Diego Navarrette

Diego Navarrette is an American social media star known online as @diegosaurs. Diego Navarrette has followers on Instagram, YouNow, and YouTube, among other platforms. He has over 366k Instagram followers.

How old is Diego Navarrette?

Diego Navarrette is 24 years old. He was born on August 9, 1996, in Colorado Springs, CO. His horoscope sign is Leo. Furthermore, there is little information about his family history or education. He has kept his family life out of the spotlight. Similarly, he is of American nationality.

How much does Diego Navarrette earn?

In terms of Diego Navarrette’s earnings, he is a well-known YouTuber who has amassed a sizable fortune through his social media presence. Looking through his YouTube statistics, he has published 216 videos, totaling more than 21.7 million views. He makes 35 new videos on average per month and has 792 new subscribers, with nearly 145.6k likes per day. As a result, as of August 2020, his net worth is estimated to be $249,000 dollars.

Is Diego Navarrette single or has a Girlfriend?

Diego Navarrette, a Twitch Live Streamer and internet sensation, is not married and has never been in a marital relationship. The young and talented personality is thought to be single at the relationship.

He previously dated another YouTuber, Taylor Skeens, in late 2016. He used to keep posting cute couple pictures of the two of them at home and while on tour in big cities like Chicago and New York.

As a result, he is not currently dating anyone and is having sexual relations with his professional. Furthermore, there is no information about Diego’s love life or his professional life.

How tall is Diego Navarrette?

Diego Navarrette is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Likewise, he has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He frequently dyes his hair a variety of colors. Furthermore, there are no details about his body measurements. Similarly, his punk look, complete with multiple tattoos and piercings and vibrantly colored hair, has caused quite a stir.

Career line of Diego Navarrette

  • Diego Navarette, also known online as Diegosaurus, is an American social media star who is well-known on platforms such as Twitch, Live Stream, YouTube, YouNow, and Instagram. He is well-known for posting personal vlogs on the YouTube channel “Diegosaurs Navarrette.” Furthermore, he shares hugely popular interactive live streams on YouNow and Twitch Live Streams.
  • His first social media accounts, however, were Twitter and Instagram. Diego has a sizable fan base across all of these platforms, with hundreds of thousands of followers on each. His videos are mostly about his personal accomplishments, experiences, experiments, pranks, and dares. He’s even worked with other YouTubers like Taylor Skeens, HeyThereImShannon, and ActuallyAustin.
  • Similarly, he joined YouTube on October 5, 2014, and YouNow in 2015. Despite the fact that he launched his YouTube channel in 2014, he did not begin uploading content until 2015. In February 2015, he posted his first YouTube video, titled “Why I Want to Meet Johnnie Guilbert and BryanStars.”
  • He first rose to prominence in YouNow after sharing live videos with other users. YouNow quickly became the platform where he found fame and popularity.
  • Within a month, he began posting regularly, including live videos, and his following grew to over 500,000. His live stream videos are usually based on his personal rants, opinions, and experiences.
  • Furthermore, he demonstrates a well-developed affinity for interacting with live viewers, which is not something that everyone can achieve.
  • Slowly, he began to use the Twitch Love Stream app as well.
  • Deigo’s YouTube videos have also received a fair amount of attention. Some of the channel’s most popular videos include “THE DUO YOU’VE WAITED FOR ft. NRG Aceu! | TSM Diego,” “Diegosaurs – STACKED GOLD ITEMS IN SOLOS,” “Apex Legends Rewind,” and “Diegosaurs – This Is What Rank 1 In Apex Legends Looks Like ft. Faith.”
  • In his videos, he also discusses issues that ordinary teenagers face, such as cyberbullying and sexual identity confusion, and he addresses rumors that he was gay. He’s even talked about his tattoos, piercings, and hairstyle.