Dirk Nowitzki Wife: Jessica Olsson Bio, Age, Kids, Food, Height, Nationality, Instagram

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Biography

Dirk Nowitzki’s wife is a Swedish-Kenyan who works as an associate director at the Goss-Michael Foundation, a non-profit arts organization based in Dallas, Texas. She is well known as the wife of Dirk Werner Nowitzki, a retired professional German NBA player who was in the DJK Würzburg basketball club.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Wiki | Jessica Olsson Wiki

Dirk Nowitzki’s wife, Jessica Olsson, was born in Nanyuki, Kenya and raised in Sweden alongside her younger twin brothers. She grew up with a love for sports as her footballer brothers played soccer from a very young age and often took their sister with them to watch and occasionally play the game. Her tribal Kenyan language is Gikuyu.

Despite holding different nationalities, the duo and their kids are residents of the United States where Jessica Olsson works. Besides, they are in the process of becoming citizens of the US. The family travels once or twice a year to Kenya to visit their relatives and acquaint their kids with their mom’s heritage.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Age | Jessica Olsson Age

Nowitzki’s wife is 37 years old as of 2019 making her 4 years younger than her famous husband who was born on June 19, 1978. Jessica (Nowitzki) Olsson was born in 1982 in Nanyuki, Kenya and it is not known when she celebrates her birthday. We will update you with the day and month she was born once the information is revealed.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Nationality

As mentioned earlier, Jessica Olson was born in Kenya to a Swedish father and a Kenyan mother. Her family relocated to Sweden when she was still very young. Therefore, she is a Swedish as well as a Kenyan citizen.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Height | Jessica Olsson Height

Looking at their pictures, you will notice a visible difference in height between Jessica Olsson and her husband. Dirk Nowitzki’s wife stands at 1.54 meters tall which is way shorter than her husband’s height measured at 2.10 meters.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Education

Growing up in Europe, Jessica Olsson attended the best schools in Sweden from her kindergarten to high school. Afterward, she probably enrolled in college in other European countries or in the United States. The names of the institutions she schooled at have not yet been revealed and we will update you once we verify the information.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Family

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Parents | Jessica Olsson Parents

Jessica Nowitzki has a Kenyan ancestry from her mother’s side and a Swedish descent from her father.

Her mother, the late Maggie Olsson, comes from Nanyuki, Kenya and is of the Gikuyu tribe. She got married to a Swede, Mr. Olsson, who has managed to stay low key away from the spotlight, despite having famous children.

Maggie Olsson held a traditional engagement ceremony in Nanyuki back when Nowitzki proposed to Jessica. She lived long enough to see her daughter become a wife and a mother but passed away at an undisclosed date.

On the other hand, Jessica Olsson’s in-laws are celebrated sports stars in the respective games they played. Her mother-in-law, Helga Nowitzki, was a professional basketball player whereas her father-in-law, Jörg-Werner, was an international handball player.

As of her sister-in-law, Dirk Nowitzki’s older sister Silke Nowitzki, she is a former local champion in basketball as well as track and field who now works for the NBA in International TV.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Siblings

Dirk Nowitzki’s wife is the eldest of three children born to a Swedish dad and a Kenyan mom. Her younger brothers, Marcus Olsson and Martin Olsson are twins and professional footballers who play for the Swedish national team. The twins were born on 17 May 1988, 6 years later after their elder sister was born.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife | Jessica Olsson and Dirk Nowitzki

Jessica Olsson is married to Dirk Nowitzki. The couple tied their knot on July 20, 2012, at Nowitzki’s home in Dallas and together they are blessed with three children namely, Morris, Malaika, and Max. The family resides in Dallas, Texas.

Dirk Nowitzki and his wife are an example of love at first sight. They met at a charity event in Dallas organized by a Senegal based nonprofit, Sports for Education and Economic Development (SEED) in February 2010. During the event held at night, Nowitzki made a major donation in exchange for a Rolando Diaz painting. Besides, he agreed to go on two dates for charity and later asked Jesicca out on a date too.

Since then, the couple dated for a few years before they exchanged their nuptial vows. Race has never been an issue to them despite the race-related comments they got from people when they made their first major public appearance at The ESPYS awards red carpet on July 13, 2011.

Jessica Olsson Wedding

The attractive couple had two weddings, first in Kenya and later in Germany. There are no many details to share about the Germany-held wedding since it was the normal wedding routine that the duo is aware of. That is, a facilitator blessed their union and officiated the ceremony.

In Kenya, Jessica Olsson’s mother held a traditional Kikuyu wedding for her daughter and son-in-law. Hundreds of people were in attendance and witnessed the retired NBA player correctly choose his bride among 6 other women while blindfolded. The practice is orthodox at Kikuyu weddings and for each wrong pick the groom makes, he purchases a goat for slaughter.

