Derrick Jaxn

Facts of  Derrick Jaxn
Age: 31 years
Birth Date: July 3, 1989
Birth Place Alabama,
Country: United States
Education: College of Business and Information Science
Ethnicity: Mixed
Eye Color: Black
Full Name: Derrick Jaxn
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Horoscope: Cancer
Kids: Marley Jaxn
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $1 Million
Profession: YouTuber, Author,
Status: Married
Wife: Da’Naia Broadus

Derrick Jaxn is a well-known YouTuber in the United States, best known for his Derrick Jaxn YouTube Channel. Derrick Jaxn is a well-known YouTuber.

Early Life  and Age of Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn was born on July 3, 1989, in the state of Alabama, in the United States. His parents have already broken up. His father was born in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Jaxn’s father vanished when he was still a young adult. Derrick grew up with a single mother. Derrick was unable to experience his father’s love, and as a result, he has admitted that he had a number of problems as a childhood. He has four siblings, the youngest of whom he is.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in business and information science from the College of Business and Information Science. After graduating, he began working for a Fortune 500 company in sales and marketing shortly after graduation.

Who is Derrick Jaxn Wife? Children Info

Derrick married Da’Naia Broadus in January 2018. In November 2016, the couple married after nearly a year of engagement. During their engagement, Derrick got down on one knee and proposed to her, and she said yes. The couple already had a child at the time of their engagement. In October 2016, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Marley. Broadus began working out in January 2017, which helped her overcome her depression while also allowing her to fit perfectly into her wedding gown. It was only possible because of her husband, Derrick’s, inspiration and motivation.

Da’Naia, his spouse, is a housewife who has been caring for her daughter and assisting Derrick in his business ventures. The couple has stated that they want two more children to complete their family and make it a perfect paradise.

He has, however, privately proposed to one of his girlfriends to marry him. Later, he stated that she had politely declined; well, let’s hope no tears were shed, and the conversation ended with mutual consent.

Controversies and Rumors

He has received a lot of love for his motivational videos. As a result, no rumors about his personal life have surfaced. He is also devoid of any controversies. He has been able to balance his career and personal life. It appears that ha only wants to bring happiness to others.

Social Media and Body Structure of Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn has a 34-inch full body measurement. And he stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. His weight is 62 kilograms. Derrick Jaxn’s eye color is brown, and his hair is brown as well. Other details about his body measurements, such as waist and shoe sizes, are not provided.

Derrick Jaxn has 1.3 million Instagram followers under the handle @derricjaxn. He has a lot of posts on his account, which we can see. He has 63.2k followers on Twitter under the handle @derrickjaxn, and he has around 700k subscribers on YouTube under the handle @derrickjaxn. He makes motivational videos, which we can see.

What is the Net Worth of Derrick Jaxn?

He has become well-known as an author and motivational speaker on the topics of life and relationships, and he is doing well in his career.

Jaxon has already written a number of well-known books, including Don’t Forget Your Crown, I Still Want It, A Cheating Man’s Heart, A Cheating Man’s Heart 2, I Still Deserve It, Single Mother are for Grown Men Only, and I’ve Come Too Far, among others. He also has a B-rated YouTube channel, from which he earns between $8.4k and $134.5k per year.

As a result of his career as an author and relationship philosopher, the writer has undoubtedly attracted enormous fame and wealth in his life. His net worth, on the other hand, is currently being assessed.

Career Line of Derrick Jaxn

  • Derrick Jaxn is a well-known YouTube personality.
  • Derrick Jaxn started his YouTube channel in December 2010.
  • Following that, he began making videos about love, romance, and relationship dos and don’ts. Derrick Jaxn’s YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers.
  • He has even won national and conference football trophies for Tuskegee University during his college days. College athletes, on the other hand, were drawn to the literature work.
  • He was interested in writing and published his first novel, A Cheating Man’s Heart, which was a huge success.
  • He has around 700,000 YouTube subscribers, earning him a silver play button from YouTube.
  • And, in the race for gold, press the play button.
  • Furthermore, he has been showered with love, which is far more valuable than any award.