirate 2016
-The Romanov Ransom 2017
-The Gray Ghost 2018
-The Oracle 2019

Clive Cussler  Non-fiction

-The Sea Hunters: True Adventures With Famous Shipwrecks 1996
-Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed 1998
-The Sea Hunters II: Diving the World’s Seas for Famous Shipwrecks 2002
-Built for Adventure: The Classic Automobiles of Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt 2011
-Built to Thrill: More Classic Automobiles from Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt 2016

Clive Cussler  Children’s books

-The Adventures of Vin Fiz 2006
-The Adventures of Hotsy Totsy 2010

Clive Cussler  Recurring characters in Numa

-Dirk Pitt Main character of the Dirk Pitt Adventures series, head of NUMA and previously Special Projects Director of NUMA
-Al Giordino Dirk Pitt’s sidekick
-Admiral James Sandecker Retired Admiral, the original director of NUMA, now the Vice President of the United States
-Rudi Gunn Second in command of NUMA
-Dirk Pitt, Jr. Son of Dirk Pitt
-Summer Pitt Daughter of Dirk Pitt
-Jack Dahlgren Dirk Pitt Jr.’s sidekick
-Kurt Austin Main character of the NUMA Files series, and Special Assignments Team leader
-Joe Zavala Kurt Austin’s sidekick, and member of the Special Assignments Team
-Paul Trout Member of the Special Assignments Team; husband of Gamay Trout
-Gamay Trout Member of the Special Assignments Team; wife of Paul Trout

Clive Cussler  Recurring characters  Fargo Adventures

-Sam Fargo Main character of the Fargo Adventures series
-Remi Fargo Main character of the Fargo Adventures series
-Selma Wondrash The Fargos’ chief researcher
-Wendy Corden Assistant researcher under Selma
-Pete Jeffcoat Assistant researcher under Selma
-Rube Hayward The Fargos’ CIA contact
-Lazlo Kemp Professor

Clive Cussler  Recurring characters  The Oregon Files

-Juan Cabrillo Chairman of the Corporation
-Max Hanley President of the Corporation
-Richard Truitt Vice President of Operations for the Corporation
-George Adams Helicopter Pilot / Operative
-Rick Barrett Assistant Chef / Operative
-Monica Crabtree Supply and Logistics Coordinator / Operative
-Carl Gannon General Operations / Operative
-Chuck “Tiny” Gunderson Chief Pilot / Operative
-Michael Halpert Finance and Accounting / Operative
-Cliff Hornsby General Operations / Operative
-Julia Huxley Medical Officer / Operative
-Pete Jones General Operations / Operative
-Hali Kasim Communications Expert / Operatives
-Larry King Sniper / Operative
-Marion “MacD” MacDougall Lawless III General Operations / Operative
-Franklin Lincoln General Operations / Operative
-Bob Meadows General Operations / Operative
-Mark Murphy Weapons Specialist / Operative
-Kevin Nixon Magic Shop Specialist / Operative
-Langston Overholt IV The Corporation’s CIA contact
-Sam Pryor Propulsion Engineer / Operative
-Gunther Reinholt Propulsion Engineer / Operative
-Tom Reyes General Operations / Operative
-Linda Ross Security and Surveillance / Operative
-Eddie Seng Director of Shore Operations / Operative
-Eric Stone Control Room Operations / Operative
-Mike Trono General Operations / Operative

Clive Cussler  Recurring characters  Isaac Bell Adventures

-Isaac Bell Main character of the Isaac Bell Adventures series and Chief Investigator of the Van Dorn Detective Agency
-Marion Morgan Isaac Bell’s fiancée, and later, wife
-Joseph Van Dorn Owner of the Van Dorn Detective Agency
-Archie Abbott (actual name, Archibald Angel Abbott) College friend and fellow detective to Isaac Bell at the Van Dorn Detective Agency
-Judge James Comden Powerful and corrupt political antagonist, contemporary to Isaac Bell
-Aloysius “Wish” Clarke Detective of the Van Dorn Detective Agency, senior to and casual mentor to a younger Isaac Bell, besot by alcoholism

Clive Cussler  Other co-authors

He has co-authored books with other writers, such as Russell Blake.

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