Dan Jeannotte

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 22,1981
Full Name Dan Jeannotte
Birth Name Dan
Profession Actor, writer, artist
Nationality Canadian

Dan Jeannotte is a famous Canadian actor who has risen his fame through the movies like Deadly Hope, Ghosts of Christmas Past, The Good Witch, The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice, Good witch Halloween, Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House, and many more others.

He is also well known for portraying the reel character Brandon Russell in the American-Canadian fantasy television series Good WitchThe Bold Type, Reign, JFK: The Smoking Gun Television show, Paris, Wine and Romance are the other famous series where Jeannotte has portrayed a wide range of roles.

How was Jeannotte Early Years?

On September 22, 1981, Jeannotte was born in Montreal, Canada. She grew up in Montreal, where he was born and reared. Since he maintained a statue of Buddha in the chamber where he created his artwork, he has been a devotee of Lord Buddha since he was young.

Family Information

He came from a wealthy family in Canada when he was born. He developed a passion for performing at a young age, and his parents gave him unwavering encouragement while he pursued his goal. But his battle and commitment to his early obsession remained at the forefront. According to his Instagram account, he has a lifelong interest in the arts.

Family Christmas Ghosts On social media, the former star has not shared any information about his parents or siblings.

Regarding his close friends and family, he enjoys keeping a low-key media profile. It is the reason he has chosen not to disclose the names of his parents and siblings.


Like other celebrities, Jeannotte is highly active on social media. On Instagram, he also has a sizable fan base. On his Instagram, he shares more of his daily activities and amusing photos, which draws followers.

And on her Instagram account, @littlespoonman, he has 163K followers. On his official Instagram account, he posts pictures of himself as well as his wife and children.

What is Jeannotte Heoght and weight?

Dan Jeannotte has a handsome and alluring demeanor. He is a decent height, measuring 5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm), and weighs about 56 kg.

His black hair and piercing blue eyes have enhanced his attractive looks, but information about his physique measurements is still under wraps. But as can be seen from his picture, he has an athletic build and has put a lot of effort into keeping it in good shape.

Is Jeannotte active on Facebook and Twitter?

Additionally, the Good Witch Halloween actress uses Facebook and Twitter more frequently than other social media platforms. On his official Twitter account, @dan jeannotte, he has a sizable following. On his official Twitter account, where he has 14.7k followers, he tweets trailers and posters for his films.

He has 5,000 followers on his official Dan Jeannotte Facebook page, where he is actively active. On his official Facebook account, he publishes his artwork, personal photographs, and those of his wife and daughter.

Is Jeannotte a Pet Lover?

According to Jeannotte’s Instagram post, he is constantly in love with animals, especially dogs. During his vacation and free time, he appeared to take pictures of his pets. As evidenced by his posts, he enjoys spending time with dogs.

He tweeted a picture of himself holding a dog in his chest and captioned it, “Working,” making him appear innocent. His chest contains a puppy that appears innocent and adorable.

Popular Films

Thanks to his extraordinary acting abilities, Dan Jeannotte has been in a number of well-known films and television shows. With the 2006 film “Flamousse,” he made his debut in the Canadian film industry.

After his debut film, he was given the opportunity to appear in a brief TV series. Red 2, Death Race, JFK: The Smoking Gun, Deadly Hope, Cindy, Flamousse, and many other titles are among his well-known films. Additionally, he has acted in a number of American films, television shows, and short films, including Good Witch.

Love baking cookies

Jeannotte, a well-known Canadian actor, enjoys cooking and trying new foods. He enjoys cooking various chocolate-based recipes as well as cookies and butter. He shared a picture of himself holding a sizable round cookie in the style of a pizza with the caption: “I baked skillet cookies with butter and pecans. Enjoy one! #cookieman”.

Dan Jeannotte holding cookies in the shape of a pizza while posing for a picture. Instagram user @littlespoonman, source of image

Additionally, he enjoys swimming, reading, taking pictures, going out with friends, and spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys visiting new locations and taking in the natural beauty.

What is Jeannotte Relationships Status?

Heidi Hawkins, who was born on April 25, 1981, in Montreal, Canada, wed Dan Jeannotte. After dating for a few years, the charming pair exchanged vows in 2012.

Dan Jeannotte smiles slightly as posing for a portrait with his wife Heidi Hawkins. Source of the image: Superstars’ bio

Despite their hectic work schedules, the gorgeous couple has been enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife ever since their wedding.

Who is  Jeannotte Wife?

The wife of Jeannotte is a well-known Canadian actress who gained notoriety by appearing in films like Crawler, Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain, Recon 2023: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy, and many others.

She gained unanticipated fame because to the film Upside Down Reporter. The film ended up becoming a stepping stone in her career. Additionally, she has a sizable fan base on Instagram and other social media platforms.


The actor from JFK: The Smoking Gun and his wife, Heidi Hawkins, are parents to a single child. The adorable couple has given birth to one kid. Although the couple hasn’t given the public any details about their sons, including his name, date of birth, or face.

Dan Jeannotte strikes the same pose while posing for a shot on the beach with his son, who has inscribed # No. 1dad on his back. Instagram user @littlespoonman, source of image

On Instagram, Jeannotte posted a photo that was captioned by his kid as having a new tattoo. On the beach, they are both facing the same direction and holding signs that read “No. 1 Dad” on their backs.

How much is Jeannotte Net Worth?

A total of $1.5 million is Dan Jeannotte’s net worth. Because of his successful job as an actor, artist, and writer, he has access to a lot of resources. He doesn’t operate a business of his own or do anything else that might make him money in addition to his job.

Heidi Hawkins, his wife, also has a $100,000 total net worth. She has access to all of this because to her thriving acting career as a well-known Canadian actress. With the net they carry, the couple is leading a luxurious life in Canada.


Jeannotte is a person who avoids controversy. He hasn’t yet been associated with any scandals that have made headlines in the media.

He enjoys shielding the media from his private affairs. His lack of controversy can be attributed to this.

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