Connor Hall Wiki (Rust Valley Restorers) Girlfriend, Age, Height, Bio 2019

It’s really hard to let go of some classic cars after they turn to rust. In fact, those cars are priceless with attached memories. If so, Connor Hall is the guy to solve the problem. Recently, Netflix took over the stream of a documentary series ‘Rust Valley Restorers’. The show aired in History channel for the first season with an hour-long 8 episodes. Netflix streamed the 8th episode of the show. Likewise, the show is expected to be renewed for the new season in 2020. The show features a son Connor, father Mike and his right hand Avery working together to fix old cars. After Mike posted a video of his 400 cars up for sale, he has captured some headlines. Who is Connor Hall? his wiki, girlfriend, age, height, bio in 2019 and more. Here’s all you need to know.

His height 2019

Connor Hall secrecy is not limited to his events on life but also to his physique and age. He has not revealed his exact height and weight. However, visualizing the pictures, he must be around 5 feet and 10 inches.

Connor Hall age: 20 to 30 years old

Connor Hall was born in Canada but the fact on the exact date is not available. He is believed to be conceived in the 1990s. As of 2019, he is in his 20s or early 30s analyzing his pictures. It’s a guessing game so, he may be younger or even older than that.

Who is Connor Hall girlfriend?

Connor Hall is a familiar figure in history channel recently. Similarly, he has a great look and charming character. Despite his growing popularity, he is a private guy who is concerned about his secrecy. Connor has not revealed any information about his girlfriend, relationships and marriage. Neither has he posted any pictures on the web suggesting his relationship with someone. Therefore, we assume the guy is single as of 2019. However, he is young and has many years ahead in his career. He will be dating and talking about his relationships in the future.

Connor Hall is a mechanic with business ideas – Wiki, Bio

Connor Hall is originally from the mountain ranges of Canada. In fact, his birthplace is Tappen, British Columbia, Canada. Moreover, he and his father have spent most part of their life in the soil. His father Mike Hall is a vehicle mechanic who loves fixing old cars. Similarly, Mike has worked his entire life on reforming the classic vehicles turned into rust. He even posted a video of around 400 vehicles in acres of spaces maintained and up for sale. Mike alongside his son Connor Hall and his friend Avery Shoaf form a ‘Rust Bros’. They are the lead characters of the documentary ‘Rust Valley Restorers’. The fact about Connor’s education, childhood, and high school is not available. Apparently, Connor has been playing with tools since he was 14 years old. Despite working alongside his father at an early age, he has business knowledge and ideas. This may be due to the fact that he had some business education or college studies. Likewise, his past works and achievements are unknown for now. Same is about his mother. Although, he is the only child of Mike Hall.