David Parody

David Parody is a YouTube personality from Canada. David Parody’s makeup parodies are his most well-known work. His YouTube channel, ‘DavidParody,’ has 3.73M subscribers from around the world.

How old is David Parody?

David was born in 1991 on March 9th. David is 30 years old as of today. His stage name is David Parody, but he has yet to reveal his full name. He was born in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa. Until now, he has kept his parents’ identities a secret. As a result, we don’t know anything about his parents.

David’s parents moved to Canada from Vietnam. David was born a year after his parents moved to Canada, so he has Canadian nationality and is of Asian ethnicity. David was born under the Piscean zodiac. There is no information about his religion on his. He is the only child he has.He was delicate when discussing his childhood. He had high and low fevers all the time. Fortunately, he is now in good health. Soccer and hockey are among David’s favorite sports. Aside from sports, he enjoys eating. Ice cream is David’s favorite dessert. Mint-chocolate is his favorite flavor out of all of them.

Schooling of David Parody

He went to Pattrick High School in Ottawa for his education. He used to be a bright student in middle and elementary school. David’s parents forced him to enroll in piano lessons, but he did not finish them because he was uninterested. He liked middle and elementary school because he had so many friends. Despite the fact that his friends called him a “balloon head,” he adored them.

Later, in 11th grade, he chose science and math as his major because his parents wanted him to be a dentist or doctor. He, on the other hand, was uninterested in that field. He then began to lose many friends, and education became increasingly difficult for him.

How much is David Parody Net Worth?

Despite producing high-quality content, he has yet to receive recognition. His fan base, on the other hand, has showered him with praise and affection.

He’s made a good living as a successful You Tuber. His YouTube channel and advertisements are his primary sources of income. He earns around $200k per year from advertising. His estimated net worth is $1.5 million. David has amassed sufficient wealth to live an opulent lifestyle.

Who is David Parody Girlfriend?

Nhi is David’s romantic partner. Nhi appears in a number of videos. Nhi and David are inseparable and have a wonderful life together. When it comes to his previous relationships, he has avoided making them public.

His girlfriend appears in a number of his videos, the most popular of which is titled “Girlfriend Does My Makeup Challenge.” The couple appears to be deeply in love and have a lot in common. They appear to be getting married soon.

How tall is David Parody?

According to a tweet from 2016, he stands at 4 feet and 11 inches. It measures about 150 cm in length. He weighs 60 kg as well. There is no information about his body measurements. However, judging by his physique, he appears to be in good shape. He has a dark brown beard and dark brown hair. He also has Dark Brown eyes, which adds to his charm.

Career line of David Parody

  • On the 17th of September 2009, David Parody joined YouTube. To date, David’s YouTube channel has 3.73 million subscribers. He’s worked with ChadWithaJ, Daniel Haye, Itsyeboi, and WolfieRaps up to this point. He is most well-known for his makeup parodies of ‘juicystar07,’ ‘Michelle Plan,’ and ‘Bubzbeauty.’
  • The first video is titled ‘juicystar07 Parody (Miley Cyrus “Party In The USA” Makeup Tutorial).’ On October 18, 2009, it was published. It has wowed a large number of viewers, with over 478K views to date. Likewise, juicystar07 Parody TAG: 8 Most Worn Things!! Other videos that have been uploaded recently include MichellePhan Parody (Easy Autumn) and
  • Moreover, ‘’SCARY PARKOUR ACCIDENT!!!’ has 15 million views, making it the most popular video up to this point. Similarly, the most popular videos include BURGER KING MAC N’ CHEETOS TASTE TEST!!, WON THE BIGGEST LOTTERY JACKPOT!!!, and 100 LAYERS OF GLUE ON MY FACE!!!
  • Viral TikTok Life Hacks WERE TESTED…. (WATER SLIME WITHOUT GLUE) *PART 19*, WE TESTED Viral TikTok Life Hacks… The most recent videos on David’s channel are (CAN’T BELIEVE IT WORKED) *PART 13* and Super Bowl Loaded Nachos starring Patrick Mahomes.