Damon LeFever

Damon LeFever is a well-known Youtuber. Damon LeFever is well-known for his YouTube channel Jeffy gaming. He is also well-known for his Jeffy Plays Video Games series. His YouTube channel features a puppet named Jeffy who plays video games and acts in skits.

How old is Damon LeFever?

Damon was born on January 27, 2002, in Lowa. He is 18 years old at the age. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. He spent his childhood in Lowa with his friend and family. He has a younger brother named Davis and no information about his father’s or mother’s names. He was also into video games from a young age and used to play a lot of them. There isn’t much information about his education, but he is currently enrolled in high school.

How much does Damon LeFever earn?

Damon LeFever earns a good living as a Youtuber through his channel “Jeffy Gaming.” According to social Blade data, he earns between $266 and $4.2K per month and between $3.2K and $51K per year.

Is Damon LeFever single?

Damon LeFever, a popular YouTuber, is currently single. Similarly, he is too young to be in a serious relationship. So far, he has prioritized his YouTube channel and games over any relationship. He enjoys gaming and creating creative content for YouTube.

How tall is Damon LeFever?

Damon LeFever has light brown hair and brown eyes. There is no information about his height, weight, shoe size, or dress size.

Career line of Damon LeFever

  • On January 3rd, 2015, he launched his YouTube channel “Jeff Gaming.” His YouTube channel has over 220 uploads with a total of 48,872,415 views. He has 240k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Similarly, his YouTube channel features a puppet named Jeffy who plays video games and acts in skits. Logan Thirtyacre, AKA SuperMarioLogan, invented the puppet. In August of 2016, he posted “Jeffy Plays Minecraft.” Some of his most popular videos include “Jeffy Plays Minecraft” and “Jeffy Plays GTA V.”
  • Some of his most recent videos include PlayStation 5 Be Like (Re-upload from Main Channel), which has over 2.3 million views, and HEY, which has over 6.0 million views. On his YouTube channel, he has uploaded videos such as JEFFY JUMPSCARE COMPILATION!!!, which has around 11 million views, and Jeffy Plays Grand Theft Auto V, which has 7.4 million views.
  • Furthermore, Jeff Gaming has received a silver play button for his channel surpassing 100,000 subscribers. After years of creating content with the puppet character “Jeffy,” LeFever recently decided it was time for a change.He stated, ““I changed the name of my channel because I wanted to continue my YouTube career as a new creator,” LeFever explained. “This will allow my channel to make videos other than gaming. I intend to keep running my channel for as long as I possibly can.”