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A well-known individual, Cyrinda Foxe gained popularity in 1977 as an actress in Andy Warhol’s Bad. Compared to movies, she appeared more frequently in TV shows, documentaries, and music videos. David:Bowie: The Jean Genie, Best of Bowie, Top Ten, and Breaking the Bad are some of her well-known works.

How old is Cyrinda Foxe?

Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian, who was born in Santa Monica, changed her name in 1970 so she could participate in the city’s nightlife scene. In addition to her job as an actor and model, Foxe has also joined the bands New York Dolls and Rollingstone. A brain tumor was the cause of Cyrinda’s death in 2002. Let’s look at her life story below.

On February 22, 1952, Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian gave birth to Cyrinda. She was born in Santa Monica, California, and when she passed away, she was 50 years old. Every 22nd of February, the lady used to celebrate her birthday. Her zodiac sign at birth was Pisces. Foxe is a citizen of the United States and is of Armenian descent. Additionally, the actress practiced Christianity and has always had faith in Christ.

Who are the parents of Cyrinda Foxe?

Cyrinda Foxe was very private about the names of her parents and siblings. She frequently mentioned the brutality and unhappiness she experienced as a child, nevertheless. Foxe grew up as an army brat in an abusive home, which left her with traumatic memories from her early years. Her parents were violent against her.

Where did Cyrinda Foxe finish high school?

Cyrinda has completed her high school coursework. The woman fled her home after graduating from high school, according to the sources. She then spent many months in Texas before moving to New York City. Foxe began to mix with the New York nightlife community in 1970 after switching her real name from Kathleen to Cyrinda.

What kind of career did Cyrinda Foxe have?

The young woman who ran away from home and began living alone in New York City was employed at a nightclub called Max’s Kansas City. Later, she was spotted by a few producers and directors, and in 1977, she made her acting debut as the lead in Andy Warhol’s “Bad.” Foxe later collaborated with “The New York Dolls” and the American rock band Rolling Stone.

The bride wed David Johansen, the frontman for the New York Doll, in the same year. She eventually gained access to join the management team. In addition, Foxe started her website and wrote her book “Dream On” in 2000.

Cyrinda Foxe Spouse: Who is She?

In her lifetime, Cyrinda Foxe was married three times. She did, however, have a relationship with David Bowie in the 1970s. Foxe worked at Max’s Famous Nightclub in Kansas City, when she first met David and began dating him. Additionally, the woman had an abortion after finding out she was expecting her first child with David Bowie.

With her spouse Steven Tyler and daughter Mia Tyler, Cyrinda Foxe

The following year, in 1973, she married her first husband, David Johansen. He served as the New York Dolls’ frontman. Steven Tyler, the main vocalist for Aerosmith, introduced her to him through David, and they became close. Cyrinda was having an affair with Steven despite the fact that she was already married to David.

As a result, the couple separated in 1977, four years into their marriage. Following her marriage to Steven Tyler on September 1, 1978, Cyrinda Foxe gave birth to a daughter named Mia Tyler. Mia was born on December 22nd, 1978, to Foxe. Currently, she is a well-known American actress.

Why Did Steven and Cyrinda Split Up?

Cyrinda divorced David Johansen so she could wed Steven Tyler. However, the couple led a pretty nice life for the first few months. However, domestic violence, adulterous encounters, and drug addiction quickly caused problems in the marriage. The result was that the couple filed for divorce just before Aerosmith’s 1980s revival. In November 1987, they agreed to divorce.

Foxe also published a tell-all memoir titled “Dream On,” but it was marred by disputes and controversies. According to the sources, Steven Tyler’s ex-wife revealed that the paperback edition of her book features a picture of him in an undressed state. She sued Foxe after receiving bad feedback from Aerosmith fans.

What caused Cyrinda Foxe’s death?

On August 28, 2002, Foxe wed her partner Keith Waa after divorcing Steven. He was the final person to stay with Cyrinda till her passing. Initially, the actress suffered from partial paralysis due to a brain tumor that she discovered in 2001. Foxe passed away at the age of 51 on September 7, 2002, from brain cancer.

Tyler, Steven posted a Happy Birthday message in Cyrinda Via’s honor. Mark Instagram

After she passed away, her ex-husband Steven Tyler remembered her on her 66th birthday by posting a photo of her on Instagram. He referred to her as “Jean Geanie” and spoke of their earlier, happier times together. Additionally, Tyler paid Foxe’s hospital fees and donated his $5000 Aerosmith guitar when she suffered her first stroke in 2001. After Cyrinda passed away in the Gramercy Park Hotel, Steven paid for her funeral expenses.

How much money is Cyrinda Foxe worth?

Cyrinda’s estimated net worth before her passing away was $1.5 million. In addition, she used to make an average of $528 each year when working as an actor in the 1990s. The woman also has a lot of extravagances that she has now given to her daughter Mia Tyler.

How tall is Cyrinda Foxe?

Foxe typically stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. The woman is attractive and has a beautifully sculpted body. She also had long, wavy blonde hair that was enough to entice anyone with her seductive brown eyes.

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