Does Lasse Matberg Have a Wife? His Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Siblings

Social media personality, Lasse Matberg is popular for a real-life Thor in the flesh  thanks to his tough physique like that of a Viking. Also, he has became the Sexiest man in Norwegian with his distinctive long hair and manly beard, which is heavily documented on his lasselom Instagram page.

Bio or Siblings of Lasse Matberg

On 1985 July 11, Lasse Matberg born to father Arne J Matberg but his mother name is missing. His full name is Lasse Lokken Matberg with birth sign Cancer. Having Norwegian nationality, Lasse is of mixed ethnicity.

He has siblings brother whose name is Espen Matberg and has a wife Sofie. He is a educated person who has worked  as the Royal Norwegian Naval Officer. Other info regarding his personal life is still kept under the wraps.

Does Lasse Matberg Have a Wife?

Lasse Matberg has been in a romantic relationship with his future wife. But he has kept details of his future wife or current girlfriend still under the wraps. At present, he is yet to be married but has a girlfriend as mentioned by various reports.

Once Lasse mentioned that, he was so in love and made plans for children and wedding plans. Their relationship only lasted for 4 years.

Then he remained single for 2 years and started dating a slim, brown-haired, half-British, and half-Norwegian girl. But his former blonde girlfriend name is yet to be revealed. Also, he has kept away from the controversy and rumors of their personal life.

What’s Lasse Matberg Net Worth?

Social media personality, Matberg just started earning money form his modeling career. According to reports, Lasse Matberg has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. The average salary of Royal Norwegian Naval Officer is around $92,398 as per reports.

Lasse earning money from some sorts of endorsements, advertisements, and so on. But his net worth of will surely increased as his popularity increased day by day.

What is the Height of Lasse Matberg?

Lasse Matberg has a muscular, appealing and healthy body. He has a height of 1.98 meters or 6 feet 6 inches. While his body weighs around 264 pounds or 120kg. Lasse has a long blonde colored hair with blue colored eyes.


Lasse has started working in the Royal Norwegian Navy. Now, he became lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy after working in the army for a certain period of time. But he rose to popularity thanks to his tough physique like that of a Viking. Lasse Matberg fans say that, he is a real-life Thor.

After he became popular, Matberg accepted by the social media challenge “Yeard”. The person has to  accepted challenge to grow beard for a whole year then has to published long-bearded pictures. Also, his popularity  has given him the opportunity to travel the world. Then he became part of Aurora Spirits, a Norwegian distillery.

Also, he is a model who now owns a fitness app called Fitplan. The app is for the people who are physique concerned. Through the app he has been sharing the fitness tips and making people having muscular and healthy body. Lasse has more than 750 thousand followers on his Instagram account.