Argentina Football Legend Diego Maradona Dies At 60. Know His Death Cause, Funeral, Wife, Baby & Net Worth!

Millions of fans play football. They were saddened to hear of Diego Marad’s demise because they were big fans of the sport. Maradir was a sports hero in his home country, as he led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup victory. He was, however, remembered as “The Hand of God,” because of his famous handball.

Diego Maradona will be widely regarded as one of the greatest football players who ever lived. knowing more about Diego Maradona’s death will help you get to know more about the footballer’s life; also learn about his marriage, kids, net worth, and other achievements.

Much to Diego Maradona’s surprise, the rash started just after he was discharged from the hospital after going home to bed for only an hour or two. When it’s your time to go, the world is right for a good book and a glass of wine

Diego Maradona, an outstanding footballer who sadly died on November 25th, was widely regarded as one of the greatest ever.” His death comes as a disappointment to everyone who likes the game of football. Throughout his career, Diego showed a great deal of creativity in his pitches. Still, he is best remembered for his unpenalized handling of the ball in the World Cup quarter-final win over England in 1986, as well as the 60 m dribble that was called the “Goal of the Century”, in 2002.

However, in the past, Diego was well known to be an addict of cocaine and had an excessive fat problem. His death was due to a heart attack in Tigre, Argentina. Not very long ago, he was confined to a mental health facilities because of their concern for his well-being. However, it also became necessary for him to have emergency brain surgery after his operation on November 12 and he returned home on November 12 with a successful outcome.

Upon the footballer’s death, many football players and fans tweeted their condolences.

The goalkeeper for Leeds, Kasper Schmeichel tweeted: He claimed that after a 3-2 victory over Sheffield Wednesday that they are in good shape for the new year: This was posted on Twitter after a 3-2 win for Leeds and includes some local discounts:

Maradona has not made plans for his funeral to date. However, his family will know when we have more details to share about his passing once we are able to confirm.

Diego was married to who?

His final name was given to honor his greatest love: Diego Villafaña, and before his death, he was married to Claudia Villafaña. On 7 November of that year, in Buenos Aires, they were married. I found it interesting that their daughters, Dalma and Gianinara, shared the same first name. Despite this, however, the pair of them divorced in 2004. As well as well as his relationship with Veronica Ojeda, he had a son, Fernando.

Oliva dated Diego Maradona briefly, with him in Mexico City. Use our research image from

Several years after his divorce, Diego fell in love with Rocio Oliva, who came into his life in search of medical help in 2012. Likewise, the group was present at a high-class party in Rome for Valentine’s Day in February of 2014. Four years later, Diego on the eve of Rocio’s 28th birthday finally presented his ring to her. but whether they were together during the time of Diego’s death, nobody knows

Diego Maradona’s net worth is estimated at $4 billion.

Shortly after Diego made his league debut at age 15, he rapidly gained national recognition and was bought by Boca Juniors for $4 million. His transfer to Barcelona happened in 1982, when he signed a contract for $7.6 million. Even more important, Napoli smashed the record for the highest transfer fee ever paid for a pitcher when he paid him $10.5 million. He had guided the team to two championship wins during his playing career. He also oversaw Argentina’s winning the 1986 World Cup in controversial fashion by poking the ball with his hand in the goal over England, famously missing a penalty kick against them in the shootout in the final to seal the victory.

He denied, saying it was “the Lord’s work,’,” but he’s widely acknowledged to have contributed to the success of the team, even though the phrase started out as a gag from a soccer joke. Although Diego started to pay attention to drugs, he quickly lost interest and showed a severe decline in his musical ability. He had a disappointing time in Naples, where they dropped him due to a failed drug test. He also failed a drug test and was expelled from the World Cup. He later played for Sevilla and Nueva and Atlético Junior before returning to Boca Juniors.

As coach of several teams, he served as team manager of Argentine Primera División de La Plata de Gimnasia in the new third division until his death in 2019. His assets just before his death were valued at $100,000. His debt to the government totaled €37 million, and accrued interest to the tune of €23 million. Thus, the police levied a lien on some of Diego’s valuables to settle the debt. The bulk of the remainder was uncollected.

This Portuguese artist was known for experimenting with a variety of styles, and mixed his visions with an approach to conceptual, surreal, impressionist, and magical.

He was 60 when he died. It is the fourth child of Diego Maradona, named “Chito”, who is named “Dalma.” Since he had four daughters, he was the second son after his brothers, he became a pro football player as well.

Because he was born in Argentina and is of Hispanic descent, Diego identified with the Hispanic race. He was just five feet tall and five inches when he was growing up.