The Kenyan-held ceremony went on for a whole day with more practices being introduced to Dirk and Jessica as they were new experiences to both of them.

Another common practice at such weddings is the dowry payment well known as “ruracio”. The grooms pay a certain agreed-upon amount of money or property to the bride’s parents. In Dirk’s case, he was given a little Kenyan shilling and paid them that. Jessica Olsson wore a traditional Kikuyu garment while Dirk Nowitzki was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife and Kids | Jessica Olsson Children

Since their marriage in 2012, Nowitzki’s family has grown as his wife has given birth to three beautiful kids, a daughter, and two sons. Malaika Nowitzki, their eldest baby, was born in July 2013. She is their only daughter and is still in school pursuing her early age studies. Nowitzki’s sons, Max and Morris, were born in March 2015 and November 2016 respectively.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Salary and Net Worth | Jessica Olsson Net Worth

There are no details showing what Dirk Nowitzki’s wife makes annually or monthly from her job as associate director at the Goss-Michael Foundation. Besides, she has not revealed her net worth as she is a simple person and never likes to attract public attention by publicly displaying her wealth. However, this section is under review, we will update you when details about her salary figures and net worth are revealed.

Bearing in mind that one of their marriage vows state that they are together as one, we can comfortably conclude that Nowitzki shares his net worth that amounts to an estimated sum of $140 million with his wife.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Facts and Body Measurements

  • Full Name: Jessica Olsson
  • Age/ How Old?: 37
  • Date of Birth: 1982
  • Place of Birth: Nanyuki, Kenya
  • Education‎: In Sweden
  • Birthday: Not Available
  • Nationality: Swedish-Kenyan
  • Father’s Name: Mr. Olsson
  • Mother’s Name: Maggie Olsson
  • Siblings: Two brothers
  • Married?: Dirk Nowitzki
  • Children/ Kids: A daughter and 2 sons
  • Height/ How tall?: 1.54 m
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Profession: Associate director

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Career

Nowitzki’s wife has been an art lover throughout her life. As a result, she has worked for art galleries and companies both in Germany and the United States of America. For her to meet with the love of her life at a charitable event, she must also be a philanthropist who works with several organizations to develop underprivileged situations.

What Dirk Nowitzki’s wife does for a living is of no question considering that she is an art fanatic. Jessica Olsson works at the Goss-Michael Foundation as an associate producer. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable arts organization serving the Dallas community.

The Goss-Michael Foundation was established in 2007 by Kenny Goss and the deceased music icon, George Michael. It showcases beautiful artwork owned by Kenny Goss, international artists one after another and supports an Artist-in-Residence program. In addition, the foundation is involved in many charitable events that help promote the livelihood of less fortunate people in society.

In connection to her work there, Dirk Nowitzki’s wife ensures the development, management, and implementation of the fundraising plan as she provides additional administrative support to the organization.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Food | Plate

The retired NBA player, Nowitzki is now used to people talking about his food whenever he goes to the Dallas Mavericks arena as he never walks in without a to-go plate wrapped tightly in aluminum foil. The to-go plate is the kind that a person is sent home with when there are leftovers remaining from a party or dinner.

Dirk Nowitzki is very choosy when it comes to what he takes in as food. He has a diet he is adhering to and that is why he brings his own food from home. His loving wife is responsible for the to-go plate which her husband is often seen carrying.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dirk Nowitzki Wife

Who is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife?

Jessica Olsson is an accomplished associate director who has gained extensive recognition as the wife of famous retired German NBA player, Dirk Nowitzki

How old is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife?

She is a Swedish-Kenyan national born in 1982, in Nanyuki, Kenya.

How tall is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife?

Dirk Nowitzki’s wife stands at a height of 1.54 meters.

Is Jessica Olsson married?

Yes, she is married to Dirk Nowitzki. They got married in 2012 and together they have three children. The couple resides in Dallas, Texas together with their children.

How much is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife worth?

Jessica Olsson has not yet revealed her net worth. We will update this section when we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under her name.

How much does Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife make?

There are no details showing Nowitzki’s wife’s annual or monthly earnings. Her salary figures will be updated as soon as they are available.

Where does Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife live?

Jessica Olsson is a resident of Dallas, TX, USA. We shall upload pictures of her house as soon as we have them.

Is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife dead or alive?

She is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of her being sick or having any health-related issues.

Where is Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife Now?

Jessica Olsson is still an active participant in the creative arts industry. She works at Goss-Michael Foundation as an associate director.

Dirk Nowitzki Wife Instagram

Jessica Olsson’s Instagram account is private, thus, you will have to follow her to view her IG posts. You can connect with her under the handle @jmwanguo.