Dave Lee

Dave Lee is a Canadian YouTube sensation with over 2 million subscribers. Dave Lee is a YouTubeTech guru who is well-known for his channel Dave Lee.

How old is Dave Lee?

Dave was born in Toronto, Canada on October 31, 1980. In 2020, the YouTuber born under the sign of Scorpio will be 40 years old. His Chinese immigrant parents raised him in his birthplace of Toronto. However, there are few details about his parents or other family members.

Dave received his education at the University of Toronto. He has a degree in Human Biology. However, he is more interested in technological progress and has decided to make a career out of it.

How much is Dave Lee’s Net Worth?

With an average of 250,000 views per day, Lee should earn around $1,250 per day ($450,000 per year). Aside from YouTube, he has also created a mobile game that is for sale. All of these different sources have contributed to his estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2020.

Is Dave Lee single?

Nerd in technology Lee isn’t particularly forthcoming about his personal life. He has never mentioned being in a romantic relationship. He’s either single or secretly dating. Nonetheless, there is no information about his current or previous relationships.

How tall is Dave Lee?

Despite being a popular YouTuber, his physical appearance can only be seen in his videos. They only show half of his face, however. As a result, determining his true physical appearance is difficult. He has a slim build and fair skin. However, there is no information about his physical characteristics, such as height and weight. He does, however, have an Asian appearance, as evidenced by his black hair.

Career line of Dave Lee

  • In 2015, Dave Lee launched his YouTube channel, ‘Dave Lee.’ His channel is also known as Dave 2D. It is a technology-focused channel where Dave reviews electronic gadgets, particularly mobile phones and laptop computers. His first video, released on January 14, 2015, discussed the Secret Hidden Feature iOS 11.
  • His videos had between 100 and 200k views in the past. The number of views and subscribers gradually increased. He currently has 2.6 million followers and an average of 1-2 million views. Furthermore, his most-watched video, “I’m Starting to Hate Apple,” has over 5 million views.