Danielle Aaliyah

Danielle Aaliyah is a well-known American YouTube celebrity with a large fan base. Danielle Aaliyah’s Ocean Hear ASMR channel is well-known.


How old is Danielle Aaliyah?

Danielle Aaliyah was born in the United States on February 29th, 1988. Her 32nd birthday is in 2020. Her nationality is American, and her astrological sign is Pisces. She has not disclosed any information about her family history. In addition, no information about her educational background is available.


Career line of Danielle Aaliyah

  • Danielle’s YouTube channel debuted in August of 2015. She is well-known for her calming vlog entries created with the ASMR technique. Furthermore, before her ASMR-based YouTube channel was disabled, Danielle had over 20,000 subscribers.
  • “Personal Attention ASMR” and “Personal Attention ASMR to Ease Your Suffering” were two of her most popular videos. She and ASMRwithAllie, a YouTuber who specializes in ASMR content, both became well-known. She is not currently active on social media.


Is Danielle Aaliyah dating someone?

She hasn’t disclosed anything about her dating life. She may, however, be awaiting the right time and the right person to commit. Similarly, she has kept a low profile and avoided rumors and controversies.


Is Danielle Aaliyah single?

Danielle may have revealed herself on YouTube when she was active, but her YouTube is currently disabled, so we don’t know anything about her physical appearance.


How much is Danielle Aaliyah worth?

Because his YouTube is disabled, it is impossible to track her social media account. Her YouTube channel, on the other hand, had over 20K subscribers prior to being disabled. We looked for her on other social media platforms but couldn’t find her.

Similarly, when discussing her net worth and other earnings from her YouTube channel, she may have earned in the past. However, there is no information on how much money she is currently earning. Her estimated net worth ranges between $100,000 and $1 million, according to sources.