Did Mike Pompeo Loose Weight? His Illness And Present Health Condition Details

Mike Pompeo is a fox news journalist and a reputed American diplomat, businessman, and politician. He suffered from a Covid infection.

He is best known for serving under President Donald Trump as director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2017 to 2018 and also went on to serve as the 70th US secretary of state.

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss 2021

Mike Pompeo seems to be on a rapid weight loss process as he seems much different from his previous appearance.

Meanwhile, it is known that he was infected with the Covid virus and had to go through throat surgery as well. Hence, it resulted in his weight loss due to the effect of his health condition.

His body was compelled to have developed some kind of illness that was causing a weight loss in his body at a fast rate.

The public became shocked when they saw him in recent interviews, as he had an incredible change in his appearance due to weight loss.

Did Mike Pompeo Do Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Mike Pompeo did not undergo any weight loss surgery.

As mentioned earlier, his weight loss is the result of his neck surgery and the infection of Coronavirus in his body but not due to any particular weight loss surgery.

However, he has not confirmed any rumors of him undergoing throat surgery. After leaving his US Secretary post in May, his absence in media made the public talk about him a lot.

We cannot confirm the complete deets inside Pompeo’s health condition and he has not revealed them at the moment.

Who Is Mike Pompeo Wife?

Mike has been married to his wife Susan Pompeo for a long time.

According to Wikipedia, the couple was married in 2000 and now they have already shared togetherness with a happy family for more than two decades.

Pompeo was already married before he was married to Susan. His ex-wife was Leslie Libert who had been married together since 1986.

Is Mike Pompeo Sick? His Present Health Condition

Mike is currently not sick and his present health condition is getting better day by day.

He was infected with Covid and also went neck surgery in the period.

The rapid weight loss was attributed to health haphazard or some sort of diet malfunction regarding recent medication.

People believe he avoided his supply of calories and cut the prominent diet to prepare his body for the procedure and surgical fitness.