Dee Simmons

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Quick Facts:

Celebrated Name: Dee Simmons
Real Name/Full Name: Dee Simmons;  Momma Dee
Gender: Female
Age: 81 years old
Birth Date: February 22, 1941
Birth Place: Dallas, Texas, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.61 m
Weight: 62 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Widowed
Husband/Spouse (Name): Glenn Simmons
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Yes (D’Ándra Simmons)
Dating/Boyfriend (Name): N/A
Is Dee Simons Lesbian?: No
Profession: Businesswoman
Instagram   mommadeesimmons/?hl=en
Net Worth in 2022: $10 million

Television personality Dee Simmons, better known as Mama Dee, is. After appearing on the drama-filled reality series The Real Housewives of Dallas, Simmons gained notoriety as the mother of D’Andra Simmons.

In addition, she founded the nutritional supplement business Ultimate Living. In 2018, Dee made the decision to retire from her company, and like most parents, she left it to her daughter and heir, the renowned D’Andra.

Bio of Dee Simmons

Momma Dee’s parents gave her the name Dee Simmons when she was born. In Oak Cliff, Texas, where it was thought that unemployed people during the Great Depression resided, she was born. This explains Dee’s “rough around the edges” mentality since she didn’t seem to have a wealthy upbringing. Dee has repeatedly brought up her financial struggles in interviews.

She stated that her family was unable to buy an air conditioner for the home. Soon after her second marriage, Dee received a stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to running a successful nutritional supplement business, Dee also operated a successful clothing line and store prior to becoming well-known.

She was given a stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis not long after her second marriage, which is when she made her Real Housewives of Dallas debut as the mother of her daughter, D’Andra Simmons. Ed has earned all of her current stardom. But, throughout the show, the two

Height And Weight

As of 2022, Dee Simmons, who was born on February 22, 1941, will be 81 years old. She stands 1.61 meters tall and weighs 62 kilograms.


Dee Simons has always been seen as a sensible individual who is aware of her needs and how to satisfy them. He that she made the decision to pursue the American Dream, working really hard to rise from the bottom to the top.

Dee disproved the widespread belief that she was a gold-seeker when she launched her own clothing line and decided to build on the success that her husband had already achieved in his career. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, she remained employed. She and her daughter continued to expand their business for the following 20 years.

Following her recovery from her illness, she founded the well-known nutritional supplement business Ultimate Living because she wanted to provide a product that would assist people in leading healthier lifestyles. Dee made the decision to retire from her business and hand it up to her daughter in 2008.

Dee Simmons Salary

As of June 2022, Dee’sShe has $10 million. Although she is rumored to make six-figure sums year from both her business and the TV series in which she has participated, neither she nor her sources have disclosed her revenue for the following 20 years.

It is claimed that when she gave her daughter ownership of the business, they incurred a loss when it faltered for a period. One of Texas’ most prosperous businesswomen, Dee Simmons, who turned 80 in the year 2021, is without a doubt one of the best. Dee Simmons is proud of her usual poverty to riches tale, which she created for herself.

Dee Simmons spouse and husband

In her personal life, Dee Simmons has been married two times. Daughter D’Andra was born to Dee and her first husband, who has not yet been made public. She was married to Glenn Simons for more than 20 years before he passed away in 2013, which had a big impact on Dee, but her second marriage was a joyful one.

Despite not having children together, they were known to have a good connection. Dee’s sole kid is her only daughter, D’Andra. Her husband worked as a well-known financier who had served in the American Army in the past.

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