Dustin Ybarra

Quick Facts

 Dustin Ybarra is well-known on the Internet for his appearances in various stand-up comedies and other acting endeavors.

He has been able to appear in a number of films as a result of his work in ethics, including Ball to the Wall, Kevin, US and them, and Hop. Even though he’s quite well-known on the Internet, his discography remains a mystery. He like to keep his solitude and avoid the media on occasion. As a result, little little is known about him. However, we have gathered as much information about him as possible from the Internet. This was done in order for you to discover more about him.
Dustin Ybarra’s age is unknown.

Early Life And Childhood

In the year 2022, he will be 32 years old. Ybarra, Dustin On the 30th of October 1989, in San Antonio, Texas, the United States, he was born. He grew up with an American nationality card, and his ethnicity is a bit of a mishmash. Despite the fact that he has never given any information about his parents or siblings, he joked that his father is Mexican and his mother is American. As a result, he is of mixed American and Mexican ancestry.

How was Dustin Ybarra educational background?

The well-known comedian attended local schools and colleges for his primary and secondary education. He appears to have graduated from Trinity High School, according to his secondary school’s name. Despite the fact that he never released any information about his academic credentials. He appears to have completed his bachelor’s degree from a reputable American college. When he chose to pursue standup comedy, he was in his early twenties.

When did Dustin Ybarra work in We Bought a Zoo? 

The well-known standup comedian is well-known for his involvement in the film industry. He has his own IMDb page, which states that he is known for his roles in We Bought a Zoo, Hop, and other films. We Bought a Zoo, if we have to talk about it. In 2011, he played the role of Nathan in the film. He even played a tech expert in the NBC film The Player.

His performance was well received by the crowd, as he joined as a fellow comic who aspired to be an actor. His performance was so outstanding that he became known as Dustin Ybarra Goldberg. In 2015, he concluded working on the Goldberg Nitrous show. He has consistently worked in films and has been alongside well-known actors such as Jack Black and others.

Ybarra, Dustin IMDB for those aged 21 and up

Is Dustin Ybarra from the show 21 and up married?

Dustin played PJ Brill in the film 21 and Over, which was released in 2013. He is currently 32 years old and has never shared any information about his relationship. Despite his subdued demeanor in public, he appears to have been able to keep this particular piece of information hidden from the audience.

We couldn’t locate any of his romantic relationships with other celebrities or anyone since, even if he is in a relationship, he isn’t now comfortable sharing it with the public. We do hope, though, that he has a particular someone in his life.

Is there a social media account for Dustin?

He considers himself an active Internet sensation, thus he routinely publishes different Comedy skits on his Instagram, despite the fact that he was born around the time of the late boomers. Despite the fact that he has accounts on all three major social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), he is most active on Instagram and Twitter. As a result, if you wish to follow him on those sites, use the username @dustin ybarra.

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What is net worth of Dustin Ybarra?

Previously, classic humor and various comic sketches were his main sources of income. He has improved his income standards after working in the entertainment sector. To supplement his income, he currently works in a number of films and television shows.

The actor’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million as of 2022, despite the fact that he has never published any information about it. As previously said, he makes the most of his money from comedy skits and acting roles.

What is Dustin Ybarra current weight?

His weight used to be around 63 kg when he was working or starting out as a standup comic. However, after years of working as a comedian and ignoring his health, he decided to retire. He has put on more than 12 kilograms and now weighs 75 kilograms. With brown hair and dark brown eyes, he is five feet six inches tall and has a normal Caucasian facial shape. Finally, Scorpio is his Zodiac sign.

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